by SGT, SGT Report:
On July 6th I received a STRIKE against my You Tube account for an interview I did with researcher Sofia Smallstorm that was uploaded and posted to You Tube … 22 MONTHS AGO.

On Thursday, You Tube removed the interview claiming that it violated the community guidelines which prohibit “predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, bullying or intimidation.”

Because the video was removed by You Tube, I can no longer review it, but I can assure you that neither Sofia or I committed ANY of those violations as we lucidly discussed an “event”, a shooting which occurred in Virginia.

However, since You Tube now acts as the judge, jury and executioner, FACTS no longer matter, only the charges, no matter how unfounded they may be.

If You Tube can issue a strike against a conversation like that one, they can issue a strike against ANY content at ANY time for ANY reason. And THAT’S how You Tube will KILL free speech: One video – and one channel – at a time.


Open Letter to YouTube

Regarding the “harrasment” and “bullying” strike against my video, “Was Christine Leionen as Sandy Hook?” The video in question can be viewed on VidMe here:


  1. “You Tube has removed the interview claiming that it violated the community guidelines which prohibit “predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, bullying or intimidation.””
    The the guilty, telling the truth IS predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, bullying or intimidation.

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  2. It’s sad & disgusting how PooTube is acting. On the one hand, it’s a wonderful resource for “how to” videos, helpful things about so many topics, but then they go and do this kinda krap.
    I don’t think I can predict the end of youtube just yet, but it’s clear that the world is under the control of people who cannot be allowed to “win”.

    Even if there was a new video sharing platform that took over PooTube’s position and was a free speech platform, the elites who control governments & the internet backbone would shut it down at their pleasure, of they’d buy out the ownership of it and deep-six it.

    Just as the German government has raided some homes of people who posted “objectionable” comments to FaceBook pages, TPTB are becoming more desperate as more sheeple are starting to wake up and voicing our own opinions, opinions that the elites feel are a threat to their control over us.

    Be well everybody.

  3. I cannot get my “garden update” past the “spam filter”? Don’t know why.
    I removed direct links, and removed things that look like I’m selling stuff (dollar prices,etc).
    But something in my post is getting me trapped in the spam-blocker.

  4. Sorry, but after 6 attempts, I freakin’ give up trying to post a helpful, informative “garden update” about failures, successes, suggestions, etc.

  5. Chopping it down, one section at a time. I started harvesting some things, even if not for eating, then for their seeds.
    This year, has been mostly a FAILURE for “eating”, but I’m getting enough seeds so that I will have way more than needed for next year.
    My garden has been a SUCCESS for LEARNING about all the things that I did WRONG.
    Here are a list of my MISTAKES and what was the result of those mistakes.

    I did NOT give enough space between most things, and they crowded themselves and their neighbors. It restricted my movements in the rows, had to step into/onto things to get access.
    The crowding also restricted the proper growth of plants.
    So, the remedy in the future garden, is to give MORE space to my plants. I found that putting cucumbers about 3ft apart, was only OK if I put a tomato cage over it and pulled the vines up into the cage, to prevent them from spreading too far horizontally, but there still is some spreading, and that trying to plant peppers or eggplants in between those cucumber cages, was much TOO crowded.

  6. I did not use “ground mulch” cover, and the weeds have been a constant headache and they are winning. Solution? Use SOME kind of mulching. Natural mulch that is thick enough to prevent weeds, can become garden compost later. This would be great.
    But also, synthetic mulch would be quick and super effective, such as the Mylar (light blocking) plastic row mulch. If it’s not degradable, then it can be picked up and reused for another year. This requires extra work, but we may become desperate enough for food, that extra work may not be the problem.

    I did NOT “pre-place” fertilizer into the soil, and it resulted in many of my plants not performing to their full capacity. Next time, I will “till in” some proper amount of slow release granules.
    Hand tossing the granules on top of the soil around the plants does not work very well, and if there is not enough “watering or raining”, then it won’t work its way into the dirt.

