We Need a New American (Social) Revolution


by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
The solution is a new decentralized way of living that bypasses the chokepoints of centralized political and financial power.

I’m going to tell a story here using charts–a story that leads to one conclusion: we need a New American Social Revolution–a peaceful revolution that transforms our understanding of the corrupt, destructive status quo we currently inhabit, an understanding that leads to a withdrawal of our consent of the governed and a national search for new social, political and economic structures that actually serve the interests of the entire citizenry rather than the interests of a self-serving parasitic elite.

Solutions abound outside the confines of the elite-controlled centralized status quo.

The story has three dynamics: energy, debt and money. (If charts leave you cold, just read the short descriptions of the dynamics.)

Here’s the happy story we’re told: economic growth no longer depends on rising energy consumption: our GDP can shoot to the stars while energy consumption continues moving higher at a modest rate of expansion.

This chart contradicts the happy story that we can grow consumption to the sky using only a bit more energy every year. What the first chart doesn’t show is what we’ve used to grow the GDP–debt, i.e. borrowing from future earnings and future energy consumption.

My insightful colleague Lance Roberts of Real Investment Advice published this chart of total system leverage (i.e. the amount of debt piled on actual collateral) that shows leverage is climbing higher while GDP growth declines: the yield on increasing debt and leverage is diminishing rapidly.

Look at how debt in all sectors–household, corporate and government–has skyrocketed while GDP growth has been weak. Borrowing from future earnings and energy consumption only works when debt and leverage are low. Once the total cost of interest absorbs much of the national income, debt service chokes off growth.

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  1. Charles Hugh Smith is 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} correct.
    “The solution is a new decentralized way of living that bypasses the choke-points of centralized political and financial power.”

    “Solutions abound outside the confines of the elite-controlled centralized status quo.”

    IF one ACTUALLY seeks to be FREE from the (fiat, funny-“money”) control of the Anglo-JUDAIC Western Financiers, then one has NO OTHER CHOICE, but to remain DEBT-FREE, and operate OUTSIDE the gambling casino that is called Wall Street (Stocks, bonds, etc.)

  2. I also agree that people need to extract themselves from the chains of government-banks-tax gangsters that control things.
    I feel VERY blessed that I gathered together all the money I could muster, and bought this place in the Florida panhandle, in a very good location both for growing a garden (2-3 growing seasons, plenty of rainfall and 5 acres),

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    … and good for escaping the tax & fees of most other areas of Florida and of the nation (property taxes under $400/yr),

    … NO state income tax,

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    And quite rural, with a LOW population density (zoning requires no less than 5 acres per homesite), yet I’m only 15 minutes from a nice little town (pop-5000), Walmart, Lowes, 3 grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants, etc, as well as a big interstate at the south end of town. The only thing that’s missing is the crime, and crowding. Sure, we have our share of meth-heads and other idiots, but you find a percentage of them in every 100 people.
    When the SHTF, the zombies and super-idiots will “self weed” themselves from the productive preppers.

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    Weeds, bugs and lack of proper nutrients are the big 3 in the world of gardening.

    And, equally important, but less obvious, are=
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    Marigold (also repels bad bugs if you plant one at the base and/or along the rows of veggies)
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    Here is a good TIP for all you current & future gardeners. Is a PERENNIAL CLOVER (with innoculant) that puts nitrogen into the soil, is tolerant of most conditions in most locations, attracts beneficials too, and the price is LOW for a large amount of seeds, and it also looks attractive.
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