Red Alert Economic Collapse Update


by SGT, SGT Report:

This is a red alert economic collapse update.

The state of Illinois is now on fiscal death watch after a District Court ruling on Friday demanded that the state pay back its debts at an accelerated rate.

Federal judge Joan Lefkow in Chicago ordered Illinois to come up with hundreds of millions of dollars it owes in Medicaid payments that state officials say the government doesn’t have, the Chicago Tribune reported.Judge Lefkow ordered the state to make $586 million in monthly payments (from the current $160 million).

As Zero Hedge reported on Saturday, “Friday’s ruling by the U.S. District Court takes the state’s finances from horrific to catastrophic,” Comptroller Susana Mendoza, a Democrat, said in an emailed statement after the ruling. “Payments to the state’s pension funds; state payroll including legislator pay; General State Aid to schools and payments to local governments will likely have to be cut.”

Illinois has racked up more the $15 BILLION in debt after years of over spending, and now the reaper must be paid.

As the Health Ranger Mike Adams warned just days before this new ruling, Illinois pensioners should expect as much as a 70 percent reduction in monthly pension payments as the unfunded promises can no longer be kept.

And the imminent bankruptcy of the state of Illinois is just the tip of the iceberg. Like Puerto Rico recently did, we can expect to see other troubled states following suit.

The next domino to fall? If you live in New Jersey, Florida or California consider what’s happening in Illinois right now to be fair warning. Because your mismanaged state it likely next.


  1. I watched this video on your Steemit page (upvoted, commented, etc).
    This is surely a preview of more and worse things to come.

    The lessons are obvious. Don’t rely on governments, banks or corporations to help you, or to pay anything they “owe” to you. Not pensions, health care, SSI, etc.

    But you can be sure that your house taxes, car insurance, and all the fees you pay will NOT go down, in fact, they’ll be going UP so the government can continue to spend more and more, while you have less and less.

    It’s just common sense, but for those few (newcomers) who don’t already know…

    Grow those gardens, stack those PM’s and food, water, ammo, medical supplies, solar, seeds, and everything needed for living without money or store shopping for the next 3 years…etc.

    If you live in a city or a suburb, it would be wise to move to a less densely packed area, or at least have a bit of property out of town where you can escape to when the cities are starving, rioting and burning.

    Keep your vehicle in good driving condition, tank never below 3/4, and have at least 5 extra gallons, and some spare parts, spare tire, fix-a-flat and a kit with some tire-plugs. Being able to plug a hole and get the tire “aired up quick” can be a lifesaver.

    Yes, I worry for my friends and relatives who still live in cities and suburbs all over the nation. I worry more for the ones who don’t see it coming and who ignore this information.

    My first responsibility is for my own survival, and I will not put my life in danger just to help some sorry idiot who was too stubborn to prepare or to listen to the warnings.
    If I can lend some help without putting myself in jeopardy? Sure, I’ll help, but I’ll still have a gun in my pocket.

    • Craig, you got it. No way are property, income, or sales taxes going down. I finally got my truck. And try buying a new truck with 4WD without nearly breaking the bank now.
      Good suggestions. I will add…learn about nutritional health and get healthy. Learn to make due with less. Cut out the crap in your life that sucks your power and your strength. As always, focus on REAL wealth, REAL assets, REAL skills, and REAL friends.

      People need to THINK for themselves and HAVE options already setup that work for their own INDIVIDUAL situations. This is why we prepare for the worst. And not just hope for the best.

      “A pension fund is not a store of wealth.”

      Gold however works pretty good.

      Almost there…

    • @Craig
      Roger that… and then some. Banks can slither out of whatever they owe due to their own incompetence but anyone who has borrowed money from a bank cannot. That debt will be owed until it is paid, regardless of what happens to the bank in the meantime. If the old bank collapses and is bought out by a new bank, the new bank then owns that note and it is still payable in full. Such a deal. It was crap like this years ago that pretty much put the mafia out of business and many of its members arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed. We need that same treatment for these banksters.

      Agree 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} on your comment about not depending upon others to create the future we want and need. Government? PFFT! Since when has the government ever done something that didn’t come unraveled at some point or fall apart right from the start? Not very often at all. The banks? HA! Those snakes are out for themselves and no one else. When hard times come, as they so often have throughout history, there are VERY few we can really depend upon. Ourselves, family, close friends, and maybe our church are about it. Maybe also an occasional neighbor who understands what community and neighborliness are… but virtually no one else. Anyone wanting to see who the hero is who is coming to save them had best just look into the nearest mirror because that is the person who can and should help us all the most.

      I’ve been thinking about prepping lately and it seems to me that the biggest obstacle to more people prepping is… a lack of urgency. Few want to prep ahead of time. Many prefer to wait until there is an obvious problem and then address it… IF THEY CAN. The problem here is that many problems are easily dealt with IF action is taken well ahead of the time when things get bad. But by waiting, precious time that was desperately needed is wasted. The problem has also grown and become much worse than it was initially. Many more people need to think about the future in terms of the very short term / immediate future, the soon to be but not right now future, and the long term future that will come eventually. All too often these are lumped into the last category, no pressing need is seen for prepping, and the things that we all have going on in life get all the time we have to spare. We all need to develop more of a sense of urgency… some MUCH more than others. We need to ask ourselves, “What will I do if the SHTF tomorrow?”. Are we ready for that? Chances are, most of us are not… and we need to be or those depending on us will be poorly served.

