The Nazification of the United States


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Earlier this week, I likened George Soros, and his role in promoting violence at Charlottesville, to what Joseph Goebbels did in a series false flag events which will eventually bring the Nazis to power in Germany.

The Nazification of the United States is moving forward at breakneck speed. Nazi philosophies are appearing in every segment of our society and every level of government.

Both Steve Quayle and the late Jim Marrs have stated that the allies defeated the German military but the Nazis won the war. Not only have the Nazis won the war, they are taking over America.

The Creation of Der Fatherland

Markss Wolfe is the man who is credited with building up the feared East German secret police that was responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands of citizens. He was driving force behind the machinery of state terror; a legacy that still has a chilling affect on many Germans.

Following 9/11, Wolfe was paid $5 million to set up the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). From DHS, we see the creation of the TSA will commits second degree sexual assault against the American public in the introduction of the “Paper Please” society that we have become. And for all the trouble and nuisance that TSA has become, they have never caught one terrorist or stopped one terrorist plot.

Do you remember when you first heard the term, “HOMELAND Security”.  I thought I had fallen asleep and awakened in Nazi Germany. Prior to 2001, Americans would never have referred to themselves as living in the homeland. This was a term reserved for the World War II era Nazis.

In the 21st century, we are witnessing the Nazifiction of the United States at every level.

Oregon’s Master Race Program

Senate Bill 494, recently introduced in the Oregon Legislature, would allow the starving and dehydrating of patients who suffer from dementia or mental illness.

“A perfect illustration of the danger this bill presents can be seen in a situation involving an Ashland, Oregon resident named Nora Harris who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. After moving into a memory care facility, Nora eventually lost the ability to communicate her wishes. She lost her fine motor skills as well, which prevented her from using utensils. Hungry, she would eat and drink what was offered to her, but her husband sought a court order to require the nursing home to stop assisting her. However, the court would not deny Nora basic sustenance because that would have violated Oregon law. Now Oregon legislators are pushing to remove this legal protection and issue a license to kill!”

Oregon’s Nazi Eugenics Breeding Program

Amy DeFabbrini, 31, and Eric Ziegler, 38, have lost custody of both of their sons.  The eldest son, Christopher, was taken by the state of Oregon shortly after he was born. Five months ago, the state took their second child, Hunter, directly from the mother’s womb at the hospital. Both children are now in foster care. Oregon’s Department of Human Services has removed both boys, using the justification that the parents are too mentally limited to be good parents and no supporting criteria was offered to support the kidnapping of the two children.

Youtube, Google, Twiter, Facebook Are “Burning Books”

Book burning is a euphemism for censorship and this is what we are seeing from social media. The social media outlets are presenting a the unified front of being anti-Christian, anti-White, and anti-Constitution. The giant social media behemoths behaviors are right out of the Nazi playbook of controlling all media prior to engaging in genocide. And who will be their targets? The targets are listed in this paragraph.

YouTube (i.e. Google) and Facebook are acting as unregulated monopolies. They provide a privately owned platform in which the Independent Media provides a conservative interpretation of the news as opposed to the radical left-wing Mainstream media who espouses such values as expressing anti-Christian views, advocating for the continual erosion of the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution, completely open borders in which anyone with two legs and carrying weapons of mass destruction can illegally cross our borders take up residence, all courtesy of the US taxpayer. And according to Facebook and YouTube they have the right to ban you from using their platform for espousing traditional American values that our country was founded on.

Present Day Nazis Are Erasing History Just Like Their Predecessors

All across America, the ignorant, being blindly led by George Soros, are defacing public monuments to the civil war. One has to wonder if ruling authority has plans to tear the pages out of the history books about the civil war all together.

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