Kissinger’s Deplorable Worldview


by Stephen Lendman, The Sleuth Journal:

Unlike America, its rogue NATO allies and Israel, seeking dominance by naked aggression and conquest, Russia, China and Iran foster cooperative relations among all nations, abhorring war, supporting world peace and stability.

Not according to Henry K, still making mischief at age 94, a sinister architect of new world order harshness, guilty of horrendous high crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.

Symbolizing imperial ruthlessness, his rap sheet includes involvement in endless wars of aggression and state-sponsored terror. Just societies long ago would have imprisoned him.

In an article last week for CapX online, titled “Chaos and order in a changing world,” he claimed Atlanticism must be “redefine(d)” at a time of “fraught juncture,” focusing first on citing a nonexistent Russian threat.

He called Putin’s geopolitical worldview “a recurrence of 1930s European nationalist authoritarianism” – ignoring his advocacy for world peace and multi-world polarity, polar opposite how America operates.

Should Russia be pressured or punished “until it accepts Western views” and dominance, Kissinger asked? No nation has a legal, moral or ethical right to force its will on others, the way America operates, he failed to explain.

He claimed nonexistent “Russian military pressure,” requiring America to build greater capability to counter it, instead of advocating world peace and stability, along with an end to US aggressive wars, responsible for millions of lost lives post-9/11 alone.

Kissinger expressed concern about China’s growing political and economic strength and influence, momentum heading it toward surpassing America in the years ahead, becoming the world’s largest economy, threatening the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, a key source of US strength.

China is “growing (in) power and strategic vision,” said Kissinger, what President Xi Jinping calls fulfilling “the Chinese dream,” at the expense of America’s hegemonic ambitions, Kissinger fears.

The Middle East is threatened by the “turmoil of dissolution,” he said, ignoring Washington’s responsibility for endless wars of aggression, ravaging the region.

Citing the need to destroy ISIS, he said nothing about likeminded terrorist groups, the Islamic State and others created and supported by Washington, using them to advance its imperium, along with NATO as an extension of its military might.

Kissinger knows it as well as anyone, but remained silent. What entity will replace ISIS when it’s eliminated or greatly weakened, he asked, disgracefully bashing Iran, claiming it could become a “radical empire,” despite nothing in its modern history suggesting it.

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