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Bill Holter is back and like he told us at the beginning of the year, 2017 will be the year of the truth bomb, and so far the year has not been a disappointment. From the DNC Wikileaks emails to the latest news of the arrest of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s s top information technology guy, the Pakistani-born Imran Awan at Dulles International airport – it’s all leading to talk of indictments AND treason. We can’t wait to see how the second half of the year plays out.


    • Yeah Because Bill understands Gold & Silver that makes him an expert in technology?
      I’m probably an expert in astrophysics and don’t even know it…

      • It more likely makes him an expert in money, history, and economics.
        You’re the expert in air. There is no shortage of air with fonestar. Especially hot air.

        • I can only imagine how many people have been scared out of owning Gold & Silver by registered morons like you….
          “Oh not like those guys!”

          • Not very many. I’m not the one who couldn’t take 10 minutes to learn how to read the COT report. Only lazy people who guess and trade real money for air do that.

      • Bill understands gold and silver but couldn’t hit the broad side of a geopolitical barn.
        Here’s some math for Mr. Holter: Zero times “magical truth bombs” is zero. Zero times “gold-backed Yuan” is zero, too.

          • Except China’s gold is the Anglo-American Establishment’s gold and, as Kissinger said, is “the model for the New World Order.”
            You don’t have to agree with me or Mr. Kissinger, but you do have to bear witness.

          • How is it the “Anglo-American’s Establishments gold?”
            If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

            I feel like the argument keeps shifting. What are we saying here Rusticus? That Gold is the model for the NWO and not crypto-currencies?

          • Gold is an excellent choice for currency by TPTB. They will just say your currency is backed again. Nobody will bother to look and go back to their Brawndo and Football.
            Wash, rinse, repeat.

            The last thing they want is distributed ledger for everyone to see.

          • Yeah just like everyone believed Bob Pisani inside the HSBC vault.
            The last thing they want are people capable of critical thinking. Something lost on you a long time ago.

          • +1 fonestar.
            Per Gerogetown Professor, Rhodes Roundtable member, and genuine whistleblower Carolll Quigley in his magnum opus Tragedy and Hope, the BIS is the fiduciary of all member central banks’ assets. The PBOC is not just a member of the BIS, its head sits on the Board of Governors (Zhou Xiaochuan, your next IMF head, heard it here first).

            This power relationship was proven by John Titus in his recent documentary, All The Plenary’s Men:


            You’re an indefatigable reader, Eric, surely you’ve read Tragedy and Hope, the single most credible tome in all of conspiratology.

  1. Today on a guy named r0mulus said that I am the greatest trader on in the past 5 years.
    I’m flattered but it’s not true. I’ve never been a trader and I would probably suck at it if I were. fonestar is just a guy who understands which way the wind blows. A guy who understands that all the bills and coins didn’t disappear because of some “conspiracy”. They largely disappeared because the consumers appreciated the convenience of digital transactions.

    Now because digital fiat is inflationary and sucks all around… well, that has no bearing on deflationary crypto-currencies.

    So yeah holla back at you r0mulus!

    • Plenty of bills and coins are still in circulation. The convenience of digital transactions was around a long time before (((crypto-currencies))). Sound money will work when the wind stops blowing. Just because you are an expert in air doesn’t mean you know jack shit about sound money.

      • What is with the ((( bullshit? Anyone who actually read Mises understood Bitcoin, you are a fraud, a liar and a moron.

  2. I’m still buying Silver. Your dollar is a digit(faster transaction speed), crypto is a digit(slow transaction speed), which digit can win in speed? Dollar has a plastic card w/a chip now, crypto has a thumbdrive w/a small circuit broad(maybe has some silver). What the difference? Plastic rearrange make it worth more? I like to hold it, yes I can hold a thumbrive or a card.
    A rare precious metal is more fun=)

      • I am and checking them out. I’m getting a hard wallet so I can keep them off line. Just getting into Crypto’s and learning. I still like Silver=)

        • If you manage to own Physical Silver and Crypto at the same time, you’re smarter than 75{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the people here. Binary “either/or” thinking is a sign of low intelligence.

