Heavy Infighting Reported Among ISIS in Tal Afar; 17 Killed in Iraq


by Margaret Griffiths, AntiWar:

A spokesmen for the Hashd al-Shaabi militia groups, Ahmed al-Assadi, denied reports that the militias are not participating in liberation Tal Afar. On Thursday, Jawad al-Tulaibawi, a militia leader, said that the militias will not participate due to local and international criticism.

At least 17 were killed and three were wounded in recent violence:

Two tribal fighters were killed and three were wounded during clashes in Rawah.

In Jalawla, the body of a kidnapped shepherd was found.

Turkish airstrikes against Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) targets left three guerrillas dead in Avasin-Basyan.

Five militants were killed as they tried to cross the border from Syria.

In Tal Afar, three militants were killed as dozens of them fought amongst themselves.