Opting Out of the System


by Mike Parker, Steemit:

Tired of contributing your life energy to just perpetuate an outdated, unfair, inefficient and sometimes even evil system?

You are definitely not alone and there are definitely some things you can do to lessen your contribution to the status quo, especially as a United States ‘citizen’.

In modern times we’re born into a family through a local hospital, get a birth certificate and social security card, go through the government funded indoctrination system we call public schools and then we’re off into our little slave lives mostly performing what the system wants us to:

  • Being an obedient worker
  • Not questioning the system in practicality
  • Paying our dues (taxes, fees, traffic fines, and criticizing anyone who doesn’t)
  • Watching mainstream news and always picking a side or opinion provided to us; left vs right paradigm entrapment

How can we Get Out?

What If I Told you You Can Get Rid of Your Social Security Number?

Supposedly you can do this. But there are less extreme ways to starve the beast and give an example to your peers

  1. Alter your outward philosophy. Adopt the non-aggression principle as your way of life and convince others of this very sensical stance one should have when dealing in all matters of conflict. This is a great way to help grow a freedom oriented trend by setting a simple and logical example.


  1. Take steps to make you less tied into the system and to free yourself if you do want to leave altogether – What I mean here is, there’s ways to leave at least the American standard system; live on the road, escape to a more free country in central or south america, become a drain on the system rather than a contributor…here’s some prerequisites that will help you:

    A. Reduce your bills – If you have storage units, get rid of things you don’t use. See B.
    Cancel gym memberships if you’re not very active, or takeup free weights and/or calisthenics at home. Cancel cable or satellite TV, you can watch many shows on YouTube right now, even 24/7 livestreams of Family Guy and the like are online for free now.
    Just look at your bank or credit card bill and see what’s being charged every month. You’d be surprised and what you’re paying for and don’t need or use! If you don’t need some credit cards altogether, cancel those too of course!

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