U.S. Situation Dire: New Silk Road Is the Way Up and Out!


from LaRouche PAC:

The U.S. situation is extremely dire and dangerous. The coup operation is in high gear to box in President Trump, to do the very opposite of what he promised, and that for which he won the election: to restore the economy (specifically beginning with reinstating Glass-Steagall,) and to stop the foreign policy of wars — the British Empire policy.

Trump’s rally last night in Phoenix fortunately turned out not to be the bloody battleground the color revolutionists were gunning for. As the crowd was departing, a street fracas, instigated by an attack on police by a few protesters (likely antifa,) was held to a minimum. Undeterred, the coup crowd used the event as the occasion for hysterical accusations that Trump is unfit, demented, unhinged, and must be put out of office, if not by impeachment, then by the 25th Amendment.

Leading the charge was James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence (2010-2017) under Obama. Clapper, who treasonously covered up for the Saudi networks behind 9/11, appeared on CNN in the wee hours of Aug. 23, to comment on the Arizona rally, and speak against Trump remaining President! “I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office…. How much longer does the country have to — to borrow a phrase — endure this nightmare?” CNN’s host Don Lemon denounced Trump at length, as “unhinged.” CNN’s commentator Ana Navarro tweeted that Trump, “maybe” is displaying “early-on-set [sic] dementia.”

Obviously, the danger in all this, lies not in the future; i.e., not, “if and whether” the enemy operations will succeed in ousting Trump and taking down the national institutions of the U.S. along with him. The danger is here and now.

Look at the U.S. economy. Millions are suffering from the breakdown. But Trump is under pressure to stay in Wall Street’s grasp; especially, that there be no Glass-Steagall. In Arizona last night, Trump rightly reiterated his goal of creating jobs; he again stated that this will have a “tremendously positive impact on race relations….” But apart from a few jobs here and there, such as in West Virginia and Pennsylvania coal country — saved by exporting coal to Europe, the situation remains bleak. A dramatic reflection of the collapse is seen in the worsening performance of the entire freight rail system east of the Mississippi River. On CSX (one of the two main operators,) a train run that might have taken a few days, which is already a long ride, to go from Chicago to western Tennessee, recently took 18 days! The delays and jam-ups are now spreading throughout the 21,000 miles of the CSX grid.

Look at the international conflict zones. In Afghanistan, the only approach that can build up the nation and create peace, requires collaboration among all in the region: Iran, Pakistan, India, the nations of Central Asia, Russia, and China. But Trump is under pressure to pursue unilateral action, and even to give in to ploys to try to play off India against the BRICS.

The means to lift us up and out of this collapse and geopolitics is to go with the New Silk Road perspective, and in particular in the U.S., to go for emergency action on the “Four Laws” put out by Lyndon LaRouche. Go for mass jobs creation. As Helga Zepp-LaRouche spoke of this yesterday, the crucial issue remains replacing the old paradigm with the new paradigm for development and peace. Remember, Donald Trump’s election victory Nov. 6, 2016, was not a “national” matter, but an international event of great and historic import.

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