  2. Get serious. The US taxpayers will gleefully foot the bill for the retards in Illinois. There are no consequences for bad decisions, since the invention of the printing press.

    • Overly generalized ad hominems aside, this is exactly what I see happening. The creditors will be paid even if the debt has to be spread across the entire US tax slave population. Makes no difference where you live in this country, what happens in Illinois is just a precursor of what all working class Americans will face sooner or later.

  3. I say that the more heavily invested in the system one is, the more likely they are to be looted and pillaged when the gov runs out of other people’s money. Therefore, GTF out of the damned system as much as possible. That way, when the bean counting gov droids look over the books, you will seem to be low enough on the financial totem pole as to not be worth looting or pillaging. Keep your REAL wealth safely buried in a place that only you know and keep your treasure location info in your hidden home safe. Not perfect but about as good as one can do to avoid being ripped off, yet still allow your heirs to not lose what wealth you have on hand.
    Cash is good and will be until it is not. Until then, having an emergency stash of $5, $10, and $20 bills is good.

    Silver and gold are good too, especially when WELL hidden and protected from snoops and thieves, whether from the gov and here to “help” us or not. As one of millions of Americans who neither wants nor needs the kind of help that the US Gov tends to deliver, let me say that I’m OK… and if left alone likely will remain that way.

    Debt on the other hand is not good. Debt is financial control of ourselves that we sell to others for some up-front cash. Minimize this in our lives and our lives WILL be the better for it. One cannot borrow a better standard of living. Borrowers only finance a better standard of living for the lenders. Keep your debt minimal. We pretty much have to borrow money to buy a home but keep it reasonable AND affordable. Not everything in life will go well, so don’t go into debt up to your eyeballs on the assumption that it will. That little bubble is among the very first things to go “POP!” when hard times come… and come they will, as history shows.

  4. (PS, when my post won’t go thru, it’s probably a filter problem, so this is a repost, but attempt to modify it so it goes thru)
    Garden update & related information that may help your future survival garden.

    We had too many days of steady rain, and with the head-start they already had, I was in a WEED crisis. Up to my knees in some places. (I just bought a 4 tine, hand held cultivator hoe type thing for pulling up roots, but these weeds are monsters.)

    I found a fast, decent way to reduce those weeds to stubble. I used a STRING TRIMMER-weed whipper-weed eater to mow them down to the dirt. Yes, the roots are still there, but at least they aren’t choking everything, AND the left over stalks, have become mulch for the garden right where it fell. Not sure how I will handle it as they grow back, but I’m ahead for now.
    I “hand pulled” the few weeds that were too close to my veggies, but a job that would have kicked my butt, and taken hours to accomplish, was done in less than an hour, including the times I had to re-load new string and also unclog the spindle from weeds that got tangled onto the motor-shaft and jammed it up, and if you don’t stop quickly and remove the tangles, you’ll burn out your motor.

    A local farmer-produce grower and farmer’s market guy, told us that he is using the REFLECTIVE Mylar (potato chip bag plastic) “row mulch cover” for his crops, (silver on one side, and either black on the underside.) It reflects more light up from the dirt so he can put his plants closer together.

    He lays it down on his prepared row, then piles dirt on both sides of it, an then cuts holes to plant his seeds down thru the hole. The plant grows up, and he’s not having hardly any weeds at all. He’s NOT using any irrigation under it, he just lets the rain “wick” its way from the sides, to get underneath. This method also prevents egg laying bugs that put eggs in the dirt next to the plants and then rise up and eat your plants.

    I ordered some seeds, and here’s why I chose each type.
    From= I got watermelon seeds (one full pound), for $23, a variety called ‘Au Producer’, because it’s a normal watermelon that happens to be RESISTANT to the most common diseases. It’s a variant of “Crimson Sweet”. (also, watermelon seed tea is well known as a kidney cleanser and can sometimes even get your body to dissolve small kidney stones- along with some lower back massage with olive oil, castor oil, and a few other tricks via the “Edgar Cayce readings-information”.) Even Jsnip4 has talked about Edgar Cayce & Web bot hit.
    Also from this company, I ordered a variety of (determinate) tomato that is known as a LONG STORAGE type (up to 6 weeks in your pantry).

    • @Craig
      Know what you mean about steady rain. We got 10.5″ of rain in April and almost that much in May. This is almost HALF of our annual rainfall. It rotted about 2/3 of the seeds I had planted just before that, so I had to re-seed the corn, beans, and beets. Not fun but I had extra seeds and needed to use them anyway. I hope that the growing season lasts into Sept this year because my 7/1/17 plantings could use some extra growing time. On the other hand, the potatoes are growing like gangbusters… 18″ tall now and bushed out pretty well besides. Hope that they are doing as well under the ground as they are above it. 🙂

      I solved my weed problems by hand weeding the 1st or 2nd time each season and then using lawn clippings as mulch. We have a good sized yard, so there are plenty of grass clippings for this. I pile it 4-5″ deep as close to the veggies as I can to really put a crimp in the weeds’ growing plans. Squash, cukes, and melons do not need mulch as their broad leaves provide all the shade needed to keep weeds around them down.

