Stupid-Easy Solar for Going Off Grid, RVs and Boondocking


from Pure Living for Life:


  1. This poor guy is a smart idiot. He knows just enough to get into trouble, and seems like he never does anything right the first time around. I’ve watched a bunch of his videos, and yup, he tries well enough, but never pre-educates himself with enough data to get it right on the first try.
    His solar setups, are a great example of having the right desire, but not implementing it right.
    His “Grisly” dirt-sorting frame, is another example of not pre-planning well enough. He has to build a new one, doing it better the 2nd time.

    Then I watched his water tank system, more bone headed problems. Then, if I remember rightly, his pair of water tanks, he’s plumbed them together in a way, that if ONE tank gets a leak, it will drain BOTH tanks. Duh!
    This young couple, are likeable, but the poor guy jumps before he fully educates. So he always has to spend money twice, and has to re-do far too many things.

    Then they bought a used R/V for having some temporary living (it’s got a roof with rotten frames, so they keep it parked under a shed roof, so the leaking roof is not an issue).
    The R/V’s A/C was removed by the previous owner (because that is where the roof was leaking), and just a roof-vent existed in that opening.

    SO… this likeable bonehead, got the bright idea of buying a new R/V a/c unit, and installing it (because the hot summers are really hot). He had to lay a big piece of plywood on the rotten roof to carry the weight, and they went about installing it, and it works fine.

    BUT. since they can never take the R/V out from under the “rain roof”, WHY did they bother putting in a VERY expensive ROOF mounted R/V a/c unit? And they paid an extra $200 for the SLIM model to fit under their limited space under their shed roof?

    Think about it. They mounted a very expensive, ROOF mounted a/c unit, in the HOTTEST POSSIBLE LOCATION, just under the shed roof.

    They COULD have just bought a CHEAP, 5000-8000 BTU HOUSE window a/c unit, and slapped it into an R/V window opening, all for about $150-$250.

    AND, it would not be located in the HOT SPOT next to the shed roof, so it would not have to be working SO hard!

    Now if they ever want to move the R/V out into the weather, they have to REMOVE everything and fix it right. They cannot re-use the R/V a/c unit in a real house like they could do with a simple window unit.

    I highly recommend watching this families videos, to see how to get things done the wrong way the first time. Please do more thinking than this poor guy. I think he has too much energy, and cannot sit still, so he jumps into things because he doesn’t have the patience needed to “waste time” planning or self-educating until AFTER his mistakes bite him in the ass.

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