Trump’s Policy of Peace with Putin and Xi Is Courageous; His Policy of Peace with Wall Street Is Not


from LaRouche PAC:
The latest frenzied outbursts of “Russiagate” are not over a meeting with a Russian lawyer; they are over a summit meeting with the Russian President.

President Trump’s policy has been consistent and courageous — “Cooperation with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing; we both have huge nuclear arsenals; we can fight terrorism, we can end the constant wars” — in the face of ever more hysterical McCarthyism from the media and both parties in the Congress.

What was at stake in that Trump-Putin summit: peace in the Mideast and North Africa regions destroyed by Bush and Obama’s “regime change” wars; or more war, and possibly nuclear war. Some Democratic leaders in the Congress have become as crazed Cold Warriors as Sen. Joe McCarthy, or J. Edgar Hoover, the fanatical FBI Director whom four successive Presidents never managed to fire.

Their latest outbursts find Senate leader Chuck Schumer saying, “The time of claiming there is no evidence of collusion with the enemy is over” [emphasis added]; and Hillary’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, saying, “We are now beyond obstruction of justice, in terms of what is being investigated. This is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into, potentially, treason.”

Other Democrats, who oppose the Russiagate obsession, complain it is not good for the Democratic Party. That is not the issue. It is a policy of war. Schumer, Kaine, et al. are opposing cease-fire in Syria, success in the Geneva negotiations, stabilization of Libya, potential peace and reconstruction (for which China is ready) in the whole area, peace in Asia.

President Trump’s policy of cooperating with Putin and with Xi of China is courageous. He is facing down what is essentially a British imperial policy establishment who insist the “sole superpower” can order around nuclear superpowers Russia and China, and all other nations, and “regime-change” whoever won’t obey. Trump’s having the nerve to fire a power-hungry FBI Director is also important.

What is not courageous, is the President’s inability to take any steps against Wall Street, toward carrying out the economic recovery policies on which he ran. Rather, Wall Street, led by the likes of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, is running all over him.

The American people demand a Glass-Steagall breakup of Wall Street’s megabanks, before the next financial blowout, now likely this Fall. A Hamiltonian national credit institution for new economic infrastructure can’t be postponed any more; critical but decrepit infrastructure systems are breaking down even without hurricanes or floods. Repair will not suffice: Technologically and scientifically new infrastructure platforms are needed, such as high-speed and maglev rail systems, research into fusion power technologies — such as China is building across the expanding New Silk Road! And the “driver” of such progress must again be NASA, the expanding exploration of space.

The President can’t organize this alone. The American people have to organize for the “four laws” formulated by Lyndon LaRouche, and for the United States to join that New Silk Road.

President Trump is fighting the British imperial policy, and it is British intelligence which launched “Russiagate” against him a year ago and has driven the Congressional leadership into McCarthyite madness.

But neither he, nor either party in Congress, is fighting Wall Street. That is up to the rest of us, and it can’t be delayed, or the next looming crash will wipe us out entirely.

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