      I’ve tried growing corn in rows and also in patches. A 5×5 foot patch works really well. I can reach the middle from all 4 sides, so harvesting is easy. The corn shades out the weeds pretty well too once it is 2.5-3′ high. Until then, I use grass clipping mulch around them as well.

      All this tells me that farming is not easy, even when it is on a tiny scale. The weather can ruin your growing plans pretty quickly, so during any SHTF scenario it pays to have plans B, C, and D ready to roll… just in case things don’t go well at first, which they sometimes won’t. That will be a time when a large, healthy, and productive garden is a must-have item.

      What I really like doing is planting some of my plants indoors in peat cups. I start them in mid-Feb. In 4-5 weeks they are good sized and can be transplanted outdoors. They are too big to be bothered by excess rain, which is great around here, and there are no rotted seeds to worry about. Would LOVE to have a greenhouse for starting my plants each year, so will be looking into that as one way to get a more consistently productive garden and to get a longer growing season as well. Lots of videos and info on YouTube on such things and most of it is good info.

      There are few things more personally rewarding than growing a nice garden. Working with the Earth to bring forth new and productive life is a great thing. It also connects us with nature in ways that nothing else does. I planted a couple of peppers and a tomato plant today as replacements for ones that did not do well. They look good and should be fine in the good weather we now have. While doing this I noticed how fine the garden loam is. I could pick up a handful of loose soil, squeeze it into a ball, and crumble it back to loose soil quite easily. This is what plants love to grow in, especially if some composted manure has been added to it… which it has. Any plants that won’t grow in this probably aren’t worth growing. lol

      IMO, everyone should try growing some edible plants. If you only have a little space, such as on a porch or deck, use flower pots, buckets, or mortar trays as your garden. It really is amazing just how productive something even that small can be… and nothing in the stores even remotely tastes as good as anything that is fresh-picked from your own garden. I love home-grown tomatoes. Every bite from one of these is like an explosion of tomato flavor filling your senses… while a store-bought tomato is like cardboard with ketchup on it. They are made to look good and travel well but not to be flavorful or nutritious.

  5. OK, I hope this helps with your future gardening.
    Don’t forget, it’s gonna be a very good idea (may save your life), is a roll or two of BUG FABRIC-row cover. You’ll uncover your plants to allow the pollinators to do their job, and then re-cover your rows. This is a way to fight the bugs without chemicals, and will prevent birds from poking holes in your veggies. In cold climates, it holds a few extra degrees of heat to protect your seedlings from frost, or extend you growing season into the cold months. But in reality, the clear plastic sheets may be better at the cold months.

    On Ebay, etc, you can find and buy DRIP irrigation TAPE, in LONG ROLLS, that is “pre-drilled” with holes spaced at proper lengths. Buy a bunch of the right connectors, elbows,etc, and you’ll have a good way to get water to all your roots without wasting any.
    I got a couple box-rolls, it’s about $70 each? Waiting in my shed, for the days when a garden is a live-or-die situation.

    If it comes to that, and the GRID is down, then you could use a GOOD plastic (ROUND) garbage can, (or water tank), on a platform, a few feet above the ground, and attach a plumbing connector at the bottom and use rain water, to gravity-feed itself into your drip irrigation tubing, and if you put a timer on it, you won’t have to baby-sit it all the time.

  6. Also bought seeds from outsidepride dotcom, I selected (and will be here in about a week), 3 items.Calendula Seeds one pound for fourteen bucks
    Agastache Seeds Lavender Blue, 2000 Seeds for nine bucks
    FIXatioN Balansa Clover, five pounds for eighteen bucks.

    The “Calendula FLOWERS” (edible), also called “Pot Marigold”, not only attract beneficials, but it has a sticky substance that TRAPS APHIDS. This plant grows about 15-24″ tall, and can really help control the aphids around plants of similar height- cabbage, broccoli, etc etc.

    The “Agastache” (hyssop), edible, is a PERENNIAL blue flower that attracts bees, humming birds, butterflies, etc. Get them started, and never have to plant them again. Also useful for some herbal remedies, etc.

    The BALANSA CLOVER, is a big, thick clover that is used best as a GROUND COVER to stop weeds from growing, it is innoculated so that it puts plenty of Nitrogen into the soil, and it can add up to more than 5000 pounds of biomass per acre. Edible, has a good, high level of crude protein. Can be fodder for livestock, and when plowed under, it’s an excellent “green manure” to help build the soil and make it fertile.

  7. Craig,
    Earlier this year you inspired me to get my but in gear and make a garden. I cut down an old flower garden and root tilled a roughly 30′ x 30′ garden. I planted cucumbers, zucchini, tomatos, watermelon, blueberry, strawberry, peppers, romaine, cilantro, potatos, snap peas, and corn with green (pole) beans with zucchini (three sisters).

