Yes, There Is a Government Troll Training Program


by Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media:


  1. If I were a troll looking to discredit a website, say for example a news aggregation website that may have a particularly “truther” bent, I would leave comments that would encourage the posting of the irrational and ridiculous, damaging it’s credibility, so as to lead the discerning into the belief that the targeted website is of low value, thereby marginalizing the overall effect of the website by lowering it’s readership and it’s ability to spread the truth that I wished to keep hidden.Or on the other hand, I may just operate such a news aggregation website filled with primarily truther type articles, and purposefully include those articles on the irrational and ridiculous in order to taint the targeted truther articles by association as a means of discrediting them, all the while collecting readership information in a bid to generate a “who believes what” database in part to understand how effective my plan was, but also to identify and label them.

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