North Korea learned its lesson from Gaddafi’s decision to disarm Libya (Video)


by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

Libyan war taught North Korea to never give up nukes.

The US got Libya to disarm…then the US invaded and destroyed Libya.

North Korea (and the world) was watching and learned a lesson from Libya.

George W. Bush U.S. pressure on North Korea and Iran and the war in Iraq “have sent an unmistakable message to regimes that seek or possess weapons of mass destruction: Those weapons do not bring influence or prestige. They bring isolation and otherwise unwelcome consequences.

“Another message should be equally clear: Leaders who abandon the pursuit of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them will find an open path to better relations with the United States and other free nations.”

British PM Tony Blair said…

“This decision by Colonel Gadhafi is an historic one and a courageous one, and I applaud it. It will make the region and the world more secure.”

“It demonstrates, too, that countries can abandon programs voluntarily and peacefully.”

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