“The End Game is Here” — NO MORE DOWNSIDE TO PRECIOUS METALS — Andy Hoffman


by SGT, SGT Report:
Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is back for a precious metals and economic collapse update.

Andy says the recent Comex Commitment of Traders report was wildly bullish for precious metals. In fact, Andy says “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way in the fifteen years in precious metals about what’s going on. There’s literally NO DOWNSIDE to precious metals.”

Andy explains that the Federal Reserve is trapped and there is no way they can raise rates:

Ding dong the Fed and the precious metals bear market is dead. The end game has arrived.”

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  1. That’s a bold prediction. But Commercials have been covering their shorts like rats scurrying for a hole to hide in.
    “Well you’ve got to realize, Mike, that what has been happening with gold and silver, the manipulation and the price suppression, is probably completely legal, because the government is doing it. If you go to the U.S. Treasury Department’s internet site and find the page for the Exchange Stabilization Fund – which is an agency of the Treasury Department – you’ll find that the Treasury Department maintains that under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended, I think, through the 1970s, the Treasury Department, through the Exchange Stabilization Fund, is fully authorized to trade secretly, and manipulate, and rig any market in the world. Not just in the United States, but any market in the world.

    I think that, in the end, is why the regulatory agencies have done nothing about the rigging of the gold and silver markets, because it has most likely been done, or most of it most likely has been done at the behest of the U.S. government, which is fully authorized by federal law to rig any market in the world in secret. I’m pretty confident, I mean if I had to bet my life, I would bet my life, that the CFTC knew this when it was investigating the gold market and the silver market, that all signs led back to the government, and the government most likely was using these big investment banks as its agents in manipulating the gold and silver markets, and that the investment banks could just shrug and say, “Hey, we’re only doing this as an agent for the government, and the government is fully authorized to do it, so there’s no violation by us here.”


    • I love taking financial advice from random people on the Internet who are confused by the fact the year no longer starts with a “1” and can’t tell you what is real.

      • What is Real is GOD-When you see the satanists cower and things change you know Gods working his ways-I found this evidence very interesting-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ubKUip6pz0

    • “… and the government most likely was using these big investment banks as its agents in manipulating the gold and silver markets, and that the investment banks could just shrug and say, “Hey, we’re only doing this as an agent for the government, and the government is fully authorized to do it, so there’s no violation by us here.””
      No doubt whatever. But it would never go so far as to them needing to explain themselves. They have get out of jail free cards; that means that not only don’t go to jail… ever… they never even get arrested or indicted.

  2. There is no more downside in Bitcoin either… all the pussies have bailed out at the wrong time again. Thought they were “taking profits” at $2000 lol. But be sure you buy *real* Bitcoin, too bad most Coinbase users don’t realize they will likely be left with nothing.

      • That fool Duanestar has been losing his mentally incapacitated viewers money for almost a decade. Why does his channel have any views when he has been thoroughly debunked?

      • Duane is a tool – I would neither listen to or follow that former car salesman based on his track record.

        • Chris Duane ain’t a bad dude. He’s just human. Just because he was a car salesman doesn’t mean he’s a crook. I’m painter. Does that make me a meth head? Of course not, even though I know there’s a lot of crooks in the car industry and meth heads out here Swindon a paintbrush. Chris is just a capitalist like most everyone else. Lots of people don’t like to see other people make money and just because he makes money with his silver thing doesn’t make him a crook. I’m not a Chris Duane subscriber or worshipper but I am a former Marine like he is and I can clearly see that Semper Fi mentality of his coming out. I think he’s just trying to help people and he’s gonna look like a complete fool until the day that he doesn’t.

          • @Paul T
            Thank you for your service to our country. My son was in the Corps from 1993 to 1997. He’s yet another one of those guys who knows that there are no former Marines. Doing that puts an indelible stamp on a man that lasts the rest of his life.

