The Co-Existence Of “Scarcity Assets”


by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
On this day before yet another FOMC propaganda event, how can stock futures not be higher – given that, per the well-documented “pre-FOMC drift” manipulation scheme, for the past decade, stocks have enjoyed their biggest gains the days before and during FOMC announcements. Conversely, how can Precious Metals not be suppressed – per the 87th “2:15 AM” EST attack of the past 1,002 trading days – i.e., the open of the ultra-thinly traded London “pre-market” paper trading session; in this case, with the dollar down, to its lowest level in more than a year? Which interestingly, is rapidly reversing as I edit.

For those that don’t yet understand the illusion today’s rigged markets are, it’s difficult to believe anyone with a few brain cells, and no ulterior motive, doesn’t realize the only reason the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” rises so relentlessly, and volatility-free, is the “dead ringer” algorithm I wrote of in April 2012; by which, it “coincidentally” bottoms around the time of the Fed’s 10:00 “open market operations” at 10:00 AM, before steadily rising through the rest of the day; in most cases, ending with a “Hail Mary” surge. To wit, the last eight days trading – when either a “dead ringer” or “variations thereof” algorithm guided “trading.” And BTW, does anyone think it a “coincidence” that 10:00 AM EST happens to be the London PM gold “fix?” Or, as I have deemed it years ago, the Cartel’s “key attack time #1?”

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