Yellowstone Volcano Update: 30 Earthquakes, and MT Quakes, Aftershock Swarm


by Mary Greeley:


  1. Even if the quakes don’t mean anything, it’s still very scary.
    If I was within 300-500 miles of that place, I’d do some double & triple checking of the prevailing wind patterns (ash fallout zones), and I’d make sure the car was in GOOD shape, bug out bags and supplies were all stacked up and ready to throw in the car and be on the road in under 10 minutes from a blow out.

    I’d have pre-researched (and printed) MAPS of how to get outta Dodge, for every different wind direction of the day, and I’d have extra maps of how to get around grid locked routes.

    I’d have respirators, extra filters or masks, and at least 5 extra gallons of gas ready to bring with me just so I could go that extra 100 miles without having to find an open gas station.

    CB radio may be the only thing working if a big quake or eruption kills the local power grids, cellphones, radio stations, etc.

    If your vehicle can accept a “receiver hitch”, I’d get one installed. Too many of today’s cars can’t haul any trailers, BUT a bike rack or some really small trailer, or a back-shelf can be OK.
    I installed a hitch, and got one of those $50 back shelf units that fits into the hitch.
    I bought a couple of storage tote bins, and can fill them with light weight stuff, etc, put on the lids, and put 2 ratchet straps over each bin, and then one LONG strap sideways around everything. Something like this, can free up cargo space inside the cabin for more important stuff.

    Remember, when you carry anything behind your back bumper, it moves the center of gravity. Even though the data on those back shelves says it can hold up to 500 pounds, your car won’t let you put that kind of weight back there without dragging ass.

    Keep the weight down to a minimum by putting the FLUFFY stuff back there, and if you can, buy a set of booster spring shocks for the rear of the car to help increase the carrying capacity so your rear end won’t sag and your headlights won’t be pointing up so high you’d blind all the other drivers or get a ticket.

    • I was watching/listening to a you tube on this this past week,if this thing goes the ash cloud will deposit a half foot of ash over the East Coast.There will be no place to hide from it.

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