    I can’t hardly keep up with the cucumbers (I picked some using grandma’s old recipe last Saturday). The zucchini are growing like crazy too ( I dehydrated some because I went overboard with the zucchini). Everyday I get to eat a small handful of strawberries. The blueberries and cilantro aren’t looking too good, but the watermelon is starting to fruit. All in all, I’m very happy with my garden. I enjoy being out there just about every day even if I’m just pulling weeds or pruning the tomato and zucchini plants. Thanks Craig,

    • @Minuteman, GREAT to hear it. I’m glad to get your feedback, and hope that a thousand other people are inspired to plant some veggies, either in a garden, or a bucket on the patio.

      I try to pass along any tips I learn, as well as sharing my failures so others won’t have to repeat my mistakes.

      Pickling veggies? Go to NUTS dotcom, and find their bulk box (20-25 pounds) of pickling spices (customer reviews are very good), and it’s the lowest price bulk spices I can find,.. AND.. most things in there are SEEDS that you can save some for planting to grow your own pickling spices, cooking spices,etc.

      I bought a big box of it, and poured all those pounds of spices into mason jars, 2 liter soda bottles, etc, so that it would have better protection than the plastic bag inside the shipping box.
      I’ve got an older (used) rear tine roto-tiller I got for $250. Runs rough, but it runs. One tire goes flat after about a week. Haha. But it’s a life saver/back saver.

      If you look at youtube videos, you’ll see how to use a GRUB HOE, and it’s faster & easier than a shovel for digging.

      For a really big gardens, those WHEEL (and 2 wheel) cultivator/planter (hand push) device is a big time saver. Look at the youtube videos of some Amish guy using a 2 wheel model to plant, weed, and harvest potato rows. There are plans out there how to build one, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a ready made unit.

      Your 30×30 garden, is about the same size as mine. I started mine, by laying BLACK PLASTIC sheets on the ground, (weigh it down) left it lay there for a few weeks as it killed all the grass and weeds under it. They measured 10ft X 25ft. I used four of them, and put about 2ft of space between each sheet, so I’d have a non-planted area to walk between them.

      My total planted area, is just a bit over 1000 square feet. There are intensive methods that are supposed to be able to feed 2-4 people all year with this size garden. I don’t see how, but I’m trying to accomplish as much as I can.

      I just gave away 3 “Egyptian walking onions” to my mail lady. They are already three years old. It’s a very good onion for the garden because they’ll live forever if you don’t pull them out. They spread, and method of propagation is interesting.
      Another perennial onion, is my batch of Lisbon White Bunching onions (a scallion), my patch is 4yrs old now. It’s great for green onion shoots, but when you pull them out, they are straight, like a cigar. No bulb.

      I really like the idea of veggies that are forever and don’t need replanting. (asparagus is another one.) I’ve not been having good luck, even though I added more than 300 bags of good dirt to this Florida sandy soil, it still needs more humus, carbon, etc.
      Later, I’m gonna get a couple yards of black top soil from a landscape firm ($18/yd). It’s not really top soil, it’s composted forest litter. Pretty nice stuff. I’ll till it in.

      Last year, I got a few yards of red clay from them ($7/yd) to mix into my soil that had no clay. Now I’ve got 10-15{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} clay content, which is the right amount of clay.

      I’ve got stored away in my shed, a roll (16X32?) clear, swimming pool cover (bubble wrap- 16 mils, VERY strong- 7yr warranty), to use in the future, to enclose my screen porch to act as a greenhouse in the SHTF years.

      The greenhouse /hoop-house forums, explained the benefit of the bubble wrap-pool material. In winter, the normal, single ply greenhouse plastic sheet, retains about 10F extra of night time, earth heat, and the bubble wrap holds about 20F of extra heat.
      I stocked up on bags of garden fertilizer, a pH meter/moisture meter (and a spare, as they only cost $10), some bags of lime, bags of sulfur, iron, epsom salts, D.E., and some bug chems too, just in case the bugs are winning and I’d starve, it’s better to be a “normal” chemical farmer than it is to be a dead, organic one. Also got me a deluxe soil testing kit for future use.
      Got a pair of garden sprayers, so if one breaks, I’ll still have a workable unit. Hey, they are only $10-20, so why be cheap?

      As soon as I’m done growing for the summer, I’ll convert my garden into “ground cover” crop, to add nitrogen, add green manure (google it if you’re not familiar), and suppress weeds.
      I will plant some kind of “winter” crop, that pops up in spring time, or plant some root crops that survive the winter, or matures just prior to winter, but can be dug up all winter long for food. (Just in case the SHTF in the fall & the stores are all empty.)

      Don’t forget to stock up on some liquid and POWDERED bleach. For disinfecting water for drinking. City water, well water, rain water, ALL of them cannot be trusted to be safe, especially as things get worse. So many city water systems, already have “boil water alerts”, just after a bunch of residents get sick or die!!!
      Water filters? research and get some.
      Respirator for breathing during bad air days? Get some.

      Even if not for yourself, but you never know what beloved friend or family member may have a bad allergy to some pollen, and may die from an asthma attack without a decent dust mask or respirator. City fires, forest fires, house fires put all kinds of toxics in the air.

