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This is not satire, we’re dead serious. Canada is now criminalizing the use of wrong gender pronouns.

Canada’s Senate recently passed Bill C-16, which puts “gender identity” and “gender expression” into both the country’s Human Rights Code, as well as the hate crime category of its Criminal Code.

“I have a problem with the policing of our language, when you are going to force the police upon me to have to SUSPEND REALITY to recognize you as whatever you want to be recognized as, there’s a slippery slope here with C-16,” says Dan Dicks from Press For Truth.

It’s a New World Order agenda to destroy language, societal norms and to make YOU a criminal when you simply can no longer keep all of this nonsense straight and use the wrong PRONOUN when referring to one of these nutty people who may on any given day identify as a man, a woman, or NEITHER.

Taking YOUR rights to free speech away in order to “protect” the feelings of a “group” is not only tyrannical, it will be the death of LIBERTY and freedom in western nations which become more and more Godless with each passing day.

Dicks says that Bill C-16 is just the tip of the Orwellian iceberg:

“There’s another controversial Bill, Bill 89 that says if parents don’t recognize a child’s “preferred gender”, the government could then come in and take that child away and put them in a foster care facility claiming that the parents are violating the child’s rights. This is the dark side of the Illuminati, the dark side of the control system, going after our children and taking away what it is to be human.”

And if you think the LGBT community will recognize the insanity of C-16 and speak out against it, think again… “It’s awesome” the person you see pictured above told Dan Dicks at the recent Vancouver Pride event.

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Also watch Dan’s interviews from the Vancouver PRIDE event: Challenging Bill C-16 And Bill 89 At Pride Vancouver

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  1. Good luck getting a job freaks! I know I would not hire you. Just setting myself up for a legal lawsuit or the guillotine by our Trudeau led fairy government. When I hire men I want “men”. I went through that enough in the 70’s when women in the military wanted to be treated equal but would turn to me to lift that f**kin box cuz it was too heavy.
    The world has gone to hell and there is no turning back.

  2. Two Confucius quotes:.
    “When words lose their meaning people lose their liberty.”
    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

  3. when words don’t mean what people think it does; people’s rights are usurped.the legal system control words.
    Most people think they are a person.
    They never read the law and code they agree to live within.
    A person is not the people.
    A nation of persons prevent a nation rule by the people.
    A nation of persons prevent a government of the people.

    There is not government of the person, by the person, for the person.

    The persons are ignorant of the information, and do not seek to know more than what they read or hear from someone they trust.

    Because persons are persons they are represented by BAR attorney people, and judges who are given immunity of the self governed people when dealing with persons.

    We learned gender from school and other persons.
    We accepted the gender because everyone we know accepted it.

    Ignorant persons are not aware that an XY can be born looking XX even though their internals or XY.

    Outwardly, persons want what looks XX (but is really XY by birth), they want it to date and marry an XY because they look XX.

    But when what looks XX knows they were born XY and didn’t fully develop to look XY doesn’t want to date an XY; persons get upset at what they see.

    But people would allow others to be who they are and self govern.
    Persons do not want another person to make a decision they do not agree with, and the world is full of persons, who are not even who they appear to be.

    Persons look like people but are not fully developed to be people, so persons can only act and date and marry other persons and anyone who disagrees is just a person who disagrees.

    The people, and there are very few who know who we are, do not vote in an election of persons. We do not choose a person to lead us.

    Before you attack a law that attacks language.
    Learn how that language is in use to imprison you and as you beg for your rights, you do not stop to realize what should be your right is always being interfered with by other persons.

    But if you will interfere with another person, when does it stop so another person does not interfere with you.

    When you learn and become the people, you govern yourself, and you let others govern their self, and let them come out of personhood back into the people.

    Read your code.
    Any code.
    Read it and look at the definitions.
    Take the time to read the definition of person in any government code.
    Read the definition of person in any executive order.

    Know the language you use you would use other words if you know the truth.

    Until we stop having problems with other persons, we will always have problems. Because the problem will always be persons having problems with other persons.

    Hopefully the Exodus is the people separated from the persons.

    The people will not go to war, we know where our rights end and another’s rights begin, we know self govern, and with a lot of people not having problems with other people, that’s our right to a society with fewer problems.

    Hopefully the destruction of the language that separates us, will move us toward evolving and not having problems with everything that exists.

    Some of you XY may be dating or married to XY that look XX and you don’t know it, you just know you don’t have any children, because an XY can’t have children, just like some XX can’t have children.

    Some of you have already done what you accuse others of doing, because the ones who are XY and look XX sometimes don’t find out their selves, until they try to have children and can’t.

    Imagine the shock of knowing they are in a ‘supposed’ homosexual relationship when they thought they were XX and in a heterosexual relationship.

    I have empathy for those that find out late in life, and the emotions that they deal with looking one way and being another.

    You look like people, but you are legal persons.

    Until you fix the status you have in society, you should leave other persons of society alone.

    Knowledge is power, and words are used to take your power and your rights and you don’t know or don’t care.

    You pretend you are awake, when you are sleep walking.

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