          • And yet you own hardly any Silver and only promote Bitcoin. No zinc. No uranium. No lithium. No cobalt. No Gold. All are in supply deficit.
            You are the biggest hypocrite. You can’t own more than 2 things.

      • Beware Ethereum…. Why is this the only crypto-coin that the bankers seem to love? Why are world leaders wooing Vitalik, the creator? Hmmm… well ETH is *inflationary* by design so a big check they give it there. Now if they can just take over the chain and the miners….

        • The quantity of bitcoins continues to increase. Bitcoin is inflationary.
          If there is a hard fork, Bitcoin will be even more inflationary.

          Bitcoin is not a safe haven.

          Ethereum has smart contracts.

          • Do you know what a “smart contract” is, Eric?
            Because bitcoin has smart contracts. 2FA, multisig, every transaction on the blockchain is a self-executing “smart” contract. The only difference between bitcoin-core and Ethereum is that the latter’s language (Solidity) is Turing Complete, and thus, its “smart contracts” can be inherently more complex.

            However, running a Turing Complete language on a blockchain introduces all sorts of bugs and potential for security compromise (see the DAO). Someday soon, the “(not so) unstoppable code” on Ethereum will come up against a “smart contract” execution where the two parties disagree with the outcome of the blockchain’s decision and discover that human inputs are required. Once that happens, you know what will be at the core of every Ethereum “smart contract”? Good ‘ol fashioned multisig, old tech in the crypto world.

            Do you know what a Turing Test is, Eric? I’ll wait while you educate yourself.

          • I mostly say that because it grinds fonestars grits. There are many alternative crypto currencies and no need to only use Bitcoin. He could have answered the same way you did a long time ago Rusticus. But instead he has to throw a childish temper tantrum.
            I could really care less since there are no bugs in physical Gold and Silver. Technology itself is not a store of value. And technology can rapidly become outdated.

            The problem with the current financial system is trust. the solution is real tangible wealth. Not better transactions.

          • Sorry, Eric, guess I’m just salty this morning. Bill tends to do that to me. But yes, bitcoin does have smart contracts, though only in code that executes financial transactions. Ethereum hypothetically can make any code a “contract” but the only real experiment thus far in doing so was the DAO, which was an abject failure.
            This statement…

            “The problem with the current financial system is trust. the solution is real tangible wealth. Not better transactions.”

            …I agree with wholeheartedly. The problem IS trust. Bitcoin requires no trust in anything or anyone but the math. When you say bitcoin is having trouble scaling, you’re absolutely right, too. But that’s because bitcoin is set up much like a Republic with checks and balances – though instead of Judicial, Congressional, and Executive branches, you have the Miners, the Users, and the Developers. All three must agree to make changes to bitcoin and everybody gets a tamper-proof vote. Bitcoin hasn’t changed much because, like our early Constitution, it is designed to be almost impossible to change unless there is near-100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} consensus on the changes to be implemented.

            But unlike our failed Republic, the branches are not flawed men and the Bitcoin “Constitution” cannot simply be ignored when you run into issues changing it to suit ulterior motives. For example, Mike Hearn was a Bitcoin Core developer who worked for GCHQ and the CIA and tried to push mandatory IP tracking of coins. The community sniffed him out, routed him out, and cast him aside. Then he went crying to the New York Times about how bitcoin “can’t scale” and joined the (now failing) R3 Consortium of bankers.

            I wish the silver community had the power to do the same to the CRIMEX/LBMA/CF(raud)TC, but we do not.

          • It doesn’t need to be that complicated. Too much counterparty risk. Hardly trustless. Better…Acquire a coin, lock it it up. There… Done. Repeat as much as possible. Trust in yourself. Individual conscious solutions to collectivist problems. It doesn’t have to be Silver. But it has to come from within.
            Yeah I wish they did too and there are too many silver stackers that are giving up and haven’t followed this through to its logical conclusion. Now we see who the strong hands are. Ultimately the crypto guys will trade their blips for real stuff. That’s why they’re called current seas, cash flow, and liquidity.

        • Fonestar: “Why do you like Ethereum, Sean?”
          Sean: “Uhmmm, well, Microsoft and JP Morgan like it!”

          Fonestar: “Aren’t they the enemy?”

          Sean: “But… it’s going up in value!”