            As to Duane, I don’t know or follow him. But I do know that there are several people in the PM arena who believe deeply in owning PMs as an alternative to owning nothing but fiat currency. Some of these even sell PMs but, as you point out, that does not make them crooks. I believe that guys like Mike Maloney, Andy Hoffman, David Morgan, James Turk, and maybe a few others are in this camp. Most of these took strong positions in gold and silver BEFORE they started selling them, which is a sign that they had an interest in these alternative currencies before they had a financial interest in selling them. Because they believe in owning PMs, they want others to own them as well, so that when fiat assumes its intrinsic value of zero, as many people as possible will have a little real wealth to support themselves until some kind of normal life resumes. While we don’t all agree on just what that real wealth should be, it’s pretty clear to most of us that there should be something that is not just part of any one state or government but that is recognized by many as having real value. Such things can be used to barter for the things we need and don’t have in a crisis situation.

            It’s easy to think the worst of others but it is better, IMO, to withhold judgement of that kind until solid evidence of bad behavior exists.

          • Last year my company hired two ex-marines, and gave them excellent pay and training. They were both the biggest crooks and thieves we have ever had in the history of our company. Semi fI your ass.

          • Timco, so what’s your point? There’s bad apples in every group. How do we know you’re not a thief yourself?

  3. SGT, we need to have a video of a compilation of Janet Yellen…what Andy said around the 6:40 mark, what she said last week, and what she said this week. Not just Andysinterview, but Janet overall…is she losing it??? “the rates are as high as they
    need to be”??

    You look at Janet Yellen, then you think of ANYONE in the financial world that you would
    love to replace her with, DAMMIT! GRANDMA NEEDS TO STEP DOWN! UGH!

    She is the fallguy! GRANDMA IS GOING TO TAKE THE HIT!

    • Yes, she is. But then, she always was a throw-away Fed chief. They will use and abuse her until she is no longer needed, then she will walk away with a HUGE under-the-table payoff. Just another day of livin’ the dream…

  4. I completely agree… its the timing i have trouble with….when you have infinite currency you hold out for quite a while … while you have infinite currency you can not have infinite value …the only why to measure “value ” today is the PM …whose price is rigged …So we can see the edge of the cliff… we have no good measure how far it is or how fast we are moving toward it …Soooo I have looked at this from another angle … that of a combat vet …see we are all about backward planing …so i figured I would project a failure out to say 2020

    use exponential growth of debt from there to see what the future would look like … and to examine the present from that view… below is my estimation….

    see I have a theory of collapse… a mathematical certainty …by 2020

    why 3 basic reasons:
    1- only 1{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} or less of the US population
    2- as $$$ collapse more and more will want real silver
    3- as more and more Baby boomers will have to liquidate 401K
    4- the price will double in concert with demand
    5- Theory – the above will cause exponential price growth
    6- Theory – this exp growth will manifest as 2x in 1/2 the time….time period one year…
    7- 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} US population will want silver -non the less… whole world

    Under the above- assumptions then watch this watch man

    Let us say im correct Jan 2020 is the end zero or very close to zero for DOLLAR
    this is the maximum value for 1 oz sliver …
    so follow this if this makes since …
    Jan 1st the end silver value would be seven doubling s from $20.00
    so 8 doubling is 2 to seventh power that number is 128
    so 128 x $20 is $2,560 per oz of sliver

    Milestones : of sliver ” price ” would occur in: {5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of population purchases …
    1- Price of sliver $40 when 2{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} purchase – date est @ 2018
    2- Price of sliver $80 when 4{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} purchase – date est @ Jan 2019
    3- Price of sliver $160 when 8{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} purchase – date est @ Jun 2019
    4- Price of sliver $320 when 16{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} purchase – date est @ Sept 2019
    5- Price of sliver $640 when 32{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} purchase – date est @ Nov 2019 …($$$ will fail here)
    silver should go to infinity … 1/3/ panic rule should apply … if not then ….
    6- Price of sliver $1280 when 64{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} purchase – date est @ Nov 15 2019
    7- Price of sliver $2560 when 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} purchase – date est @ Nov 21 or 25 2019

    8- the end est price for oz is $5, 120 date is Jan 2020…from here the doubling are too fast