      If you’ve ever had to work outside with a bunch of pesky little bugs trying to get into your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, then you can appreciate a dust mask, a bug screen over your hat and face, etc.
      Often, during the buggy season, I’ll put a little dab of “camphor vaseline” around my ears, neck, (but NOT near the eyes or on the forehead where sweating will carry it into the eyes)… brand name is Vick’s VapoRub. It keeps the gnats/no-see-ums out of my ears.

      I put up a fence around my garden, so as to help keep local animals out. I’ve got a 2nd garden area, about 200ft away from the main one, so that when the time comes, I can rotate my crops further from each other, or help to prevent cross pollination between different varieties of corn, etc.

      Another perennial to grow, is GINGER! Turmeric, Kiwi, grapes, (and all the fruit and nut trees). I hear that tobacco is very hard to grow because all the bugs that evolved to attack the commercial types. Perhaps some wild or foreign types might be easier?
      It has some genuine uses besides addiction, but it’s the addiction that makes it the cash crop/barter crop.

      Last year, I looked up the process for extracting sugar from sugar beets, sugar cane, etc, and it’s just way too much work…so I bought bags and bags of white sugar and stored them well.

      Do you remember my tip about the best price for canning salt? In 40 pound bags at Lowes, Walmart, HomeDepot, etc, SWIMMING POOL SALT, normally about $6/bag. Prepper sites recommend having no less than 150 pounds of salt per person. (about the same for sugar too).

      Amish info, recommends having no less than 150 canning jars per person (in a farmhouse where they also have livestock they can eat). If you got no livestock, and you live where the winters are cold, then you’ll probably need at 200 jars per person.
      Dehydration & pickling, smoking are also good methods.

      In my region, humidity is always a problem, and can prevent dehydration from being effective.

      Here’s an idea. Use a vacuum pump hooked up to a big pressure canner!!! Fill it up, warm it up, suck it dry. I wonder how long it would take to “FREEZE DRY” sliced foods in a pressure canner sitting in freezer!!! Cut a hole in the freezer wall for the vacuum tube, so you can close the door.
      OK,, be well, eat well, sleep well. Having some silver, a gun, and a garden really makes me sleep without a care in the world.

    • Outstanding job @Minuteman
      My garden is almost exactly 1/2 the size of yours. But it is still productive. This year I have: beets, corn, green beans, cukes, crookneck squash, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and potatoes. I don’t have a huge amount of any of these but the variety is good. Would like to try planting some garlic sometime. It adds a lot of flavor to various dishes that would otherwise be kind of plain tasting. Yeah, it’s not the best thing for the breath but what the hey? There will be lots of MUCH bigger problems during any SHTF scenario and a few cloves of garlic might be good trading material. It’s very healthful and keeps well when braided and hung in a garage, basement, or an enclosed porch where it can be cool and dry. Onions keep well this same way. I’ll be trying that out this fall to see how long they will last. I love onions in soups, stews, various meat dishes, and chopped in a sandwich.

      Anyone who likes acorn squash should grow some as they are delicious and last for 8-9 months if kept cool and dry. We like these split in half, seeds and strings cleaned out of the center, and then baked at 350F for an hour with a table spoon of butter or margarine and 2 table spoons of brown sugar in the middle… cook until fork tender and enjoy as they are delicious. Did not plant any of these this year but probably should have. Also, they are climbers and it is interesting to watch them grow up and through a chicken wire fence. Very large acorn squash can hang from this in mid-air, which makes them very easy to pick. The stems tend to be thick, tough, and woody so use a large pair of diagonal cutters or similar tool to snip them off the vine when they are ready to pick. You’ll know when they develop an egg-sized yellow / gold spot on one side of their otherwise dark green husk. In storage they will become completely orange but as long as the husk remain hard, they are still good. I can see these being grown as feed for chickens as well but since we have no chickens to test this on, I will have to hear from others who do and can try it. Once ripe and split in half, chickens should like both the pulp and the seeds.

    • Cheapest, quickest, hoop house (green house) for your winter survival garden.There are better designs, bigger, roomier, and even some TIPS how to add some FREE heating (geo thermal), etc.

      Remember, that the simple plastic sheeting (made for greenhouses), has some UV protection additive so it won’t fall apart in 4 months as will happen with regular plastic sheeting, BUT, the simple, SINGLE layer of plastic, will hold about 10F extra heat above ambient.

      If you cover it with SWIMMING POOL (they call it solar cover), bubble wrap, up to 16 mils thick (7 year warranty), the green house forums say that this bubble wrap will hold 20F of extra heat above ambient. (you put the bubble facing the inside of the structure because they are the thin plastic and also, would catch too much dirt and snow if they faced the outside, and they would self destruct and you’d lose their insulating properties.

      After you watch this most simple style, you’ll want to spend time looking at better designs with a lot of options (but they take longer and cost more).

