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From child sex trafficking inside Buckingham Palace to the assassination of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997, the British Royal family has long been the center of deep rooted corruption, pedophilia, and as many have argued, Satanism.

Jay Myers is back to discuss his new documentary ‘How To Murder A Princess”. We also discuss the clear, quantifiable connections between the Royal family and pedophilia. From the special treatment for Jimmy Savile to the Queen’s own Butler operating a child sex trafficking ring from within the palace gates, this is an interview not to be missed.

Thanks for tuning in.

Here’s Jay’s excellent documentary:

How to Murder a Princess Documentary: The Death of Princess Diana (2017)


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    “djt is responsible for the outing of pell”…ROFL.

    it’s very clear aj’s agenda is anti-muslim pro you know who.

    so here he’s validating freemasonry as the good guys & at the very end says the muslims control the feral reserve.

    Joseph P. Farrell was correct in his speculation of the parasites going after the vatiCON bank using the epsteining of pell. look no further than the “GOLDmanites in his cabinet.

    just another example of how they use religion for division.

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