          Fonestar: “But what about the inflationary nature of ETH? What about its centralized issuance of coins? What about the DAO hard fork proving that Vitalik Buterin is the God-King of this controllable, alterable blockchain? What is the value of ‘unstoppable code’ that can be stopped?”

          Sean: *Radio Silence*

          Ethereum is, as it stands, vaporware. There’s not a single smart contract-based platform built atop Ethereum outside of simple ERC20 tokens that delivers on its promise of running “unstoppable code” and “smart contracts”. But hey, the UN is running prototype food stamps in Pakistan using ERC20, so it must be good, right? 😉

          • That’s just it Rusticus… it looks like the Bankers are setting up to takeover ETH. They’re investing heavily in it. I actually think they wanted a coin that was more restrictive and more controlled, but after years of butting their heads together they still couldn’t come up with a supra-national SCAMcoin. So I guess ETH was the next best thing for them…
            In Sean and other’s defense this can be some fairly complicated stuff and we all have only so many hours in our lives to divide between work/play/family/learning/trolling….

          • “I actually think they wanted a coin that was more restrictive and more controlled, but after years of butting their heads together they still couldn’t come up with a supra-national SCAMcoin. So I guess ETH was the next best thing for them…”
            I concur wholeheartedly. ETH is their attempt to shove their foot in the back door and Vitalik is just the man to play ball with them, especially with the SEC now breathing down the neck of the Ethereum Foundation. From Mike Hearn to the R3 Consortium, the CIA and bankers have tried to compromise bitcoin to no avail. They know a distributed database masquerading as a crypto is dead in the water, so they’re doing the next best thing by bootstrapping a controlled token atop a “semi” free blockchain with public credibility.

            Now it’s obvious why they’ve wanted to take Ethereum to a Proof of Stake model from the beginning; get rid of the miners and you get rid of any accountability or check on your power. Can PoS even solve the Byzantine Generals Problem? Highly theoretical imo.

            The kicker with Ethereum that I can’t wrap my head around is that it’s designed to be “fuel” for smart contracts, but none of these smart contracts are burning any ETH in meaningful amounts. So pending the PoS switch or some major contracts running on ETH burning it, the supply will increase unhindered for years to come. Any price rise, then, isn’t supply/demand fundamentals, but a bet “on the future” of a technology that has fulfilled none of its promise.

            I hold what I mine but would never buy ETH. I first learned about it at a liberatrian gathering in 2013 before it launched. They were pre-pre-selling tokens for $0.50 a piece. When I heard who was involved, I said “No thanks” and don’t regret it at all.

          • All of this technobabble just proves how money should be simple. Contracts will always be complicated. You guys have gotten distracted with the shiny lights and potential rewards.
            Bitcoin is inflationary. And half of them have been lost forever. If Bitcoin had a future, more people would have accepted it by now. Still not one single “we accept Bitcoin” sign in all of Los Angeles.

          • No. I only state that Bitcoin is inflationary because the supply is always increasing. Foolstar likes to say it is deflationary but that simply is not true. If one calculates the endless and growing supply of other cryptocurrencies, one could argue that cryptocurrencies are hyperinflationary!
            The Gold supply has historically always grown proportionately to the population increase. Whatever Silver boom existed in the 1800’s is long gone now. The supply may continue to increase over time, but being inflationary is not one of the characteristics of money.

          • True, by the Austrian definition, bitcoin is “inflationary”. During its early years, it was “hyperinflationary.” It’s rapidly becoming “stagflationary,” and once no more coins are issued, it will be truly “deflationary.”
            But silver and bitcoin are similar in this regard, too – many bitcoins have been lost, just as many ounces of silver have been made unrecoverable.

            And just like metals miners, each coin has its cost of production. Bitcoin has a production floor around the price of gold (~$700) and is by far the largest mining ecosystem in crypto. It’s the most “difficult” coin to mine. Altcoins that have smaller mining pools are much cheaper to produce, like copper or tin. They all have different properties and different chains – would one say metals are “hyperinflationary” because you can pull more tin out of the ground than gold?