      • CED,
        Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of or use Azomite,it remineralizes soil,has over 70 trace minerals.I used it on my garden and fruit trees this year.My garden is the best it’s ever been,the tomatoes,which usually get the leaf blight from the bottom up,are perfect this year.The lettuce and kale are growing so fast we can’t eat it fast enough.Got way more buds/flowers on the cucs and beans too.When the plants get what they need to be healthy,they are,same with the fruit trees.No fruit this year since they were bare rooted when I planted them.Should get fruit next year(2yrs).Used the azomite on them too.Some good you tube videos on it out there.
        The secret to a healthy garden is compost,compost,compost.I don’t discard any of my grass cuttings or leaves anymore.I got a triple bagger for my tractor to catch it all and it all goes onto the compost pile,which is about 15′ in dia and about 3′ high.I turn it over occasionally,it has become a worm factory,plus all kitchen scraps/coffee grinds get mixed in as well.Last year in the fall after I pulled the garden I spread the compost over it,this spring I tilled it in,magnificant!

        • @glitter1, Great advice, to return vital minerals back to the soil (rockdust), and composting.

          In my 1100 square foot garden (30X37 of planting area inside a fence that’s 40×40), I added 160 pounds (almost 10 pounds / 100sq-ft) of ZEOLITE sand (rock mineral), and 80-100 pounds of D.E.

          In the future, I may add other rockdust, but last year, I added about 8 yards of red clay (100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} rock dust) and tilled it down. That should be quite a good boost, but I wonder what is the full makeup of that clay. Red suggests an iron content as well.

          I’ll be raking and digging & hauling lots of my forest, natural compost from the ground, and putting it on the garden (lots of oak & pine litter, moss, and finely matted roots like peat moss in some places.)

          I’ve watched the videos with the garden guy who loves all the rockdusts. Nice vids.

          I also was watching vids of home made wheel hoe and hand held transplaters, seed planting tubes, etc, and planting seedlings down thru some plastic row-mulch-cover. Great time savers!

          From all that I’ve experienced in my new gardening life (starting 2 years ago), the books and videos, I will be much better prepared for next year’s gardening in this area.

          I’ve been learning what works or not around here, and what’s needed.
          Time for you to get outta N.J., and relocate here as soon as you can do it. If things get shaky, then you may have to speed up your time-schedule. I’ve explained all the benefits and drawbacks to this little area, and you know all the drawbacks of your area.

          We all have some kind of baggage to carry. We just have to make room for it as we change things. It’s gonna be a lot easier growing old in a warm climate instead of a cold one.
          Even though the summer heat & humidity can be brutal, at least you can survive by going naked, rather than freezing to death up north when all the energy grids (electric & gas) may go down.

          In my location, you can actually survive the entire winter, without any grid help, if you’ve got a kerosene heater and 50-80 gallons of kerosene for heating and lighting.
          If using propane, it would require about 50{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} more fuel (because kerosene has about 43{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} more BTU’s per gallon, you don’t need as many gallons).
          Kerosene=130k btu’s
          propane=90k btu’s

          There was a couple winters in Detroit, where I kept warm with wood & kerosene. I’d burn thru 2 gallons of kerosene every 24 hours, and that was NOT heating the entire house, but only a small area. So I was using about 60 gallons each month.

          • CED,
            Yes, we learn every year how to improve on the next.About getting out of Jersey,My wife and I are keeping all our options open on where we wind up.I’m always looking on the website:Land and Farms.You can find some really nice places in rural areas,like southern PA and WV.I was looking at some really nice farmsteads in WV yesterday with nice acerage with really nice water features/clear running streams and springs and the icing on the cake is the low property taxes,like less than 1K a year,some in the hundreds per year.I’m sure there are other tax structures that may make up for the low property taxes,however at 1K or less per year you actually can say you own your house/property.Also,alot of properties come with free natural gas to run your house and generator,I like that option very much,think of it,no cost for heat,hot water,clothes drying,cooking,etc.That’s as close to cost free living as you can get.
            My brother,who has been living in my parents/our house since 1956, just sold it and close this month.He and his wife are moving to NC/Wilmington area to be with their daughter’s new family.That area is too developed for me,too many Northern transplants,but hey he’s escaping NJ many have tried and failed.My wife keeps beating me over the head that when her Mom passes we’re outta here,I keep telling her we have to know where we are going first,so our options are open and we keep looking/narrowing down where.One of my big issues is my/our age,I don’t have the stamina I use to have.I can’t take on major repair or reno of a place,just don’t have it like I use to.So, we will be looking for something that’s in good,well kept condition where I won’t be spending years fixing,when I was younger,yes,but can’t do it now.FL is not out of the question,I think hard about that choice,especially when the snow is a foot and a half deep and I’m bronco busting the snow blower.

          • In my old research, I recall the 50yr history of tornadoes, showed the W.Va. was a super safe zone, with almost no tornadoes during the entire 50yrs. Being sheltered in between certain mountain ranges creates weather conditions where tornadoes are almost impossible to form. Free natural gas is great, but the one bad thing about those such regions, is the coal, gas & oil industry owns all the rights and they are well known to come in and remove the entire mountain to remove the coal (and compensate you a pathetic amount if any), and oil/gas pumpers do a lot of damage. The only mineral resource in FL is sand and coral-limestone deposits. Nothing worth the efforts.

