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Brad Peters is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel, and he is not only worried about the future of automation that will eliminate millions of jobs from the economy, he’s worried about transhumanism and the very future of the human race.

Brad Peters is an avid prepper, and not just because the future of the US dollar is bleak. No, the issues facing us now are far, far bigger than just the impending death of our fiat currency.


  1. Bitcoin , beer , air travel , public safety ,health care; Just think once you go totally digital with the convenience of a chip in your wrist . If you buy your beer at Target , Food Lion , or Circle K you’ll not have to wait while the clerk scans your drivers license .The lines at air port TSA stations will diminish . Your local , state , federal “law enforcement” will be enabled to curtail “crime” before it happens. As congress doesn’t have the votes to repeal Obama care this should help lower cost ,as personal care can be better “tailored” to the individual based on life style choices .The only question I have is if this will help lower the cost of Cliff’s reports back to fifteen bucks from the current ninety , hey lets hope so !

    • Well unless we get rid of these IDIOT core developers, you might never see Bitcoin used in a check-out line. Nobody is going to wait 6 hours at their grocery store waiting for their transaction to go through.
      Bitcoin Core does not have the slightest clue about economics, doesn’t understand that Bitcoin only has *macro value* because of its *micro payments ability*, has not understood the need to scale for the last 3 years, probably STILL does not understand the need to scale.

      If Segwit doesn’t get implemented August 1st, it is time to HARD FORK these mf’ers off for good. They are a blight and hindrance on the most amazing financial revolution in the past several hundred years.

  2. Clif High did an excellent video on this a few months ago and I think he was spot on… I’m paraphrasing but he said these are not true “AI” systems, these are “expert systems”. They are not capable of true learning, they are not capable of consciousness. Much of this AI doom is overblown.

    • Exactly, fonestar! Haven’t listened to the interview yet, but AGI is a pipe dream. Even massive, highly advanced “personal assistant” projects like IBM Watson are just fancy decision trees; they don’t write their own code, fix their own bugs, or come up with new ideas.
      They simply do what every computer has done since their invention: Read, manipulate, and output data. That’s all. Just because it “talks” to you don’t mean it’s intelligent.

      Any computer scientist worth his salt will tell you it’s a long way off (or not even possible). Major CS universities have already changed their “Artificial Intelligence” courses to “Machine Learning” for this very reason. Algorithmic design is highly complex, computers can get better and better at pattern recognition, but they can’t gleam the essence of what we call a “soul.” It’s never the software engineers you find pimping the transhuman AI future – it’s always eccentric entrepreneurs or slovenly consumer boobs (V the Fat Ape Economist comes to mind).

      The real risk is a class of technocratic programmers scripting social control, hiding behind the likes of Watson, Siri, and Alexa, and calling it “AI.” Wizard of Oz type shit. That’s a far more dangerous future than some fantasy rogue AI like HAL or SHODAN:

      It also strikes me that Transhumanism is simply a technophilic reboot of past occult religions. I’ve yet to find a religion yet whose “God” was real – anyone ever seen Serial Experiments Lain? A Japanese cartoon in which Bill Cooper and Vannevar Bush are central to the plot. Transhumanism also weighs heavily, with the ultimate conclusion being that those seeking “immortality” are, at best, replicating a pre-existing organic process in which a nameless “God” already rules. A fascinating philosophical expose:

      • Clif High was speaking to the limited capability of gates/and/nor as being incapable of nothing but the input from humans.
        quantum computing is a whole nuther ball of wax…think photons.

        in advance…ponestar stfu.

          • coin (n.) c. 1300, “a wedge,” from Old French coing (12c.) “a wedge; stamp; piece of money; corner, angle,” from Latin cuneus “a wedge.” The die for stamping metal was wedge-shaped, and the English word came to mean “thing stamped, a piece of money” by late 14c. (a sense that already had developed in French). Compare quoin, which split off from this word 16c. Modern French coin is “corner, angle, nook.” Coins were first struck in western Asia Minor in 7c. B.C.E.; Greek tradition and Herodotus credit the Lydians with being first to make and use coins of silver and gold.

          • Some non-literal people are capable of grasping allegory, figure of speech and names.
            I guess the GMC Denali is a “fake mountain” according to you?

          • And some people still refer to paper currency as “money.”
            This is how we got into trouble. Using words differently from their meanings.

            Why not call it Bitchip? Or Digipass? Or Bitcurrency?

            Those would be more accurate.

          • Satoshi named and modeled his creation after GOLD. Because he liked gold and wanted a *deflationary* currency. You come on here pretending to pump *inflationary* Ethereum and its dumb contracts. It’s clear you don’t grasp the simplest things, let alone computer science.

          • I don’t pump anything. I merely stated that Ethereum has smart contracts and Bitcoin does not.
            And Bitcoin is “disinflationary.” Not “deflationary.”

            I’m surprised you still don’t know the difference.