            Of course, tin has tangible value outside of exchange whereas most of these altcoins don’t. Most will go to zero or close enough to zero that it won’t matter. Comparing the “Great Altcoin Bubble” of 2013 to the one today, it’s (for the most part) an entirely new crop of players. The old ones failed, just as this round will fail – probably more extravagantly, too, because a lot of these ICOs are pure Ponzi schemes or run by overpromising, underdelivering, greedy developers.

            You’ll appreciate this interview – it’s by a Bitcoin developer who loves the technology but is short-term bearish and thinks that almost all coins except bitcoin will fail, and he makes some very salient points:


          • Rusticus… Bitcoin is the first hyper-deflationary asset that the world has ever seen. And it’s been thrown into a world pool (hi Joyce) of hyper-inflationary currencies.
            It’s behaving *EXACTLY* like one who has both read AND understood Mises would expect it to behave.

            Also, Bitcoin has taken over the role of Gold as a ticker of faith in national fiat currencies.

            Again, none of this is rocket science… but f***wits like Eric and the Zerobrain loser crew just like to throw Austrian-y-sounding-terminology around as if it only applies to their “metals only” religion.

          • Fonestar, Neil Howe did an interview recently where he mused that we are well into the age of “The Fourth Turning,” but was growing increasingly worried that the crisis would be forever delayed and Millennials would never have the “Defining Moment” forcing them to become the Hero archetype. That the chaos that creates innovation would be held in stasis.
            What Mr. Howe fails to realize is that bitcoin is the Fourth Turning.

            There are a lot of smart people who stare the answer in the face and fail to see it, even “experts” who’ve studied generational cycles for… well, generations.

          • It’s not Bitcoin that is the crisis. It’s the death and debt paradigm that is the crisis. Bitcoin could help some in the crisis. But it’s not the only solution. And won’t work for most.
            Bitcoin can never replace Gold. Indians do not give Bitcoin as gifts. China doesn’t import Bitcoin and hold it in reserve. It isn’t widely accepted enough. Bitcoin is speculative in a world where trust is eroding in fiat currencies.

            Nothing is more trustless than 24k .9999 pure Gold in the palm of your hand. When you hold it, you know this is worth something.

  3. Sean, quit complaining about GooTube, Patreon, and all the rest screwing you over. Let’s be honest, you (like many other in alt-media) got used to lots of ad money and now it’s not only drying up, but they’re coming after you guys.
    The irony, of course, is that for years you’ve fed GooTube proprietary data. You’ve served up your audience’s analytics (big data, transhumanism, things you’re supposedly against) to them on a silver platter. And now they’re using the very data you’ve SOLD THEM to create algorithms to censor you.

    These are the platforms of the enemy and have been known as such for a long time. You came to rely on them. You cannot. At the very least, you’ve created your own “Kingdom of the Mind” in so you always have an uncontrolled fallback.

    • First Gen Social Media is just BEGGING to be replaced. Facebook/Youtube/Twitter/SNAP… They get big enough and the corporate billions poison them and they forget the secret sauce that made them popular in the first place. I set up a test Facebook acct for work some time ago… WOW, what total shit! You basically can’t even search for people by city, state or town. There are no different groups you can organize “friends” into. So comments and wall posts made to friends are also seen by your Grandma and employer. I laugh before I sign into Youtube though… it’s all fluffy cat videos, guys with Justin Bieber haircuts wearing pastel shirts doing dumb things… and after I sign in it’s all PREPARE FOR IMMINENT DOOM AND FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON!!

  4. Truth bombs ? I get confused sometimes trying to keep up with all the different nuances – does this interview represent the thesis or the anti thesis . Wait just a moment I saw that wooden cross on the wall behind Bill’s left shoulder – definitely anti- thesis . You guys are slick ! Hey ya think I can still buy a subscription that was fun !

    • Quick, call Hillary the “anti-Christ” again! You don’t have to call Trump “Jesus” because we all know who fights the “anti-Christ” 😉
      Christian mind control in alt-media is out of control these days. InfoWars is like listening to the alt-right 700 Club anymore (not that I ever listened much in the first place). I don’t know how many of them do it intentionally and how many of them just parrot this garbage through osmosis, but it’s getting ridiculous.


      • Come on didn’t your melamed teach you to at least throw a little fake compassion to the goy , they need to keep producing until you have all the shekels .

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