            Low taxes and other costs will become the top priority when the gov’t cannot pay Soc Sec payments, Medicare, EBT, etc. and of course, the private pensions, 401’s, IRA’s will all be trashed, so we will be living on our being able to sell bits of silver & gold to cover the taxes & fees.
            I’m calculating on this exact situation to happen to us in the near future (from now, or as long as five years out).

            I’m also expecting a change of currency, either before or after the US dollar loses more than 50{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of its remaining purchasing power in the same 0-5 yr time frame.
            Americans have not lived thru a currency change / crisis since the confiscation of private gold in 1933, and it was still called “the dollar”.
            Hyperinflation (at the retail level) must come, because they have already hyper inflated the money-supply.

            Remember, you must not consider any part of Florida that is no in the northern half of Walton County, and the safest weather zone (according to NOAA weather history), is the 30 mile wide vertical path (N & S) up the middle of Walton county, with Hwy 331 as the centerline. It’s the delicate combo of Gulf air patterns, Gulf shoreline shape & physical land elevations, which includes Hwy 331 running right up thru the highest elevation in the State of Florida (up to 341ft above sea level).

            The 50yr history of tornadoes and hurricanes, is the best along the entire gulf region. It’s very rare for any hurricane to hit this little safe zone, and they quickly lose some strength. I’m 1/2 way between DeFuniak Springs & Paxton (look at the maps & google images of the towns etc.).
            I’m 300ft above sea level, and about 50 miles inland from the beaches. Lovely rolling hills and real trees, green forests in all directions!!!!!!!

            The property tax structure of Florida gives every “homesteaded” property, a $50k reduction of the assessment before it calculates the tax bill. BUT, all the other counties, typically charge 22-25 mils. But WALTON county’s rate is only 12.5 mils. 🙂 The only other county with that low rate, is Miami-Dade. 🙁

            PS. There is NO Florida INCOME TAX for individuals or couples. (but there is one for corporations.)

            PSS. When your property is “homesteaded” there is an added benefit, of your homestead is exempt from all lawsuit judgements except for bank mortgages, IRS and Florida tax liens. Nobody can sue your out of your house. (Remember O.J. Simpson? He never lost his $4-10 million dollar Florida house to any civil court action.) It was protected, even when he lost the $33 million dollar wrongful death suit to the Goldman family.

            Manufactured homes (mobile homes) are assessed at much lower levels, therefore, your tax bill will be greatly reduced. AND, there are manufactured homes that are built to the hurricane codes for the gulf area, you can actually buy one that is rated at a better strength rating than normal style homes.

            (Construction codes of “normal” homes, is rated for about 70mph of sustained winds without major damage, but some of those stronger “manufactured homes” can withstand winds of 100mph to 130mph !!!) There is nothing cheap or flimsy about them anymore. Those flimsy models, pretty much became extinct around 1980? The stronger building codes (nationally), as well as regionally, got better after that, and just kept getting better. The days of 1×3 and 2×3 studs is long gone, also the wiring is all proper copper.
            Mine is a 1986 small doublewide, and is pretty decent. 2×4 stud walls, proper insulation, copper wiring, decent plumbing, cheap windows (single pane/alum frames), and the original sink bowls were horrible. I remodeled both bathrooms, and got rid of the bathtub and have only walk-in showers now (much safer for anybody who gets bad knees, etc).

            So, don’t forget, the growing/farming/gardening season, you can actually grow 3 seasonal crops down here, (but 2 crops are easiest.) Mild winters, night time temps can often get below freezing, but daytime shoots right back up to the 50’s or more.

            There is usually enough “cold hours” for those fruit trees that need some “cold hours” to activate their fruiting biology (apples, peaches, almonds, plums, blueberries, etc).

            Here’s the part that will save people’s homes when the currency & pensions & Wallstreet have crashed.
            My 5 acres (in a rural area), with my 1000sq-ft “manufactured” home, the annual TAX bill with NO homestead discount, is exactly $290 / year.
            (when I decide to relinquish my DETROIT homestead discount, I will then be eligible to receive the FL homestead credit, and my tax bill will fall to about $150/year).

            My Florida INCOME tax bill is = ZERO.

            My monthly WATER / Sewer bill is = ZERO (I have a private well & septic tank. Repairs are my responsibility).

            My car insurance (2001 mini van, no accidents or tickets, driver is retired), costs me $300 / six months- full coverage, from “Progressive”.

            Every $100 dollars “SAVED” means that I don’t have to “earn” $140 of “Gross income”. They can’t find a way to tax what you’re not earning.

            Back in Detroit, my tax bill is about $1400/yr, and I have to earn about $2100 of gross income to be able to “take home” $1400 that I must hand over to the property tax guys.

            Property prices around here, took a BIG drop in values since 2008, and have not fully rebounded. Places that used to cost $200k, are about $150k or lower.
            You can look up a lot of general stats at ” ” You can search the ZIP CODE (32433) and Walton county, and you can search the city name, to get all the normal stats, demographics, crimes, jobs, age levels, incomes, weather-temps, rainfall, all kinds of charts and tables. Compare it to your area.

