Why Gold & Silver Didn’t EXPLODE On July 5th, 2017


from SalivateMetal:


  1. And maybe Maguire is full of shit,same as all the rest of the metals crowd,sick of hearing silver is going to the moon,every single one of these jokers has been wrong constantly.

    • Agreed. Maguire just blew any credibility he might have had, as did Kingworldnews. He’s apparently on Kingworldnews today or tomorrow to explain himself and to issue another prediction, no doubt. I might just listen out of curiosity, then ignore everything else he says for the rest of time. Same goes for Kingworldnews.

  2. Maguire is a total sham, more gamechangers on the way. KingWorld is in on the game. How about having Belkin on again and drool over his performance in PM stocks?

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