    I did not use any bug chemicals or bug cloth cover, and some plants, suffered too much bug damage. I only planted about 30 corn stalks, and just about every ear of corn was attacked by at some pests. Little worms/caterpillars were inside the husks, eating the kernels, we had a bit too many rainy days together, and there were some spots of fungus-mold on some kernels. Ants were also a problem on some ears.
    But, even though most ears had less than 50{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} mature kernels, it’s still good enough for me to removes the husks, and put those cobs in a dry box, inside my car to quickly DRY out and use the good kernels for next year’s SEEDS.
    Next year, I will pre-fertilize the corn beds, and I may have to use some kind of pest control to protect the ears. There are some non toxic methods of preventing bugs from going in thru the silky end, such as a putting a few drops of mineral oil in the top (yes, it will damage the very end of the cob, but it will prevent most bugs from going all the way in.)

    • @Craig
      Here’s a handy gardening tip that has worked really well for me. Plants like pole beans, squash, tomatoes, cukes, etc. WILL climb a chicken wire fence IF one is available. It’s easy to get some 8′ 1x2s, cut them down to 4′ long, sharpen the ends a bit, and put them in a 2-3′ circle around your climbers. Staple the chicken wire to these stakes and train the plants to climb them. Not only does this reduce the amount of ground space they need to grow but it also gets them out from under foot AND makes picking them a lot easier. It’s funny to see a full grown acorn squash hanging from such a fence. 🙂

      • Improvement on your chicken-wire, is to use the next grade up (the 2×3 or 2×4″ mesh fence rolls), because it carries the weight better, AND, if you’re growing heavier squash or even watermelons, it’s a lot easier to put a plastic grocery bag around the melon and tie the top of the bag to the fence wires. That way, the melon won’t fall off the vine, AND some animals will be confused by the bag over the melon.
        Talk about mulching… I walked to the neighbor’s house to chit chat, and was a bit shocked to see a pile of chipped mulch, about 5-6ft tall, 6ft wide, and about 12-14ft Long!!!

        The local electric company was doing their annual “tree trimming” to keep all the power lines free and clear for the summer stormy season, and my neighbor told them they could dump their tree-chipper truck load right here so he could use it all for his garden (both as mulch, and then to till it into the dirt for the winter, to break down and improve this sandy crappy soil.

        The tree chipper guys were happy they didn’t have to make the long drive to unload the cargo and could get right back to work, and my neighbor got all the mulch he’s been wanting to get and didn’t have to pay for it, nor did he have to take a trailer and retrieve it.
        It looks like it’s more than ten cubic yards, but less than 25. Hahaha.

  7. I did not do enough pH testing and adjusting. Next year, I will do more testing and PRE-adjusting to the best pH level. Those little pH meters (with Moisture and light level switch) are only about $10, so there’s NO excuse for you not to get one or two.I found a bunch of those meters for LESS than ten bucks on Ebay. Just do your search for= ph meter moisture, and you’ll see the same listings.

    Squash vine bugs, (they did kill a few of my squash plants), they lay eggs in the dirt, next to the vine, the worms hatch and burrow into the base of the vine, killing it. I’ve seen youtube videos where some growers put aluminum foil around the stem of the vine, even down 1/2 inch into the dirt, and up about 6″ on the vine, and this blocks those worms.
    I think you could also put some plastic on the dirt around the stem, and this would prevent the moth egg-hatchlings from being able to get into the dirt? Or would they just chew thru it?

    This requires more research to find all the different answers.

  8. Youtube is a corporation that with their false claims of violations of community guidelines trying to defend their corporate dominance has identified itself as a enemy of the people.We should leave f**ktube for steem.

