3 New Ridiculous State and Local Laws


from thedailybell.:

The smaller the government, the easier it is to effect their laws. This doesn’t mean they necessarily make better laws… but at least it affects fewer people. Worst case scenario, you find yourself deciding whether to move out of the state, instead of out of the country.

Driving While Munching Might Be Illegal… But Maybe Not

Do you consider cheeseburgers distracting? In Washington State, it is perfectly legal to eat a cheeseburger while driving. Unless it distracts you.

The all-knowing police will decide if the cheeseburger, or coffee, or fixing your hair is distracting you. If they determine you were distracted, they can issue a citation.

This confusing new Washington law makes distracted driving illegal, without bothering to define the specifics of what constitutes distracted driving.

This type of discretion means police can choose their victims arbitrarily.

That is the real effect of having so many laws that you can’t get through a day without breaking a dozen. You can be arrested if a cop doesn’t like your face because he can always find something to pin on you.

This relates back to the war on driving that we talked about last week. Just driving across town is becoming a mine field. A cop can issue a citation and steal hundreds of your dollars basically at their discretion.

And it will cost you more to take a day off from work fighting it in court, than to just accept the theft, and pay the ticket.

Massachusetts Legalizes Weed… Again

Massachusetts legislators have passed, and the governor signed, a bill to legalize recreational marijuana.

But wait, didn’t voters already pass that measure last November?