Tide Turns Against Antifa As Media Attempts To Protect The Domestic Terrorists, Fails Spectacularly


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

When President Trump criticized “both sides” after the tragic events in Charlottesville, VA, referencing the hatred and bigotry of the white supremacists and the violence of the Antifa groups, the media, in a rush to defend Antifa groups and harm the President, made the same mistake they have made during the entire “Trump era.” –  They elevated his message to the point where Americans heard it, rather than their spin, and now we are seeing the tide turn against Antifa and the establishment media.

When I use the term “Trump era” I am referencing the time frame from the moment he announced his candidacy up to present day.

A pattern has played out time and time again where Trump speaks, the media blares headlines misrepresenting his message, then they spend countless hours, even days, blasting his words to their audience, showing videos clips of his statements, spinning them to label him racist misogynist, xenophobic, and every other negative descriptor they can come up with, but it gets to a point where the media “spin” stops being heard and “we the people” can’t help but to actually hear his original message, after all the media plays it in an endless loop.

We have watched this pattern play out from the day President Trump announced his candidacy, and the more the MSM declared each statement the end of his candidacy, replaying his words over and over again, the higher he rose in the polls, until he knocked out 16 Republican challengers, became the Republican nominee, then went on to win the presidential electoral college and he became the President of the United States of America.

There are a couple of things the MSM seems to be incapable of understanding. 1) When they replay Donald Trump’s words over and over again, people finally hear his message above and beyond their “spin,” but in their constant attempt to destroy the president, they are elevating his message, and support for that message. 2) Candidate Trump, then GOP nominee Trump, then President Elect Trump, and now president Trump….. knew it and still knows it and uses the media’s own bias and attempts to destroy him to carry his message to the country.

That is exactly what President Trump did with his Charlottesville statements, highlighting the bad folks on “both sides.”


For decades hate groups have been spewing their nonsense and once seen, Americans largely turned away from them in disgust. For example, Westboro, holding their signs saying “God hates fags,” and protesting and disrupting military funerals, while declaring victims of Katrina deserved to die. Independent media and some MSM showed those signs, showed that hate, Americans tuned away in disgust and ignored them and their message.

Same for the KKK and white spremacist groups, who have been holding their marches and spewing their hate and bigotry for decades, with Americans ignoring them and moving along with their lives.

Then came Antifa groups, that decides to plan “events,” and schedule protests all over the country and rather than highlighting the hate of the KKK and neo-Nazi groups, instead the images dominating search engines, are of a bunch of masked thugs calling themselves Antifa, carrying sticks with nails, and attacking everyone in sight that doesn’t stand with them, committing violence against lawenforcement, throwing bottles of urine and bags of feces, starting fires, rioting, destroying property, etc.

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