RT Documentary “Soft Occupation” About Washington’s Dominance of #Germany


from Rogue Money:
As we approach September 24 and a German federal election in which Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to easily win a fourth term, the discontent with Establishment CDU/SPD politics in Germany grows, even as the parties attempt to appease the restlessness of large corporations like Siemens (recently ‘caught’ violating U.S.-demanded EU sanctions by selling turbines to Russia’s Crimea peninsula, for which the corporate giant blames its St. Petersburg subsidiary) with the sanctions on Russia (to say nothing of the mostly ignored by the politicians mittelstand, the small to medium size companies that RogueMoney’s friend in Berlin Harley Schlanger reports have been hardest hit by the decline in trade with Moscow).

The recent pushback by the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and even the reliable Atlanticist Chancellor herself against the U.S. Senate’s plans to levy extra-territorial sanctions against European companies participating in the Nordstream 2 pipeline under the Baltic Sea between Russia and Germany has bucked a decades-long trend of Berlin’s subservience to Washington.

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