  9. Those daytime moths (look like butterflies) that look so pretty, flying around the garden, quickly landing and taking off again, (white or yellow), are laying eggs every time they land on a plant. The egg hatches and little caterpillars start eating the leaves. They can be SO numerous that they will “Swiss Cheese” those leaves until there is NOTHING left.
    They are doing a destructive job on my tall Amaranth plants, and I got out there today, and instead of spraying chemicals on the plants, I grabbed the stalks, and gave each plant, a GOOD SHAKING, and caterpillar worms went flying and falling down to the ground. I’m hoping they’ll be lost and not be able to damage my leaves again.

    This “shake em off” method may or may not work, but it’s worth a try.

    The same bugs also do some damage to my sweet potato leaves, but not so bad. It’s the amaranth they really love.

    My “carrot patch” suffers from the fact that my carrot seeds, were slow starters, and the tiny weeds were FAST sprinters. Less than 1/5 of my carrots have survived, and still very stunted.
    Not sure how to handle this problem. Perhaps next year, when I dig and prep a carrot patch, I think I’ll leave it UNPLANTED but watered for a week, to help the WEEDS to sprout, and then I’ll place a piece of BLACK PLASTIC SHEETING on that patch for about 2 weeks?, to BAKE & KILL all those weeds, etc (sterilize that area), and then I’ll remove the plastic and plant my carrot seeds. What do YOU guys think of this idea?

    The weeds are amazing how fast and prolific they are. EVERYWHERE. I’m going to have to use the mulching methods everywhere, even between the rows and on the walkways, because many weeds have roots that grow horizontally under the surface and spread into the veggie space.
    Farmers either spray deadly chemicals (not what I want to do), or they put down long rows of black, white, or silver-reflective plastic and hold it down with dirt along both sides, and put the plants/seeds down thru small holes.
    The rain does not penetrate from above, but it “wicks-in” from the sides enough to keep the roots watered, AND prevents evaporation from drying everything out.

    I did not plant any flowers in the garden to attract the beneficials or to repel the pests (Marigolds). I’ve got a BIG supply of those flower seeds for next year, and will certainly plant them all over the place.

    This company has bulk Marigold seeds (full pound price is best rate) and bulk Calendula flower seeds 1/2 pound is best? toddsseeds
    ALL flowers attract the good bugs, but the Marigolds are a natural repellent against pests.
    The Calendula flowers (edible), have a sticky substance that traps APHIDS!

    Also, when you’re in there, look at the SPROUTING seeds. They’re not just for sprouting, they’re also for growing.

    There is a type of full sized watermelon that is resistant to about 4 types of diseases, it’s called “Au Producer” and it’s NOT a GMO. I am getting a full pound from ‘ sustainable seed company , they require you to print and mail-in, a “seed waiver form” releasing them from liability, etc for any seeds that have bacteria or mold contamination. But the full pound, was only about 23 clams.

    I actually just received my order from THESE guys, outsidepride dotcom for a full POUND of Calendula Flower seeds, and FIVE pounds of some BIG CLOVER plant seeds called Fixnation (because it “fixes NITROGEN” into the soil), and it also acts as a ground cover, green manure, etc.
    Do like I did, and go 50/50 with a friend, neighbor, or family member, or even donate some to a seed bank?

    Here is a VITAL bit of information, about COMPANION PLANTING!
    And don’t forget about the VERY important ROTATING CROPS so that you don’t put the same types of plants in the same spot year after year, because that creates bad fungus and pests to colonize that space for those particular plants.

    mother earth news & search for companion planting guide.

    • @Craig
      “What do YOU guys think of this idea?”

      The black plastic idea could work. Don’t see why it wouldn’t. I use tarps from Harbor Freight for this and cover the entire (small) garden with 2-3 tarps when I want to control weeds.

      During the planting and growing season, I weed by hand a couple of times before mulching heavily with grass clippings. I also water the plants by hand so that there is not a lot of excess water available to the weeds when the plants are too small to mulch. By the time the plants are 4-5″ high, it’s time to mulch. This works well against the weeds. The few that survive this are thin, spindly, and have poor root growth so are easily pulled.

