Is America Marching Full Speed Ahead Into Civil War? Triggered Antifa SJW’s Attack As Leftist Insanity Rages


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

With the state of Virginia braced for an ‘alt-right’ rally and massive counter protests which has led the state to put the national guard on standby while a ‘state of emergency’ has already been declared just the latest signs that America is at the boiling point, and ready to boil over, we take a look within this story at some of the latest signs that our nation is intentionally being pushed towards chaos. 

With the ‘purple revolution’ of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the America-hating deep state alive and well and in full swing according to this new story from the Investment Watch Blog, a story which warns of either the ‘deep state’ attempting to ‘JFK’ President Trump or push our country into a destructive civil war, the chaos in Virginia has even gotten a response from President Trump who has condemned the violence taking place there. 

And while standing strongly against ‘white supremacy’ here at ANP, we find it very interesting that the mainstream media is attempting to label those who hold that view as being ‘alt right’, as if they want Americans to believe that anyone who supports President Trump also holds the same views as those who stand for white supremacy. As William B. Stoecker recently reported in a story here on ANP, Americans need to pay attention to the ‘leftist newspeak’ we’re now witnessing that clearly is part of the globalists ‘orwellian agenda’. 

Further proving the msm’s and ‘deep states’ attempts to divide this country in any way that they possibly can, it’s long been warned that a house divided against itself cannot stand and it’s clear to us that the quickest way that the globalists can complete their ‘takedown’ of America is to get us fighting amongst ourselves. Age old wisdom divide and conquer. 

We also look at several new and recent videos which help to prove that America is moving ever closer to a ‘breaking point’, starting with this first video below called “When Triggered Antifa SJW’s ATTACK!” 

Beginning as if a comedic scene out of a Monty Python movie, triggered Antifa SJW’s launch a ‘blistering’ attack upon a group of free speech demonstrators, an attack that quickly devolves into antifa sucker punches being thrown and pepper spray throughout the air. Enjoy this bit of ‘comic relief’ at the start of the video before the insanity breaks out. ‘Charge!’ starts at 4 second mark. Ni! 

Showing how completely ill prepared most of them are for any kind of a real battle, should such an ‘attack’ have taken place during any kind of a real war, God forbid, those doing their very best Monty Python impression would have likely been mowed down within seconds, similar to the many victims of the famous ‘rabbit of Caerbannog’

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