    15 days …7 days … 3 days …. 18 …hrs …9 hrs …5 hours … 2 hours … 60 min …30 min… 15 min …7 min …. 3 min …. 45 sec …. 20 sec … 10 sec … 5 sec … 2 sec … 1 sec …
    on Jan … 27 …8 am …23 min ..37 sec …silver will be ….33,554,432 x 20 = $671,088,640 oz
    and will double… in the next 1/2 sec….until it is un-countable even for a computer…that could happen in a day….bad hunh …power of exponential growth…some where along the asymptotic curve …

    • Very interesting approach, rgr777, but…
      “see I have a theory of collapse… a mathematical certainty …by 2020”

      Theory does not equal “mathematical certainty”, since theory is the best guess one can make with the info available at the time, while a “mathematical certainly” MUST occur. This is not anywhere close to being the same thing.

      “3- as more and more Baby boomers will have to liquidate 401K”

      Some speak of this as if it is an event with tens of millions of “boomers” cashing out 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of their 401(k) plans, all at about the same time. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. Boomers know that they need income, so tend to invest FOR income. This means bonds, REITs, and blue chip dividend paying stocks plus emergency cash. Today, I am doing the exact same thing I did when I retired in 2004; which is to say, drawing living expenses from my 401(k) rollover –> IRA. There is no great “sell off” of 401(k) / IRA plan money. It is being harvested slowly over time, as needed. Because of this process, there will be no noticeable effect upon the market.

      As to your predicted silver price… Oh, heck yeah! Bring it on! I can always use a few extra tens of millions that can be converted into hard assets. 😀

  5. here’s the downside Andy didn’t cover.

    JHC, it never ends.

    U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel Glenn GreenwaldRyan Grim

    July 19 2017, 9:30 a.m.

    THE CRIMINALIZATION OF political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the gravest threats to free speech in the west. In France, activists have been arrested and prosecuted for wearing t-shirts advocating a boycott of Israel. The U.K. has enacted a series of measures designed to outlaw such activism. In the U.S., governors compete with one another over who can implement the most extreme regulations to bar businesses from participating in any boycotts aimed even at Israeli settlements, which the world regards as illegal. On U.S. campuses, punishment of pro-Palestinian students for expressing criticisms of Israel is so commonplace that the Center for Constitutional Rights refers to it as “the Palestine Exception” to free speech.

    But now, a group of 45 Senators – 30 Republicans and 15 Democrats – want to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. The two primary sponsors of the bill are Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Rob Portman of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: anyone guilty of violating its prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000, and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

    The proposed measure, called the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S. 720), was introduced by Cardin on March 23. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reportsthat the bill “was drafted with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC].” Indeed, AIPAC, in its 2017 Lobbying Agenda, identified passage of this bill as one of its top lobbying priorities for the year:

    The bill’s co-sponsors include the senior Democrat in Washington, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, his New York colleague Kirsten Gillibrand, and several of the Senate’s more liberal members, such as Ron Wyden of Oregon, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Maria Cantwell of Washington. Illustrating the bipartisanship that AIPAC typically summons, it also includes several of the most right-wing Senators such as Ted Cruz of Texas, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Marco Rubio of Florida.

    A similar measure was introduced in the House on the same date by two Republicans and one Democrat. It already has amassed 234 co-sponsors: 63 Democrats and 174 Republicans. As in the Senate, AIPAC has assembled an impressive ideological diversity among supporters, predictably including many of the most right-wing House members – Jason Chaffetz, “Dutch” Ruppersberger, Liz Cheney, Peter King – along with the second-ranking Democrat in the House, Steny Hoyer.

    Among the co-sponsors of the bill are several of the politicians who have become political celebrities by positioning themselves as media leaders of the anti-Trump #Resistance, including three California House members who have become heroes to Democrats and staples of the cable news circuit: Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell. These politicians, who have built a wide public following by posturing as opponents of authoritarianism, are sponsoring one of the most oppressive and authoritarian bills that has pended before Congress in quite some time.

