Tearing Down Statues: How Everything Could and Is Going Wrong in the US Empire… And How To Fix It


by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

A nexus of social narratives are all colliding in the US right now… And the result is bizarre to watch.

Even the maker of the movie, Idiocracy, commented on how his movie seems to have become our current reality rather than a schlock fiction movie.

In real life we now have black people who were never slaves fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by democrats and blaming it all on Trump.

Where to begin?

It doesn’t hurt to start with government “education” which is now graduating people as adults who can barely read. Those adults then can’t get a job because government regulations have destroyed most of the economy and the communist style central planning agency, the Federal Reserve, has destroyed the remainder.

So, they now go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to get a worthless piece of paper and waste 4 to 8 years of their lives to learn nothing.

Well, I shouldn’t say “nothing”. They get mostly indoctrinated into socialist/communist, anti-capitalist beliefs and a twisted view of “equality.”

Being dumbed down from fluoride in the water and an onslaught of propaganda on television programming they then lash out at the current system which they think is capitalist… But is almost completely communist now, for the ills of society.

And, not being too bright, they think that tearing down a few statues should fix things!

Yes, burning books, tearing down statues and fighting against free speech… That always has good results.

They’d know where this all heads if they had any understanding of history. But, after 12 years of government indoctrination camps and 4-8 more years of socialist training they can barely write their name much less understand what is currently going on.

The great majority of them don’t even realize that the civil war had absolutely nothing to do with slavery.

It had everything to do with fascism… And the mostly socialist/communist students now cheer for the leader of the fascists… Abraham Lincoln.

If you doubt what Lincoln was all about you just have to look at what his two hands are placed on at the Lincoln Memorial.

Those are fasces. And the civil war was all about keeping the southern states from escaping from the fascist federal government… and killing hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

Those same fasces are also in Congress. But no one seems to notice, nobody seems to care.

True “anti-fascists” should be tearing down the Lincoln Memorial and Congress… but they have been so hopelessly brainwashed and misinformed that they have no clue that the real enemy is in Washington, District of Criminals.

Instead, Americans fight amongst themselves. The left versus the right. Black versus white.

Neither of them realizes there is only one true enemy: the US federal government.

That’s why many of these protests and riots are surreptitiously funded by the government using agent provocateurs to try to keep the people fighting each other and not fighting the entity that actually has every person in America enslaved today.

Slavery in the 1800s was for a small amount of people. But, after Lincoln’s fascist takeover every single person has been enslaved. Yet, they think they are free.

It’s the book 1984 mixed with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. A dumbed down, drugged up, brainwashed population marching the US towards complete tyranny.

That’s why they roll out George Bush, to make people beg for Barack Obama. Then they roll out Donald Trump when people beg for someone to stop Obama.

Yet, nothing changes, at all.

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