What Will You OWN When The Music Stops? — David McAlvany


by SGT, SGT Report:
What will you actually OWN when the music stops playing?

If you think the US stock market looks a bit toppy, as valuations hit new all time highs… If you think the nearly $1,000 price for one share of Amazon stock seems a bit lofty… If you think the rise of the crypto currencies as an alternative to the US Dollar is an important story, and if you think that the quantifiable manipulation of the gold and silver markets by criminal international banks is a clear sign of why OWNING precious metals in PHYSICAL form is so important, then this is the interview for you.

The CEO of McAlvany Financial Group David McAlvany says, “We have no idea how much risk is in the system, and we continue to play some sort of musical chairs game where we just hope that when the music stops, we have a chair. There ARE people assuming there are no chairs, we’re all going to be fighting for one single chair, and there’s too many people involved.”

Friends, it’s time to prepare for a very bad ending to the song that’s currently playing.

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  1. “If you think…”
    Yes, many of us on here DO think about these things and in the same way. There is a HUGE financial disaster in the making, especially when one adds in all the debt (borrowing) and money printing that is being done to support a system that insists on spending more than it creates. This is not sustainable… not for an individual and not for ANY level of business or government. Unlike government, however, individuals and businesses are punished for this fairly quickly. Governments can stretch out the process of bankruptcy but making it take longer is not a solution and almost always makes it worse before it gets better. The only way that I can see this getting fixed is if we start electing people to high public office who don’t care if they get re-elected as long as their work makes the country better. Right now, we have the exact opposite of this… and it is destroying the US from within. This isn’t about playing the blame game; it’s about saving the country from utter collapse.

  2. Have we all noticed that when ever they have a “crash” in the financial systems, that the “value” of our stocks, bonds, and fiat currency” that “they” owe to us goes down, (sometimes to zero), but the “debts” we owe to “them” never goes away? Hahaha.
    And in some cases, when they have “hyperinflated the currency (massive devaluation of purchasing power), they re-write the laws so you cannot pay off your debts with the ‘nominal numbers or units of currency’, but they “recalculate” the old debts and convert it with a true “inflation adjustment” so that you still owe enough “REAL wealth” that they still get to bleed you dry while at the same time, they don’t have to make you “whole” from all the wealth “they” devalued (stole) from you!

    When they want YOU to pay THEM, it’s almost like they want to use a “GOLD standard currency calculator-true inflation adjustment”, but when THEY have to pay YOU, they are happy to use “funny money” (no gold inflation adjustment).

    So, when the music stops, they try to leave “us” holding the “Bag-of-crappy-promises” (IOU’s), while they grab the “Bag-of-Gold” (real assets).

    I feel sorry for all the Darwin idiots who have not converted their fake wealth (paper assets, paper money, etc) into REAL assets (gold, silver, farmland). And I DO think that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other “winning” cryptos may be the BIG lifesaver thru the transitions.

    I like Fonestar’s new tag line… “If you can’t decrypt it, you don’t own it.” (and I fully agree with that statement.)
    But hey, it’s also true that if somebody else decrypts it, (or steals your keys), then THEY will own it.
    Or, if they filter the traffic (ban it), or shut down the wide open internet and stop you from “moving it”? Then you can “spend” it. (same as a border checkpoint where they confiscate your gold.)

    There are risks to every form of “wealth”. We just have to try to protect ourselves from each type of risk as much as possible. But “storing” your wealth in the hands of the System-Lords? That’s just Darwin stupid-crazy.

    Holding Bitcoin in your own wallet, and holding physical PM’s in your physical possession is the only way of owning it.

    And of course, GROWING it (the garden), just be careful to prevent the insects, animals, zombies or dry weather from stealing it.

    • I HATE it when I make a critical TYPO error and don’t catch it until after I hit SEND.
      SEAN (at SGT), PLEASE find a way for us to EDIT out posted messages!!! (instead of having to post a follow up message).

      Here’s my latest “typo”.

      …if they filter the traffic (ban it), or shut down the wide open internet and stop you from “moving it”? Then you can <<>> “spend” it. (same as a border checkpoint where they confiscate your gold.)

      I forgot apostrophe & the “T”.

    • Right on @Craig
      About 30 years ago, I came up with the following comment: “Those who don’t understand interest, pay it, while those who do, collect it”. If more people fully understood this little ditty, they would know better than to get head over heels in debt for vacations, the latest i-crap, $6 cups of coffee, cigarettes, magazines, movies, bars, and every other useless thing in their lives. They would look at a restaurant meal as a rare treat and not as a weekly event. They would drive a used car and keep it in tip top shape to serve their basic transportation needs. They would live in a reasonably sized and priced home that they could afford, even if everything in their life did not go well. They would also put away money on a regular basis for their future. They would invest in some solid US companies that pay dividends and they would reinvest those dividends. They would own some gold and / or silver as their financial insurance policy and they would do everything they could to get completely out of debt as soon as they possibly could. If we have no debt, the banksters not only do not own us but they cannot own us. My wife and I have been debt-free since February 2014. It’s a wonderful feeling not to owe anyone anything. I strongly recommend this to everyone who can swing it even though I know that there are people who are barely making it in life and probably won’t ever be free of the financial leeches out there. But even if they can’t get completely free of them, that’s no reason not to get AS free of them as they can. Every bit of debt that is retired is all to the good.

  3. WTF ???????
    I used symbols to HIGHLIGHT my correction for the “typo error”, but the PROGRAMMING on this webpage REMOVED everything inside my symbols!!! OK,, HERE is the MISSING word that should have been inside the <<>>.

    I HATE it when I make a critical TYPO error and don’t catch it until after I hit SEND.
    …if they filter the traffic (ban it), or shut down the wide open internet and stop you from “moving it”? Then you can === CAN’T=== “spend” it. (same as a border checkpoint where they confiscate your gold.)

    • did you mean “Then you === CAN === spend it.”…your quotes dont match up….tell us what your really trying to say Craig….

      • The typo error is that my fingers MEANT to say that you CANNOT spend it (if they block it).

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