The Event Horizon Is Coming Up Fast


by Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle, via SGT Report: This blog concerns itself with the rapidly approaching Event Horizon towards which this planet and all of humanity are more and more quickly tumbling. Either you see that something big is coming, or you do not. Most likely, if you are reading my blog, you are aware to some degree that we are in a giant, global, decision tree, and that a decisive fork in the road is coming up, or that we have already blithely zoomed past the fork in the road, and the die has already been irretrievably cast!

To wit: we will shortly experience either the very worst of times or the very best of times, but not both at the same time. Our future really is binary.


Image from 2009 film ‘The Road’ starring Viggo Mortensen

At this point it doesn’t matter much what Trump does or doesn’t do, what he says or doesn’t say. The same goes for Soros, Putin, Clinton ♂ or ♀, Bush père or fils, Macron, Merkel, Yellen, Obama, etc. — none of them matter greatly in the grand scheme of things. Theoretically, they all could matter greatly, but in reality they do not matter much at this point. They are analogous to small children playing in a sand box with nuclear weapons and trillions of dollars worth of resources and squabbling and bickering over whose sand pail is whose, and whose sand castle is better, and who has the rights to which corner of the sand box and under precisely what, constantly changing, infantile terms.

You see, time has just about run out on us and the events that will be transpiring in the near future, which I am defining as the next six months to ten years, at the maximum, will be so staggering in their import that they will greatly exceed anything that any political party, national government, corporate consortium, religious movement, multi-billionaire(s) or central banking conglomerate can possibly meaningfully alter; even presuming that any of them had the desire and vision to do so, which in the main they do not, so the future results are baked in the cake, so to speak, and they will be highly nonlinear, not to say, spectacular.

Putting Things In Perspective

I say that because we live on a dying planet. Even if there is not a horrific, global economic crash or a shooting nuclear war in the coming months and years, we are still looking at a likely extinction of humankind within the next ten to fifteen years.

It all has to do with the function of exponents, or, more precisely, with the exponentially accelerating rate of species extinction on this planet.

By 2020 conservation biologists calculate that the world will lose two-thirds of all wildlife. The oceans are dying, because of factory fishing, toxic run-off from sewerage, industrial and agricultural pollutants, plastic accumulation, radioactivity from Fukushima, sonic pollution from military naval activities, and more. The great, tropical and boreal forests are being cut down, are disappearing. Urban sprawl and destruction of more and more countryside to provide resources for global, burgeoning, urban populations are leading to still more wildlife die-off. Think: strip mining of mountains and other large tracts of land for copper, coal, uranium, etc. and the resulting toxic run-off of water into streams and rivers, and ensuing loss of aquatic life — fish, crayfish, turtles, frogs, etc. Think: cutting down of forests for crop and pasture land, to feed an ever growing, global population. All of this implies massive habitat loss and die-off of more and more wildlife.

Until nature breaks down and doesn’t work anymore. And we are moving into that zone right now.

I’ll make it real simple and non-mathematical. If the first two-thirds of global wildlife will be dead within less than three years from now, the remaining third will not take 25 years to disappear. It will all go so very much more quickly than that. The remaining wildlife will vanish more and more quickly and the final unraveling of the global ecology will go by in a trice.

Of course, the human race is at the apex of the global ecological chain, so as the ecological chain fails, it’s like any other chain — as the links break, it suddenly is not a chain anymore and completely falls apart.


The end of humanity will thus be dizzyingly fast, chaotic and tumultuous, and will occur in the relatively near future, unless humanity as a whole does a radical, 180 degree turn in its thinking and behavior, which appears unlikely at this juncture. There are serious researchers such as Guy McPherson (look him up), who is a PhD biologist, by the way, who are estimating that humanity has ten years left and then it is all over. Dead at our own hands. A terminally stupid — soon extinct species.

I live in South America and I have see the destruction of the Amazon forest at first-hand: logging (legal and illegal), illegal hunting, illegal collecting of exotic flora and fauna, legal and illegal clearing of forest for crop and pasture land, clearing of forest for roads, futbol fields, parking lots, residential housing, power line rights of way, etc. Add in more destruction of forest for legal and illegal mining, petroleum drilling, oil pipelines — and you are looking at the death of the Amazon forest, a priceless biological and hydrological treasure. The same or similar is happening to the tropical forests in Asia, Africa and Central America.