    LAST NIGHT, the ACLU posted a letter it sent to all members of the Senate urging them to oppose this bill. Warning that “proponents of the bill are seeking additional co-sponsors,” the civil liberties group explained that “it would punish individuals for no reason other than their political beliefs.” The letter detailed what makes this bill so particularly threatening to basic civic freedoms:

    It is no small thing for the ACLU to insert itself into this controversy. One of the most traumatic events in the organization’s history was when it lost large numbers of donors and supporters in the late 1970s after they defended the free speech rights of neo-Nazis to march through Skokie, Illinois, a town with a large community of Holocaust survivors.

    Even the bravest of organizations often steadfastly avoid any controversies relating to Israel. Yet here, while appropriately pointing out that the ACLU “takes no position for or against the effort to boycott Israel or any foreign country,” they categorically denounce this AIPAC-sponsored proposal for what it is: a bill that “seeks only to punish the exercise of constitutional rights.”

    The ACLU has similarly opposed bipartisan efforts at the state level to punish businesses who participate in the boycott, pointing out that “boycotts to achieve political goals are a form of expression that the Supreme Court has ruled are protected by the First Amendment’s protections of freedom of speech, assembly, and petition,” and that such bills “place unconstitutional conditions on the exercise of constitutional rights.” The bill now co-sponsored in the Congress by more than half of the House and close to half of the Senate is far more extreme than those.

    THUS FAR, not a single member of Congress has joined the ACLU in denouncing this bill. The Intercept this morning sent inquiries to numerous non-committed members of the Senate and House who have yet to speak on this bill. We also sent inquiries to several co-sponsors of the bill – such as Congressman Lieu – who have positioned themselves as civil liberties champions and opponents of authoritarianism, asking:

    Congressman Lieu: Last night, the ACLU vehemently denounced a bill that you are cosponsoring – to criminalize support for a boycott of Israel – as a grave attack on free speech. Do you have any comment on the ACLU’s denunciation? You’ve been an outspoken champion for civil liberties; how can you reconcile that record with an effort to make it a felony for Americans to engage in activism that protests a foreign government’s actions? We’re writing about this today; any statement would be appreciated.

    This morning, Lieu responded: “Thank you for sharing the letter. The bill has been around since March and this is the first time I have seen this issue raised. We will look into it” (the Intercept will post any response from Rep. Lieu, or any late responses from others, as soon as they are received).

    Senator Cantwell told The Intercept she is “a strong supporter of free speech rights” and will be reviewing the bill for First Amendment concerns in light of the ACLU statement.

    Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, when asked by the Intercept about the ACLU’s warning that the bill he is co-sponsoring criminalizes free speech, affirmed his support for the bill by responding: “I continue to support a strong U.S./Israel relationship.”

    Meanwhile, some co-sponsors seemed not to have any idea what they co-sponsored – almost as though they reflexively sign whatever comes from AIPAC without having any idea what’s in it. Democratic Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, for instance, seemed genuinely bewildered when told of the ACLU’s letter, saying “what’s the Act? You’ll have to get back to me on that.”:

    And there is this similar exchange with another co-sponsor, one of AIPAC’s most reliable allies, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, who said: “I’d want to read it . . . . I’d really have to look at it.”

    Perhaps most stunning is our interview with the primary sponsor of the bill, Democratic Senator Benjamin Cardin, who seemed to have no idea what was in his bill, particularly insisting that it contains no criminal penalties. Cardin either has no idea how draconian his own bill is, or is purposely feigning ignorance. Either way, there is no question that, as the ACLU put it, “violations would be subject to a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty o f $ 1 million and 20 years in prison.”

    That’s because, as Josh Ruebner expertly detailed when the bill was first unveiled, “the bill seeks to amend two laws – the Export Administration Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945,” and “the potential penalties for violating this bill are steep: a minimum $250,000 civil penalty and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years imprisonment, as stipulated in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.”

