I Just Backed The ‘Polymule’ on Kickstarter


by SGT, SGTreport,com:

I got an email today asking for some support for a Kickstarter project. I get a lot of emails like that. I can’t nor do I have the time to investigate every single project or request that I get. But this one really piqued my interest.  A practically bulletproof survival-style reinvented wheelbarrow?   I’m in.  These guys are trying raise $250,000 to take their project mainstream, and they only have a couple weeks left to raise the money. I just pledged $319 ($369 with shipping) so I can get one and support the project.  I don’t know these guys personally and I have no skin in the game, I just like to support cool people doing cool things. By the way, if they don’t raise the full $250,000 over the next 13 days, your pledge via credit card will not be charged.

Here’s a copy of my pledge.  

And here’s the link to the POLYMULE Kickstarter page so you can investigate and make a pledge to too: Polymule – a Handcart for Adventure, Work, and Survival.

And here’s an excellent article about this cool product from Gear Junkie:

by Nate Mitka, Gear Junkie:

The wheelbarrow is a tool that hasn’t seen much innovation for decades. It functions well enough, but the team at Polymule thinks it could stand improvement.

New to Kickstarter this week, Polymule aims to address common problems found with wheelbarrows, garden carts, or any wheeled hauling device.

The design is all about comfort, ease of use, and increased capacity. Padded grips, high ground clearance, and the ability to set it up completely without tools are just a few of its innovations.

Use it for carrying gear, wood, or even people (as demonstrated in the Kickstarter video below).

It retails for $320 if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Polymule Handcart Features: Updated Wheelbarrow

Poor stability, back and shoulder strain, splinters, and poor ground clearance are problems the Polymule aims to address with its hauling design.

The handcart, as the company calls it, offers 15 cubic feet of hauling space with a 350-pound load capacity. An aluminum frame folds down for a level resting position and folds up to move the cart.

Integrated kickstand

As noted, it assembles completely without tools. Slide the parts into position, snap them down, and haul away. The company claims the Polymule sets up in five minutes.

The two wheels and wheel stands detach completely and fit within the hauling space for storage. When assembled, the large wheels lift the handcart 26 inches off the ground to navigate messy work spaces or uneven ground.

Pack it up entirely within its hauling space

Throw the Polymule into the back of your car, as the whole assembly fits within its 46″ x 32″ x 12″ frame.

You can also purchase a canvas cover for shade and weather protection.

Optional canvas cover

Build A Better Wheelbarrow: The Polymule

The Kickstarter video shows the Polymule hauled into the backcountry, to a rock climber’s descent, and a child’s rescue after a car accident.

While the applications are not typical of wheelbarrows and push carts, an updated design to the wheeled-hauler may inspire new uses. Of course, it appears to carry typical wheelbarrow items like wood and tools just fine.

Until we get our hands on the Polymule for testing, it’s hard to tell how it will hold up. The durability of the wheels, its plastic body, and the aluminum arms all raise questions for us.

However, we’re all for reinventing things that we didn’t think needed reinventing, much like the YETI Bucket. This could be a welcomed update to an old stalwart.