I am thinking again of the numbers which prognosticate an extreme, astonishing reduction in population numbers for many countries by 2025, nowhere more so than in the USSA, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, Spain, France and Australia.


I surmise that over the next one to ten years the combination of war, economic failure, both natural and “un”- natural disasters, ecological collapse and the meteoric rise of A.I. and robotics will lay waste to a large swath of humanity

What is coming will be both spiritual and physical and will rock the world and humanity to the core, in every way. This is a great inflection point in the history of the Earth and the human race.

Anyone who has two, firing neurons can see what is looming up just ahead.

The War Danger

War is a massive, violent, economic reset tool that so-called ruling “elites” have long used to get rid of large numbers of unwanted people. With the rise of A.I. and robotics and the concomitant obsolescence of the hundreds of millions of workers they will replace, and the coming wave of the many tens and tens of millions of retiring, post-WWII baby boomers, who will be expecting retirement pensions and social security payments from large corporations and government agencies — well, if those hundreds of millions of displaced, permanently out of work “workers” and countless millions of retirees are physically obilterated and physically no longer exist then governments and corporations do not need to pay any pensions or unemployment benefits, now do they?

You see, war is a business, a very, very big business. It is all about the money, and clearing liabilities from the books, hundreds of millions of liabilities.

Then you can start over again, without having to worry about paying out all those trillions of dollars in pensions and benefits to many millions of pesky, elderly retirees and hundreds of millions of unemployed, grumbling, complaining, superfluous “workers” who will never work again.

And so you see the danger of a major war, to clear the corporate and national accounts of 750 million “liabilities”.

I believe that the risk of something like a spectacular, multi-city, nuclear false flag attack is very real, to be falsely blamed on North Korea or Iran or Russia or …. you fill in the blank, because those who stage the false attack(s) will certainly falsely point their finger at their preferred villain du jour.

If that happens, you can take it to the bank that whomever or whatever is blamed for the dastardly deed(s) is most probably not culpable. Were there to be a multi-city, nuclear attack, my immediate supsicion would fall on the same parties behind the 9-11 attacks: Israelis, Zionists, NeoCons, Mossad, CIA, NORAD, FBI, FEMA, Pentagon, etc.

Why? Because of their violent history of false flag attacks, especially including the events of 9-11.

SGT NOTE: Recall the message on the Georgia Guidestones which calls for a drastic reduction in global population


A Supernatural “Event” In Early 2018?

That said, reality is endlessly multi-facted and I have watched with interest the recent work of certain hypno-therapists, such as Allison Coe, some of whose clients over the last year or so, have taken to speaking in deep hypnotic trance of an approaching, world changing “Event” that will allegedly take place on Earth in the near future, perhaps as soon as early 2018. Assuming that these hypnotic sessions are not some sort of alphabet soup agency, Internet psy-op, then perhaps there will be a major, unforeseen event of unknown and unknowable character that will substtantially alter our reality in the next half year or year or two.

Client QHHT Sessions: Supernatural Event Coming Soon?

I don’t presume to know, one way or the other, what will happen. I am here for the ride, just like you. I will find out what happens, when it happens, along with everyone else. What I do presume is that we, humanity and the planet, cannot continue for much longer on our current trajectory. Something must massively change, for better or for worse, and it will.

Our future really is binary.

  1. Either things will get much better, and soon;
  2. Or things will get much worse, and soon.

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    • That’s exactly what is happening Randy! Good to see some people are awake here and know what is really going on.

      • lol. Crypto currencies can’t take what doesn’t exist. The power lies in the hands of each one of us. We just need to stop giving it away.
        Moving from widely accepted currency into fake currency doesn’t scare the EL-ite. Otherwise they would have outlawed it. Instead they are creating Bitcoin options to trade. Failure to deliver real metal scares them.

          • I said real metal. As in real tangible wealth that you can hold in the palm of your hand, put in your pocket, exchange for other real goods like food.
            Digital/Paper wallet not required.

  1. Sadly, it appears is no more. The operator appears to have been arrested and the site only displays a “down for maintenance” message. It’s important to realize that the state might score a small victory here and there, win a battle or two… but they will lose this war against crypto-anarchy.

