The Importance of Exercise… Getting Ripped on Vegan, Intermittent Fasting, Calisthenic Workout


from Jeff Berwick:


  1. Former drinker/smoker Berwick has found his new religion in diet and excercise and now won’t shut the fuck up about it. Great.
    Gee Jeff, the world at large had no idea that we should be avoiding junk food and working out; thanks a million!

    • But, he still smokes pot because it benefits his writing skills. One step at a time Jeff. BTW- His vid’s are waaaay too long.

      • He used to be mildly interesting to listen to. The last vid I watched part of was Jeff walking around Bozeman, MT filming himself, talking about how early he got up because he hadn’t been drinking and life is so much better now that he’s healthy, blah, blah, blah, BORING.
        He should be careful not to injure his rotator cuff patting himself on the back.

        • Very boring. Although, I do give a person credit for improving their life. Maybe he will inspire others to do the same. I wish him good luck.

  2. Speaking of shemitah, whatever happened to that whole shemitah financial cycle collapse Jeff kept hyping? A whole lotta nothing burger perhaps? Still waiting for the earth to ascend to the fifth dimension and the mass arrests of the bad guys. /s

  3. On a lighter note. For many of us poor old working class folk, cremation is our last chance for getting a smoking hot body.

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