Empowered Individuals: Genocide and Poverty Hasn’t Beat Cambodians


by Michael Demas , Daily Bell:

Man Kind is leading the way in modern education. No, that isn’t some lofty but empty phrase about humanity. This guy’s name is actually Man Kind. He runs a program in Cambodia that does more than educate.

The schooling instills the drive to do something meaningful. The education empowers youth to take ownership of their life circumstances. If they don’t like the situation into which they were born, Man Kind will help them realize they can change it.

In the rural communities of Cambodia, social mobility isn’t at the forefront of many people’s minds. There are few opportunities to seize, particularly without access to meaningful education. More often than not, hardworking rural families are resigned to their socioeconomic foothold. Despite this sad reality, there are individuals hard at work to raise their communities beyond their modest means.

As you read this, there works a small group of industrious Cambodians who are improving their community. The Human-Resource Development and Language Foundation (HDLF) is a local grassroots NGO. They teach English and IT classes while incorporating motivational and character-building execises.

Man Kind is the local community member who leads the organization. Their methods educate the local coR

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