by Jeffrey Lord, InfoWars:
“Collusion” is the word of the moment

As always, leave it to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to pithily assess the flood of media stories about Donald Trump Jr.’s 20-minute minute meeting with a Russian lawyer in June of 2016. Appearing on Fox’s My Story, hosted by Martha McCallum, Gingrich had a two word description for all the frenzied coverage: “fevered insanity.”

To which can only be added another two words: “selective outrage.”

The breathless reporting of this story revolves around the absolute certainty on the part of the media and angry Democrats who are still agog that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. There had to be a reason other than a bad candidate for the upset loss. So the excuse of choice is that somehow, someway, her loss is all the Russians’ fault.
“Collusion” is the word of the moment. And because Don Trump, Jr. said yes to this meeting thinking he was going to get some dirt on Hillary — which turned out to be not forthcoming — this is proof positive that Hillary was cheated. (And NBC has excitedly now reported that there was a one-time Soviet intelligence officer in the meeting as well.) After all, if an American presidential campaign is conniving with the Russians to win an election, this is self-evidently a huge story.


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