White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci plans to DELETE past tweets


Misquoted Mark Twain, supported Hillary and called for increased gun control; doesn’t want to be a ‘distraction’
from Daily Mail via Infowars:

Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci stated on Saturday afternoon that he will be deleting his tweets from years past in an act of ‘full transparency’.

Since Scaramucci, also known as ‘Mooch’, took on his new role as communications director to the President, his social media has been scoured by the public – and many of his tweets dating back to 2011 were ridiculed by Twitter users.

Including advocating for gun regulations, endorsements of Hillary Clinton, and misquoting Mark Twain, Scaramucci hopes to avoid ‘distraction’ by scouring his account.

Many of his tweets dating back to 2011 reveal views that are not-so consistent with his current role in the White House, as many Twitter users were quick to point out.

In December 2011, he ‘praised’ Governor Mitt Romney for staying out of the ‘Trump spectacle.’

In a February 2012 proclamation he calls President Trump an ‘odd guy’ who is ‘so smart with no judgment’.

When he took the podium on Friday to address reporters in regard to his new role with the White House, he flattered the President with compliments to his character.

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  1. More gun control? I’m in favor of that. I want ALL 16 rounds from my EAA Witness 9 mm handgun to be in the X ring at 20 meters. THAT is gun control.
    Maybe what we REALLY need is libtard control? Some of these folks need a keeper and a leash.

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