            Talk about trying to grasp the simplest things. No wonder you’re always confused.

          • Sounds like the same type of sophist idiot-speak as people who likes to throw around terms like “post modern”. Shit gets cheaper priced in BTC… DEFLATIONARY.

          • Bitcoin is $400 lower than it was last week. “Shit” got more expensive priced in BTC.
            But lower prices are not DEFLATIONARY. Too bad you didn’t read the whole book instead of just looking at the pictures. The quantity of Bitcoin continues to expand at a slower rate.

            “A disastrous economic confusion, one that is shared almost universally, both by laymen and by professional economists alike, is the belief that falling prices constitute deflation and thus must be feared and, if possible, prevented.”

            “Contrary to The Times and so many others, deflation is not falling prices but a decrease in the quantity of money and/or volume of spending in the economic system. To say the same thing in different words, deflation is a general fall in demand. Falling prices are a consequence of deflation, not the phenomenon itself.”


          • And half of the 16 million Bitcoins mined have already been lost forever. Bitcoin is a hyper-deflationary long-term store of value.

          • Lost forever. lol. It must be really valuable then if half of them have already been lost in 8 years.
            Bitcoin is too limited to be a reserve currency.

            Bitcoin is losing market share to the over 900 other cryptocurrencies that essentially do the exact same thing.

            The Gold supply historically grows proportionately to the population.

            Bitcoin has lost 13 billion in market cap from 5 days ago.

            Try again.

          • Yes, I’m sure they all meant to loose their Bitcoins. Just like the skipper on the Atocha, the Margarita and all the other wrecks filled with silver bars on the bottom of the Atlantic you dunce.

          • if you knew the limitations of what he discussed, you’d have said so and furthermore educated yourself on QC. butcha dint now didja?
            lemme know when you get an electronics degree spamming cornponestar.

            i did not address you.

            so you STFU.

          • Yeah fonestar will be sure to list all details of supporting arguments to demonstrate full knowledge to random Internet douche, Willy Groupon. And he wasn’t talking about quantum computing either.

          • “And he wasn’t talking about quantum computing either.”

            and that is my fucking point you moron!

            hey, who made the chip in your devices ya putz? intel inside? is ra hell inside.

            you’re a fool to think your shitcoins are safe.

            operation talpiot, you haggis headed halfwit.

            now fuck off.

          • The best part about physical Gold and Silver is that they do not require some goofy wallet to store them safely and securely.

          • No gooofy wallet… Eric just throws his gold coins on the table with the windows open or leaves them out in the yard.

          • fonestar just says, “I don’t have the rent money this month mom. I’m waiting for Bitcoin to go up. But I can give you this clunky Trezor thingamajig with some digital blips stored on it that hardly anybody accepts for value.”

          • I love it when stacktards go to the closet and dust off the Quantum Computer to prove how dumb fonestar is for buying Bitcoins…
            “Looky here you little crypto fag! I built this Quantum Computer back in college out of some old Atari systems, some Silverado parts and squirrel tails that I shot out back while you were still in your Dad’s bag. It can do 18 gazillion Petaflops while it’s still booting up. That was before I got super-educated and pursued my Master’s Degree in Stacktardation, Youtube Alumni Cappa Phi. So if you think your BitCoins are safe you got another thing coming you little crypto fag!”

          • I wonder how many US Dollars worth of Bitcoin you lost in the past week. It’s gotta be in the hundreds!

  3. Maybe some of you FOOLS noticed that this man said “cryptos are a god send”? So please proceed now to tell me my comments “are off topic”. Get ready to hear more and more and more about cryptos and more and more butt-hurt from “stackers” who missed the boat. Didn’t get Bitcoin at $5, still didn’t understand Bitcoin at $1500 and still won’t understand Bitcoin at $1,000,000.
    The one part I disagree with this bright man about is the manipulation aspect. I haven’t seen any evidence to date that the cryptos are being manipulated by nefarious players. Bitcoin and the cryptos seem to follow classic, predictable trading patterns. This is what free markets look like.

    Also… notice more MORONIC comments on today re: The CoinDash ICO hack?

    These MORONS can’t tell the difference between *crypto-currency* and a *crypto-currency excahange*. Can’t tell the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin. Sound like the type of people you want dishing out financial advice?

    • “cryptos” are not a safehaven. “cryptos” are not a long term store of value.
      There is no need to have “cryptos” as you are still measuring them in $$$$$ and having a medium of exchange has never been the issue.

      “classic, predictable trading patterns.” lol.

      • People who didn’t understand personal computers in 1980… Morons.
        People who didn’t understand email in 1995… Morons.

        People who didn’t understand Bitcoin in 2012… Morons.

        A long history of Morons welcomes you to the fold.

        • How much is a computer from 1980 selling for today?
          How much is the Gold from a motherboard used in a computer from 1980 selling for today?

          Bitcoin is not a store of value. Cryptos are speculation.