    The bill is designed to extend the current prohibition on participating in boycotts sponsored by foreign governments to cover boycotts from international organizations such as the U.N .For that reason, Ruebner explains, the bill – by design – would outlaw “campaigns by the Palestine solidarity movement to pressure corporations to cut ties to Israel or even with Israeli settlements.”

    THIS PERNICIOUS BILL highlights many vital yet typically ignored dynamics in Washington. First, journalists love to lament the lack of bipartisanship in Washington, yet the very mention of the word “Israel” causes most members of both parties to quickly snap into line in a show of unanimity that would make the regime of North Korea blush with envy. Even when virtually the entire world condemns Israeli aggression, or declares settlements illegal, the U.S. Congress – across party and ideological lines – finds virtually complete harmony in uniting against the world consensus and in defense of the Israeli government.

    Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md.

    Photo: Susan Walsh/AP

    Second, the free speech debate in the U.S. is incredibly selective and warped. Pundits and political officials love to crusade as free speech champions – when doing so involves defending mainstream ideas or attacking marginalized, powerless groups such as minority college students. But when it comes to one of the most systemic, powerful, and dangerous assaults on free speech in the U.S. and the west generally – the growing attempt to literally criminalize speech and activism aimed at the Israeli Government’s occupation – these free speech warriors typically fall silent.

    Third, AIPAC continues to be one of the most powerful, and pernicious, lobbying forces in the country. In what conceivable sense is it of benefit of Americans to turn them into felons for the crime of engaging in political activism in protest of a foreign nation’s government? And this is hardly the first time they have attempted to do this through their most devoted Congressional loyalists; Cardin, for instance, had previously succeeded in inserting into trade bills provisions that would disfavor anyone who supports a boycott of Israel.

    Finally, it is hard to put into words the irony of watching many of the most celebrated and beloved Congressional leaders of the anti-authoritarian Resistance – Gillibrand, Schiff, Swalwell and Lieu – sponsor one of the most oppressive and authoritarian bills to appear in Congress in many years. How can one credibly inveigh against “authoritarianism” while sponsoring a bill that dictates to American citizens what political views they are and are not allowed to espouse under threat of criminal prosecution? Whatever labels one might want to apply to the sponsors of this bill, “anti-authoritarianism” should be not be among them.

    • So, what happens when a Jewish florist refuses to supply flowers for a Muslim wedding or a Jewish baker refuses to make a wedding cake for a Muslim wedding? That’ll be when this tangled web really gets interesting! 😉

      • There are no shekels in floristry or baking.
        Jews only go into professions of trade or commerce where they can skim off the productive capacity of others, or industries that require no manual labor.

        If you can find a jewish florist or baker, I’ll be impressed.

        • lol @Eric
          I have known a few Jews in my life who were about as everyday as people can get. They were not bankers, lawyers, or government employees. I have no idea what the numbers are on this but you can rest assured that quite a few Jews are ordinary citizens like many of us on here and who have no interest in anything but their job, family, religion, and community. This is not to say that there aren’t some who are real SOBs because there are. But it is a serious error in judgement to ASSUME that everyone of any particular group is either a good person or a bad person.

          But the fact remains that SOBs come in all sizes, shapes, colors, sexes, religions, ages, ethnicities, etc. I am of Caucasian ancestry… but this does not mean that all Caucasians are my buddies or that most blacks, browns, reds, or yellows can’t be my friends.

          • Ed, of course I was just being humorous. But I did not refer to good or bad or assume anything. It also may just be my west coast experience. 😉

  6. I don’t care what anyone says, I think silver is a good buy at $16 per ounce. The way I see it, silver will be used by man for as long as man is on this planet. If silver skyrockets, I will sell it…if it stays flat, I will pass it on to my children and they can do with it what they want. If it does skyrocket while I own it, I will sell it and put all the money into late 60’s and early 70’s Muscle cars…something no government can manipulate.

    • @Troy
      Agree on silver being a great buy under $20 an oz. and that it is well worth owning some as financial insurance against a true “Oh, crap!” moment. In fact, a VERY good case can be made for this that doesn’t include a single wild-eyed prediction of sky-high future prices, global financial collapse, or any other doomsday type scenario. If all that silver and gold did for us was to protect some of our wealth from the ravages of inflation that we KNOW is occurring, it would still be well worth owning.

