Yellowstone Volcano: 7-27-17 Magma Uplift, Looking At Mallard Resurgent Dome From Old Faithful


by Mary Greeley:


  1. When Yellowstone eventually blows apart, it’s sure to trigger a lot of other volcanoes over a wide ranging area all around the ring-of-fire (and plenty of earthquakes).
    I would expect Mt. St. Helens & perhaps McKinley to blow open in a big fashion. I’d also expect some big stuff in the Alaska area too, and then, of course, Baja Mexico, California, Ariz, and maybe even Colorado too.

    It may also trigger the event that has long been feared… the subsidence (falling into the sea) of the US West Coast (California goes bye-bye), etc. Oregon & Washington state will not get away from some heavy duty troubles. Vancouver BC? Probably gonna be toasted, roasted and flooded.

    I’m so glad I live more than a 1000 miles from Yellowstone and more than 1000 miles from the Pacific ocean. Of course, if and when the Canary Islands have their big quake and fall into the sea, it’s gonna make a really big Tsunami in the Atlantic, and 90{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of Florida will be rinsed off like a power-washer doing the driveway. (thankfully, I’m far from the Atlantic & about 50 miles inland on a long stretch of ever increasingly higher ground, and pretty much all the “future maps” I’ve looked at, puts my location in a ‘fairly’ safe zone. (300ft above sea level).

    Hopefully, all you guys will be safe in your locations, or quickly bugging out to better ground when big earth changes threaten your current locations.
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