Why and How to Get a Second Passport


by Joe Jarvis, The Daily Bell:

If you don’t have options, you are helpless.

If you had only McDonalds to provide you food, you would not be able to make the choice to be healthy. If Monsanto monopolized the agricultural industry (which they are arguably attempting) then you could not help but consume dangerous carcinogenic pesticides.

And if the U.S. government controls your ability to travel around the globe, you have no choice in mobility. If the government cancels your passport, then you are done. You have no options for traveling outside of the United States.

But McDonald’s is not your only food choice, Monsanto thankfully does not control all agriculture, and the U.S. government is not the only choice for obtaining a passport. Sovereign Man has highlighted four options for obtaining a second passport.

This isn’t to say that the sky is falling; hopefully, you will never need a second passport. Hopefully, the U.S. government never targets you willfully or through an error.

And hopefully, you never have a house fire or a home invasion, but you should still have fire detectors and a gun.

A smart person will prepare for a hundred different situations that may never happen, feeling confident that they have a plan b if something does go wrong.

And there is plenty of precedent of passports being canceled for no legitimate reason, or due to a clerical error. A passport is one of those things governments consider a privilege, and no proof or due process is needed to take that away.

The best way to get a second passport depends entirely on your situation. Do you have extra money? You can basically buy one. Many countries offer citizenship through investment.

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  1. Having another passport, is useful only when crossing borders that are still honoring passports and people’s desire to cross that border. When a government shuts down a border, or does not “honor” a passport, then no passport can help you. And, I’m pretty confident that more governments will be confiscating everything they wish to grab. As for transporting PM’s? That may be allowed only for the central banks, etc. You and me? Hahaha.

    Getting additional passports, the legal way, is time consuming, expensive, or you’ve got to be related by marriage or birth to someplace that will issue a passport to you. Perhaps the easiest one, is for all of our Jewish related politicians & bankers, they all have “the right of return” Israeli laws to support their instant change of heart, and fly to Israel, and be protected, etc.

    I actually think that OTHER countries should do the same “right of return” protection & instant citizenship & passports as Israel does it. Can you imagine if Germany, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Mexico, Russia, China, Italy, Greece, Poland, passed the same laws?

    My family’s heritage, contains a large portion of German, & Polish… with minor amounts of Hungarian, and Irish ancestors.
    So I’d just have to have copies of a few old birth certificates showing that my grandparents, etc, came from those other places and BINGO!!! I’m free to travel to all those places and become instant citizens of at least 6 other nations.

    In recent years, I was on a tourist bus-trip, that took me thru Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary & Austria (my entire ticket was only about $350 and included overnight hotels in all those places with free breakfast!) I got that great deal, at a travel agency in Kaunas, Lithuania (which was also the starting & finishing point of the bus trip.)

    We stopped & did sight seeing in all those places, ate meals, etc. I can tell you that I’d be perfectly happy to live in Poland, and Hungary as the 2 best choices. More rural spaces, laid back, and those places are not so muslim friendly as western Europe, so those places are not going to become dangerous as London, Paris, Sweden etc with all the “No Go zones” created by the muslim hoards.

    Austria & Czech Republic are both nice, but more built up, more expensive. Vienna & Prague are big, busy, and costly. When the SHTF, even the beautiful cities of Europe will become death-traps.

    I certainly see the utility of having crypto currency as a form of wealth that cannot easily be confiscated.

    When the SHTF, crossing the borders will become more creative. Bribery has always been a well used method of getting things done.

    Illegally crossing borders is another effective method (just ask the 11-20 million illegal Mexicans in the USA.)

    As “Steelerdude” says, “..bug out locally & Lock & load”. That is going to be the most widely used method, and depending upon where you’re “bugged at”, it will have varying degrees of safety & effectiveness.

    If you’re in a crowded city? You’d better have some fresh butter on hand because you’re gonna be toast.
    The more “rural” you happen to be, the easier and more successful you’ll be at “bugging out”.
    From my experience and observations about Europe, it is the EASTERN Europeans and rural areas that will do quite well. In eastern Europe, home gardening, canning, raising chickens and even goats and cows, is more like how America was back in the 1930’s and 40’s.
    The percentage of homes with gardens, in Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, etc, is wonderful to see. Much of this is still for survival, as so many of those rural people don’t have the incomes to be able to afford all the food they’d like to get, so they are forced to grow some to supplement their needs. ROOT crops, beans, corn & peas are the best life savers (these store well, and give more calories, starches and proteins than the leafy crops.)

    OK you guys. Do some proper planning and proper PLANTING, and you’ll do ok.

  2. If the Govt cancels mass amounts of passports, it will be the same as Silver over $100 and Gold at over $5000…the world will be a piece of sh_t and you will wish you were not living…better to bug out locally and lock and load.

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