          • I didn’t say anything about the physical machine’s resale value did I dipshit? You’re such a f*cking idiot. Nobody loves silver more than I do and nobody wants morons like you people on their team.
            Hey SEAN… admit that your regulars are morons and I will go away. Deal?

          • He can’t do that when I can keep monkey hammering you so easily.
            If you love Silver so much why don’t you take some blipcoin profits off the table and secure them by acquiring some cheap physical Silver?

            Another new all the rage must have cryptocurrency is just around the table.

          • Because people selling Bitcoins to buy silver have been NET LOSERS and will remain NET LOSERS. Why would I sell something going UP to buy something that is FLAT and will remain that way?
            It would actually make MORE SENSE (and CENTS) to sell silver to buy Bitcoin.

          • Because if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.
            NET LOSERS measure everything in fiat currency terms.

            20 million ounces of Silver production just got removed from the market. I was happy to pick up a few more ounces under $16.

            It’s much easier to time the Silver market than the volatile blipcoin market. Why are they called coins anyway? Shouldn’t they be called fake money?

          • If you are expecting holders of fake money Bitcoin to price real world physical assets (Silver) in digital blips, while also expecting the US Dollar to go away completely, I will gladly consider your bid.
            Are you going to cry when Mom realizes she got scammed by her own son and no longer accepts rent payable in Bitcoin?

          • Silver dealers are accepting digital “dollars” right now for their product so it’s not going to be any different…. well except for the fact the silver is going to get cheaper and cheaper priced in BTC.

          • Interesting theory. But since Bitcoin is down $400 USD from a week ago, it looks like Silver is quite a bit more expensive when priced in BTC.
            Not very many dealers accept Bitcoin and the few who do not only charge more when paying in BTC, but don’t actually accept BTC, but go through a 3rd party vendor.

            The world needs Silver for industry at the very least. It doesn’t need Bitcoin.

          • Someone will be changing their name to dodostar in the near future. Love those Trinity movies.

  4. In spite of all the mass hysteria about AI and robots taking over the world, the truth of this is far more likely to involve the merging of Man and machine into an advanced creature that is FAR more capable than either on its own. Imagine having a HUGE memory that never forgets anything it has read / learned / heard / etc. unless you wish t delete those memories. Imagine being able to do advanced mathematics in your head at light-speed. Imagine being able to control various inconvenient aspects of your own body AT WILL. Imagine having an extended life of hundreds of years, if not more, because every harmful bacteria, virus, or injury receives the required care immediately. Imagine being able to interface with other people and machines at any time both agree to it. A pilot, for example, would not “fly” a plane – s/he would BECOME the plane. This and much much more will be available to humans in the distant future. They will have as much in common with us as we do today with a chimpanzee.
    There. Now I have probably PO’d everyone, so my mission on this topic is complete. 😉

    • @Eric
      Yep, and all of the on-board electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems would seem like our own arms, legs, eyes, hear, lungs, etc.

      The Internet has been a huge revolution over the past 20+ years, going from its primitive all text Unix-speak 2-3 letter commands to the graphical interface anyone can now use. But this will be seen as incredibly primitive once there is a direct neural connection between vast data banks, individuals, and groups. Of course, there will need to be some serious and inviolate protocols developed such that people always remain in control of their own internal network.

  5. I owe you all an apology! How stupid fonestar was for indulging in cryptos! Because Tyler Durden has now informed me that *Goldman Sachs* has patented their own cryptocoin. And it’s all over for Bitcoin now because… well because Tyler uses lots of “quotes” to show sarcasm, underlining and italics…. oh and because your legal system encompasses the whole globe and all of us Bitcoiners are going to have our asses sued off for copyright infringement!

  6. Just learned the Obama Care repeal is dead. Useless lazy good for nothing fuckers can’t do anything right. The criminal law makers in this country make me sick. Hope you all burn in hell.

    • see my post above – apparently no one else got it – as to “criminal law makers” the actions of this nations so called elected representatives as well those appointed is a clear stated Policy of deceit . The people of this government will not self correct (to say there is a deep state is ludacris a hypocritical phrase ) – Due to the overwhelmingly perverse morality of this nations populace ( ie, infanticide and sodomy are protected & propagated ) “forced” ( call to arms ) correction is laughable . Study human history in particular societies that practiced infanticide ( human sacrifice) and sodomy , what were the outcomes ?

    • Burning in Hell is probably over-kill on this. But how about this? ALL of those in congress get to have Obamacare UNTIL it is repealed. No need to replace. Having government involved in something as personal as our own health care is not desired by many people. We can and will do just fine with their BIG beak removed from OUR business. In fact, I cannot think of a single thing in my everyday life that has been improved via the government’s “help”.

  7. intel…based in is ra hell.
    the ussa’s tech has been stolen & funneled to russia.

    Brendon O’Connell has many YT’s covering just how pooty has us by the short hairs.

    UNRIG, where RDS calls a spade a spade.

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