What Is This? Massive Anomaly from South America to Antarctica Caught On MIMIC


from DAHBOO77:


  1. That massive “dot pattern”, when you watch it, the dots actually start up by Brazil, and quickly spread down toward Antarctica. Happens so fast, that it cannot be physical, but must be electrical in nature.
    Looking at those dots, as an indication of radio-wave frequency, with each dot being the peaks of the “waves”, those dots are hundreds of miles apart, and that would be a very low frequency (VLF= HAARP).

    And yes, when they “hit” the upper atmosphere with a haarp blast, it creates “energy reflective regions” instantly, and those charged particles then drift with the wind patterns.

    To me, this would appear to be another HAARP generator mounted on one of the big, mobile Haarp ships, doing some weather modification for what ever purpose, we often don’t ever get to know what’s going on.
    It does happen to be the hurricane season for the northern hemisphere-Atlantic ocean, so it could have something to do with that.

    Or it could be to create rainfall or droughts in parts of Africa or the Middle East, etc.
    Just because it was broadcast from the lower eastern coast of South America, does not mean the origination point is the end of the effects.

    I’d think, as it mixes with the global atmosphere, that the intended “end target” is much further eastward and perhaps a bit north too?

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