    And all of you Trump (or Hillary, Bernie) supporters too! If you want to come up against the collective power of the Internet YOU WILL LOSE. We will destroy your legal system, destroy your country, destroy your state, destroy you and everything you stand for.

    This Russian man, Dread Pirate Roberts and the late Alexander Cazes were martyrs for the free market. Their only crime was using Bitcoin how it was designed to be used. Their only transgression was NOT telling other people what they COULD NOT SELL on their sites. Or allowing people to buy and use crypto-currency freely. Purchase inanimate objects like pistols, credit cards, cocaine and heroin.

    The next generation of Bitcoin trading sites and Deep Web markets are going to be a real challenge for you to find and discover. It too you 3 years to find and shut down Alpha Bay, and you only did so because of owner sloppiness. You suck and we are openly laughing in your face.

    • ” If you want to come up against the collective power of the Internet YOU WILL LOSE.”
      the www was weaponized since the beginning.

      your moronic statements would imply you’ve taken too much radiation to the head.

      • ooooh here comes the village idiot with his “bubububbut DARPA” crap. Now tell me more about the super-duper “Internet kill switch” you moron….

        • FYI… “The Internet Kill Switch” is a retarded conspiracy theory repeated by ZERObrains and other equally stupid people.
          The “theory” claims that the US Government is actually a giant ISP that owns all other ISPs, Telcoms, cables, data centers, DNS servers on Planet Earth. And if the Internet starts to get out of control? Well they’re just going to go down into the basement and unplug everything. The adherents of this “theory” also don’t make any differentiation between PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE and DATA that runs over PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE.

  2. Seems no one has ever read the book of Zephaniah? I know they don’t mention it in the pretender organizations (bundles of Tares) known as churches these days. Yea, it’s in the Old Testament. Let there be no doubt what the almighty plans to do with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
    May you pray the prayer in Luke 21:36.

    Luke 21:36 (NIV)

    36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

    Mr C

    Fonestar – what do you think of Digibyte?

      • Seems it works exactly as it should for a legalist.
        They can’t receive the message by design.

    • Haven’t looked too much into DigiByte. I’m a fan of Bitcoin/Dash/Monero/Litecoin and Namecoin. I think a guy can still just throw a few thousand dollars randomly at this whole sector emerging and the winners he lands on are going to far exceed any losses incurred by the coins that don’t make it.

      • Yes throwing capital at a wall and hoping something sticks is a real winning strategy.
        At least litecoin scales on demand.

        • You don’t own any cryptos at all and have no skin in this game you f’n retard. You wouldn’t even know how/where/what to buy and even if you did, you’d probably just lose them anyway. I have to store coins for dumb geezers so they don’t lose them.

          • Actually I do have a little skin in your silly video game. I told you before litecoin is better. Litecoin has activated segregated witness. Bitcoin can hardly process any transactions it’s so slow.
            So that shows what you know. It’s not that difficult. I was playing video games before you were born.

          • Litecoin wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Bitcoin you fvcking dunce. If Litecoin was “better” the market would reflect that, and it doesn’t. And I don’t know of any REAL Litecoiners who talk shit about Satoshi, one of the most brilliant minds of the past 500 years. Go f*ck yourself idiot.

          • And Rock n’ Roll wouldn’t exist without jazz. What are you talking about? Litecoin has been far outperforming Bitcoin all year. Litecoin is clearly superior to Bitcoin. I told you to buy Litecoin and Litecoin was a much better value since Bitcoin’s fundamental fair value based on volume of transactions is like $800.
            You just guess at this. You’re like a little whiny girl in a candy store.

      • Fact is, mankind is used all sorts of currencies including sticks.
        Crypto is just another way based on today’s technology.

        Why don’t they use sticks anymore? The same reason they are moving to crypto. It’s cheaper, faster (working on) and easier (once you grow accustom to it like the internet).

        I would never tell someone to believe in cryptos. Everyone will receive the Outcome or the choices they make. And there will be no one else to blame. I’m good with that even if Cryptos go to shit.

        But I will also tell you, I own physical gold and silver, and have watched the Fed Manipulation BS for way too long. I would rather put cold cash into a decentralize system, then trust the Fed and their BS manipulation.

        Silver should be over $100. Why isn’t it? Because they need the fake money they can endlessly print to have some value. So you who are against Crptos, keep your dollars and your arguments and I will get me some DIGI.

        Mr C

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