Propaganda: New York Times Says Sex was Better for Communists


from dailybell:

Don’t you know that to be a liberated woman, you need to have the sex life of a chimpanzee?

That’s the latest propaganda to come out of the New York Times.

The Soviet Union may have had its pitfalls–you know, like the murder and starvation of tens of millions of people. But women had great sex lives!

A comparative sociological study of East and West Germans conducted after reunification in 1990 found that Eastern women had twice as many orgasms as Western women…

In contrast, postwar West German women had stayed home and enjoyed all the labor-saving devices produced by the roaring capitalist economy. But they had less sex, and less satisfying sex, than women who had to line up for toilet paper.

Tied up in this quest for women’s liberation is the lie that promiscuity equals empowerment. They basically use the sexual crusader male stereotype as a target for equality. Female orgasms are the bedrock of social justice, apparently, and a solid foundation on which other rights can be built.

Some might remember that Eastern bloc women enjoyed many rights and privileges unknown in liberal democracies at the time, including major state investments in their education and training, their full incorporation into the labor force, generous maternity leave allowances and guaranteed free child care.

They were indoctrinated and forced to work. If they produced another little communist, they were given some time off. Sounds like a dream.

The Soviet Union was very good at convincing youth to join their movement. Tell the kids with raging hormones that they are right to follow their base instincts, and you have a supporter. Make it easy for them to shirk responsibility for their decisions by legalizing abortion.

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