University Prof: ‘I Don’t Trust White People,’ They ‘Need To Lose More’


by Rob Shimshock, The Daily Caller:
The University of Hawaii professor who wanted universities to stop hiring white men also said “I don’t trust white people” and “cis het white people need to lose more,” according to screenshots obtained Friday by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Piper Harron, a temporary assistant math professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, made these remarks and others on Facebook in May and June 2017.

“I need to take a long break from disagreeing with white people,” Harron wrote in May. “Their Have You Considereds have worn me down and I’m showing signs of weakness. If you wanna know why I don’t trust white people, it’s because of what that trust costs me.”

“Cis white het people need to lose more,” she commented the next day. “Cis het white people don’t know how to not be in control. They want to even control their dismantling of privilege.”

“As long as police are trained to murder, they will never be convicted,” said Harron in another June Facebook post.

The professor equated the ideas that women might not be interested in leadership, STEM or sports and that autism warrants concern to “violence” in a lengthy June Facebook post.

“I shouldn’t have to argue at all let alone nicely against these ideas,” said Harron. “These are ‘ideas’ I shouldn’t even come across. That these ‘ideas’ are everywhere is violence. Asking me to treat them as innocent is violence.”

The professor also equated perceived failure of the justice system to perceived failure of slavery, remarking that “white justice can *never* be just. We can’t afford to forget that.”

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  1. It’s not White privilege. Middle class people have better thoughts, actions, and habits than poor people. Poor people “loose” or stay poor because of horrific habits.Take the saggy where pants look. Where are you going dressed like that? To work? No.
    Job interview? No.
    Going to a meeting of the FFA? Yes that’s it. Future Felons Association….welcome!
    It has nothing to do with race.

  2. Piper Harron, it appears, is a mental case in need of professional help and should not be teaching.

    • Agree….it gave me an eerie feeling reading this article….they walk among us!
      I was thinking she goes home and crawls into a corner, her “safe” spot…and stays
      there all night till she has to go back to school…

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