Has Trump Entered the NEOCON Zone?


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

It is America’s longest war. It is America’s most unproductive war. The war has accomplished three objectives, none of which helps preserve national security:

  1. The war makes the military industrial complex a lot of money. These are the very forces that are trying unseat Trump.
  2. The war has allowed the US military to protect the drug war lords. This clearly supports the CIA’s drug enterprise which has been in place since the Golden Triangle drug trafficking in Southeast Asia and it was one of the major reasons why the United States fought in Vietnam. This is another case of history repeating itself.
  3. The war protects the future Central Asian pipeline so the oil companies (ie Rockefeller interests), will make a lot of money.

None of these reasons further the national interests of the United States. The war wastes our resources and throws away young American lives in the name of greedy corporate profits.

Broken Campaign Promises

President Donald Trump laid out his military strategy, which represented the 180 degree opposite of what he promised the American people.

Trump is now in support of the war in Afghanistan and said so in his Monday night speech to the nation, saying in his first presidential prime time address that he will not withdraw troops from the region, despite years of advocating for such action.

Trump did not say how many troops he’ll send to Afghanistan, nor did he offer a time-frame for when the troops would leave, vowing not to “talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities,” which he called “counterproductive.”  Trump just handed the military industrial complex a blank check for an endless war and a bottomless pit of American cash.

Afghanistan Is About Aiding and Abetting Terrorism

How many articles have I written with EXTENSIVE documentation which exposes the Obama/Clinton/McCain support for ISIS? Trump hinted at the Clinton connections during the campaign and how he’s joining them? There are a lot of happy drug lords in Afghanistan today.

Trump relied on his physics principles as he justified his actions by saying that pulling out of Afghanistan would “create a vacuum that terrorists, including ISIS and Al Qaeda, and this would instantly fill, just as happened before Sept. 11.” What a pathetically weak explanation. Perhaps the President should right the wrongs of John McCain and Hillary Clinton who helped jump start the origin of ISIS and break the ties of financial and military support for these terrorist organizations. Perhaps Trump should rid DHS of the Muslim Brotherhood personnel that have penetrated the power structure of DHS as a whole. Perhaps Trump’s DOJ should fully prosecute HSBC bank for laundering terrorist/cartel blood money.

Money for Infrastructure

During the Presidential campaign, Trump promised to end these wars of occupation. He further promised to divert this wasted blood money in these wars, to rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure. Now, that campaign promise has been shattered in the name of the Neocons supporting drug empires and the profit motives of the military industrial complex.

Meanwhile, our nation continues to fall apart as our roads crumble, many bridges are near collapse and our airports are a joke.

Why the Flip-Flop?

Last night’s speech contained a clear message to North Korea as it communicated “if we go to war with you, it will not involve conventional troops”. The United States cannot maintain a two front war. If the US goes to war with North Korea, it will be nuclear.

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