Russian demands investigation of allegations US and UK supplied chemical weapons to terrorists


by Adam Garrie, The Duran:

Russia takes the new reports from Syria very seriously and seeks to confirm the worrying claims.

This week Syria has alleged that in addition to the already acknowledged arming of terrorists in Syria with weapons and vehicles, America and Britain also gave them access to chemicals which could easily be weaponised.

Specifically, chemical weapons confirmed by the OPCW to be in the hands of terrorists in Aleppo and Damascus are said to have derived from the US and UK.

Today, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Maria Zakharova stated,

“This information requires immediate verification by international bodies. This is not the first time when the western countries, namely, the representatives and the states involved in the US-led coalition, are suspected of supplying and supporting extremist groups, terrorists and militants. The information requires serious attention and immediate verification”.

This crucial information that Russia intends to verify as soon as possible not only validates an OPCW report and mission which signed off on the fact that the Syrian government has not possessed chemical weapons since 2014, but that the terrorists in Syria which have been known to use such weapons may have obtained them via the United States and United Kingdom.

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