      As for the muscle cars, well, that’s a personal preference. I would LOVE to own a 1966 Pontiac GTO with the 389 cube V-8, 4-speed manual trans, 4.11 gears, fat tires, and the 3 ducers sitting on top of that lovely engine. Add a set of SS headers, low restriction SS pipes and mufflers, a Sapphire blue paint job, nice chromed mag wheels (such as Cragar or American), and a black interior and it would be automotive heaven / 4-wheeled sex for me. 😀

      But, as cool as that would be to cruise around in, that would be it for me. No collecting. Yep, to each their own. 🙂

      • Ed, My boss…and friend, owns around 20 Pontiacs…about 50{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} GTO’s, and 50{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} LeMans. He owns a storage building that has mostly Pontiacs…he has buddies with tons of GTO’s and parts. I get to see them everyday. Lots of GTO Judges, GTO convertibles…nearly every year of GTO except 64’s. There is a 67 post, 400, 4 speed, 1966 4 speed, 4 barrel…not tri-power…there is a few 65’s with tri-power. Really rare one is a 71 Judge. I personally have a 68 Lemans 350 H/O, 65 LeMans, and a 68 Cutlass. I am dealing on a 1968 GTO, 400, 4 speed…hopefully the guy will sell it to me for a good price…its been parked since 1973! It will take some $$$ to get it back on the road, but it will be fun. Heres a nice 66 GTO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6-9gE4-nrE

          • I remember seeing a 73 Super Duty for sale back in 1989 or 1990 for $8000…and I thought that was alot of money back then.

          • Just forwarded to my Dad. He had a ’77 just like that with a lot more rust.
            He’ll probably kick himself when he sees the price after donating it 17 years ago.

        • I don’t see why so many people want to collect old cars.
          My neighbor has 19 motorcycles, can’t ride a single one, and is too emotionally attached to all of them to sell even one. They aren’t very portable or durable. And they aren’t divisible or fungible. They are also not nearly as liquid as coins. Especially if you have to discount it in order to sell it.

          • The car hobby is so much fun, driving them, buying and selling, restoring, swap meets, car shows…it’s very addicting. I’m a big Craigslist hunter…I have bought and resold a bunch of cars “flipped”. I’ll tell you a few that I made quick money on: 1970 Camaro, bought and resold in less than 24 hours, made $1300. 1968 GTO, bought for $2300, sold for $8500. 1968 Firebird, bought for $5300, sold for $7800. 1970 GTO Judge, bought for $16800, sold $23500. 1969 Chevelle SS396, bought $19000, sold for $23500. I was also parting out cars from that era that were too far gone to restore, and made some good money. Prices on old cars do nothing but climb with inflation. They never crash in price…just up up up! I know a few super wealthy farmers that have high dollar cars, were talking 440 six pack Roadrunners, Super Bees, Hemis, Big Block Chevelles, Buick GS’s, Olds 442’s, Judges, Challengers, Cuda’s. I know a guy in the Sioux Falls area that has around 500 Muscle Cars. He bought most of them in the late 70’s and early 80’s for nothing, and now gets $20,000for “project cars”…a guy just bought a project 1969 Super Bee, 440-6 barrel from him…he paid $800 for it back in 1984, sold it for $26,000. Acres and acres of cars…I have never seen nothing like it. Really cool car he sold recently was a 1968 Hurst Olds…sold it for $30,000…and its in rough shape. The market on these cars is HUGE!!!

  7. It amazes me how anyone could possibly think Janet Yellen is responsible for lowering or raising interest rates, but millions of people do. A pathetic old hag, she is nothing more than a dunce who does the talking for the cock-roaches, who stay as far out of the light as possible.Furthermore, these interest rate decisions are known far in advance, so friends of the Fed can front-run all the options and futures trades they desire. It’s all one big joke.

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