Soros Dips Into the Nazi Playbook at Charlottesville


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

A public gather of two opposing forces turned into a violent brawl between the two groups. Beer glasses, chairs, tables, fists and clubs flew through the air, and severely injured people who were left lying covered with blood on the floor/ground. There were fatalities. No I am not talking about the deadly riots in Charlottesville, this happened in pre-Nazi Germany and the conflict between the two opposing forces, the Communists and the Nazis, set the stage for totalitarian government in Germany.

The riot in Berlin was planned and executed by the late 1920’s version of George Soros, Joseph Goebbels, and Goebbels wanted Hitler’s party to show its colors in Berlin, which he described as “the reddest city in Europe besides Moscow.” Together, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) captured 52.2 percent of the vote in the 1925 municipal elections. Berlin’s new Nazi leader decided to combat the left’s superiority in numbers with a frontal attack. The modern Democratic Party share most of the same ideals of both the SPD and the KPD (see Trevor Louden’s  Enemies Within and the 80+ Democratic Congressman (eg Al Franken, Maxine Waters) who belong to Muslim Brotherhood or Communist Party fronts groups). These rogue Congressman are the SPD’s, KPD’s and the Nazis of our time.

On February 11, 1927, Goebbels went to the Pharussäle, a meeting hall often used by the KPD for its mass rallies in Berlin’s Wedding district, and gave a provocative speech on the subject entitles “The Collapse of the Bourgeois Class State.” This provoked the communists to violence which was the objective of the Nazis. The parallels between this provocation and what happened at Charlottesville are stunning.

As Mark Twain liked to say, history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme.

The George Soros Funded and Inspired PSYOPS and False Flag at Charlottesville

A state of emergency has been declared around Charlottesville, Virginia, amid clashes between “Unite the Right” white nationalist demonstrators and counter-protesters. And speaking of “white nationalists, the mainstream media is the using the term “white nationalist” interchangeably with the term white supremacist. This is an old PSYOPS trick which utilizes the principle of Pavlovian classical conditioning in which the two terms are used interchangeably so often that the mention of one term elicits the same response to the other term. This is very telling and very effective. The way the media has set this up, the mention of white nationalist, which is no more than a Caucasian who for the Constitution and making America great again, and confusing it with term, “white supremacist” which is extreme racism. Therefore, if one is “guilty” of being white, one is clearly racist. And if one is white AND loves America, they are a white supremacist capable of carrying out violent acts against nonwhites. This is effective and this illogical pairing is now the social media policy of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and most AND all, Google.

Governor Terry McAullife has declared a state of emergency moments before the rally was scheduled to begin. Before the rally (riot) began? What did he know? Is he friends with George Soros? This is a logical conclusion because this incident has Soros fingerprints all over this. The event which took place at noon at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, was declared an emergency according to a tweet sent from the Democratic governor’s Twitter account at 11:32AM Eastern.

As the crowd gathered, the police began using megaphones declaring an unlawful assembly at about 11:40 a.m., and gave a five-minute warning to leave Emancipation Park.  The warning by police was ignored.  Meanwhile, hundreds of neoNazis, KKK members and other “white nationalists” had gathered to protest the removal of the Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate Army’s commander. The statue of Robert E. Lee took the place of Goebbels provocative speech and the riot commenced. as the “white nationalists” as they were called were met by equal numbers of protesters who were in favor of the removal of  a statue. Present at the rally were (fake) clergy, Black Lives Matter activists (i.e. George Soros funded Confederates) and Princeton professor Cornel West, whose views fall in line with the philosophy that America needs to experience a racial civil war and whites need to be killed.

Both governmental entities, of Charlottesville and the Albemarle County, declared a local state of emergency according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

ABC News gave special credit to a group called Vanguard America for exacerbating the seriousness of the situation. I had never heard of them and did some research and here is what I found:

Vanguard Manifesto

“..An America based on the immutable truths of Blood and Soil. A multicultural nation is no nation at all, but a collection of smaller ethnic nations ruled over by an overbearing tyrannical state. Our America is to be a nation exclusively for the White American peoples who out of the barren hills, empty plains, and vast mountains forged the most powerful nation to ever have existed…”

I contacted Vanguard America to inquire about their self-perceived role in the riot as well as who they are funded by and they have not returned my communications as of this printing. The reason for my inquiry is because I know where we find George Soros on one side of an issue, we will find him on the other side as well (e.g. Calexit vs. the State of Jefferson, the two sides of the “occupy Wall Street” and the infiltration and undermining of the Tea Party). I suspect we will find the same thing here.


As it was with Goebbels, it is with Soros, a former Nazi collaborator who sold out his fellow Jews to the Gestapo. As the late Jim Marrs once said on my show, “we may have defeated the armies of the Third Reich, but the Nazis won the war”. We are seeing evidence of Jim’s observations in Charlottesville.

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