Report: Seth Rich was partying with Imran Awan the night he was murdered


from Alex Thomas, Intellihub

Rich may have been with disgraced Democratic IT staffer the night of his murder

The former IT staffer for Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was recently arrested trying to flee the country was with Seth Rich the night he was murdered, according to long-time Trump ally Roger Stone.

Despite the mainstream media refusing to even acknowledge the possibility that Rich was murdered in connection to leaks, numerous credible sources have documented a series of questions surrounding his murder and the possibility that it was connected to his work for the Democratic National Committee.

As Infowars reported, “Rich was murdered in an upscale area of Washington DC on July 10 last year but the killer or killers did not steal anything from the victim, rendering the police’s explanation that the incident was a robbery gone wrong doubtful.”

Just days ago, private investigation Rod Wheeler implied in a Tweet that there was a connection between Imran Awan and Rich and now Trump confidante Roger Stone has revealed that he too believes in the connection.

Another important fact about the case is that so far, Wasserman Schultz is still withholding evidence from Capitol Police that could help them solve the Awan case. Remember Schultz was also said to have attended a vigil for Rich shortly after his murder.

“Former DNC chairwoman and close Hillary Clinton ally Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still blocking access to a computer seized as part of a massive cybersecurity investigation despite the fact that the target of the investigation was just arrested by the FBI as he attempted to flee the country,” Intellihub News reported.

“According to a report from The Daily Caller, Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Virginia after he used a House office building to wire $283,000 from the Congressional Federal Credit Union to two individuals in Pakistan. Amazingly, not only did credit union officials allow the wire to go through despite the active investigation, U.S. Customer and Border Protection also let his wife flee to Pakistan in March despite the fact that she had $12,000 in cash hidden in her suitcase.”

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