      If only veggies would grow even half as well as do weeds! :-/

  10. Success. don’t know what finally got the update (garden) in here, one section at a time, but I suspect that Sean’s site is getting more clever & aggressive marketing spams, and he had to increase the filtering to the point where some of us will find out posts not getting posted.
    It’s not SGT’s fault for trying to keep out all the marketers and spammers.
    Just glad I could pass along some information that may SOMEDAY, help SOMEBODY to survive with a few less mistakes than what I have already made and talked about.

    I just had to remove the direct links where I got stuff, etc. You just have to do a little better job of reading my post and figuring out the places I’m talking about, etc.
    You’ll do ok.

  11. The staff at youtube apparently targets sites likes yours for political reasons. I’ve seen youtube videos that are sexually explicit and where very salty language (profanity) is used. This is selective enforcement by some petulant double standard staffers at youtube that have targeted you for take down because they do not like your politics and the topics you bring to light.
    I’ve seen videos where leftists (progs), moonbats, my word for them, were using profane language and talking about what they would like to do to Trump supporters and “racist white people”. Their sites are still up.

    I would suggest embedding more videos and finding alternative video sites to upload to. Google and youtube are starting to get really ridiculous. I am learning to stay away from google and have been using duck duck go. I’ve had enough of google/youtube. They’re mad with power.

    I would like to share this video, which fits in with what’s happening here and elsewhere. I’ve downloaded this video, as I do with other videos I like, so when youtube gets silly I have the video.

    The History of Political Correctness-The Frankfurt School

  12. First thing Youtube should allow no monetization all so I have no issue with that.2nd YouTube is a private co. so they make the rules, simple as that, Constitution 1st
    amendment does not apply.
    You have 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} free speech and can exercise your right at will on your own video hosting site….Really sick of this anti YouTube crap uploaded then hosted on YouTube.

    • For once I agree with Mike completely. This has nothing whatsoever to do with free speech. YT is a private entity. They get to choose what content they wish to allow, period.
      This is the same Sean Turnbull who would be vigorously pointing out that a bakery does not have to make a wedding cake for gays. It’s true, they should not have to since it is their private business. But somehow for YT this does not apply.

      I find it hypocritical.

      • Yes, I agree with the technical, legal and practical sense that YT is a private entity, but I think there are court ruling precedents, where a company or service becomes so large & so commonly used to the point that no other comparable competition exists, then such a company has been so successful that it becomes so much like a public utility, that it might lose some or all of it’s “private status” to do as it pleases?
        If that is the case, then YT might have to adhere to some rules as if it was NOT a private, but actually a public entity.

        Am I on the right track? Or am I completely mistaken? Help me here guys. You’re a very intelligent and well-read group of “thinkers & stinkers”.

        • I can only say that it chaps me when somebody like SGT who goes on about liberty and all that bitches about his freedom, when it is not actually being violated. He may say that YT is not following their own rules, but so what? They’re the enemy; you expect them to play nice?
          We don’t *need* YouTube. There are alternatives, such as Vimeo. There are alternatives to Google like Startpage. There are alternatives to Twitter like We need to start using them.

          Yeah YT is the 800 pound gorilla…for now. No company is too big to falter, even if it has tacit backing of the deep state. If we reject it, it will disappear.

      • I cant believe anyone here agrees with me either!
        Sean for the love of god take a lesson from these guys…They understand what you have no clue about apparently and you call yourself a “Truth teller”?..Seriously shame on you.
        I started watching because of the cool vids you used to make instead of the parrot interview garbage you have been doing the last 5 years.You will sink or swim as god intended and if you go back to where you talent lies and stop so many parrot interviews you will be swimming once again…Seriously by you perusing the ad revenue you have sold out and your content sucks big green donkey dicks.

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