            Sales tax in Walton county is 7{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}.
            My brother lives outside of Tampa, one nice home, one standard “lot” and he pays about $5000/yr in taxes, and another $3000-$5000 in house insurance (including the FLOOD insurance)!!! OUCH. He also pays a ‘city rate’ for car insurance!

            I did all this, just in case you’d forgotten it from previous posts.

          • Before I retired, I started researching all that stuff, looking for favorable tax, climate, and other considerations. I put my emotional desires behind me, and I let the numbers and research do most of my thinking on my behalf.
            I wanted safety from crime, safety from dangerous weather, safety from high expenses & taxes, etc.
            I wanted good growing conditions (that ruled out deserts and all the northern tier states).
            I didn’t want to be in the middle of a Latino gang majority area, major drug cartel routes coming up from Texas, Arizona, NM, etc.

            I lived in Detroit since the late 70’s, so I knew enough about black majority areas that I wanted to get away from that culture too. I also didn’t want to be inside any populated zone, such as a city or suburb, or even within a big town. I wanted control of my own water too.

            So I had to move outside of any city’s water-sewer district.

            I even looked at maps & charts of Lyme disease reports and tracking, and yes, it exists in Florida too. Very little, but when you dig deep enough, even though the CDC and medical community deny it, I was able to find it thru the animal medical community (veterinarian) stuff that tracks dogs, horses, etc.

            It’s similar to tracking down information on Mad Cow disease. Just like MSG-Mono Sodium Glutamate, MCD is hidden behind several different names, but it’s the same shit.
            NvJakob Cruetzfeld Disease (the name for Human infections), Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) the name they use for deer, elk, and other wild animals, Scrapie (the name for infected sheep), etc etc.
            So when you look for infected deer, elk, antelope etc, the official charts might deny it, but then you check the agricultural sheep infections, and you find it’s right there in the area where they deny CWD or MCD.
            Michigan is supposed to be FREE from Mad Cow Disease & CWD, but Michigan actually had the very first “reported” infection in the USA, of Scrapie (MCD/CWD) in a herd of sheep in the late 1940’s!!! The sheep were important from the UK.

            So if you’re considering W.Va, Carolinas, Ky, Tn, etc, then check the agricultural sites to see what they say about Lyme disease, Scrapie, CWD, etc. The CDC has been known to hide the very same data as regards to human infections. Also, keep in mind that Mad Cow disease (Bovine spongiform encephalitis), is HIDDEN because they are protecting the meat industry!!!

            Here’s a clever government trick, is that cattle farmers are banned from doing their own tests for MCD. And the government might test 1 cow from 10,000..(if they actually test any cows at all) and they find NO MCD and announce to the world that the USA has NO infected animals.

            There were some ranchers that wanted to test their own herds and to advertise that their herds were 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} tested and safe, and they almost went to jail for it. The government (and meat industry) could NOT afford to compete with that. Testing all the animals and finding that there are hundreds or thousands of infected animals would expose all the lies…so they found a way to keep it hidden.

            An old interview I listened to a long time ago, (with a coroner), he said that many coroners refuse to do any autopsies on cadavers that died from any form of dementia, exactly because earlier test results has shown that perhaps as many as 25{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of all dementia patiets have some form of MCD, and if it really was caused by “PRIONS” (prion disease), then it cannot be sterilized by anything less than 500F. They said that these prions cannot be broken down, even by molten lead! A prion is the name given to a type of crystal made by proteins or amino acids, it’s not alive. But just like a ‘receptor’ cell, or a bullet mold, it multiplies itself just like a bullet mold takes molten lead and makes something new.

            The prions act like that and make more of themselves, and these prions break down brain tissue etc, just like a mechanical jackhammer or steak knife cuts tissue. A steak knife is not alive, but if you’ve got millions of them floating inside your brain cells, you’ll end up with dead spots (that’s MCD in every form and every name).

            The coroner said, they just wrap up the body, and write up a report, but they don’t cut into it, and have it cremated. This coroner said, the only reliable way to sterilize their surgical tools after such contamination, is to send them out to have them MELTED down!!!
            He also said, there are CHEMICAL digesters that can break down the proteins, such as a strong acid bath to dissolve every cell, until the body turns into soup. They could sterilize the tools in something like that.

            He said it’s such a serious, but HIDDEN topic in his field.

          • Thanks for the outstanding info CED, Glitter & Ed B. I researched and ordered a grub hoe yesterday and can’t wait to put it to work. Thanks,

          • @Minuterman, Yes, I also want to get a grub-hoe, but it’s gonna have to wait a little longer.
            But I did buy the hand held CULTIVATOR (hoe-rake). They all have 4 tines, but some are welded, others are forged, but a very important difference, is the HANDLE.

            If it’s not a good handle, (but the implement is good), you’ll end up having to buy a new handle from your local store to fix it, and you’ll certainly be looking for, and paying for a much stronger handle.
            I’ll buy a new handle for my new tool, and store that handle for future use. Locally, a good, strong handle is about $14.
            Lesson?= even if you don’t buy the better tool from the get-go, it’s always a GOOD idea to buy a couple of different (and proper) style handles for your most important implements!

            The cultivator, is used to slap it down into the weeds of your garden, and hoe them out (the tines grab the roots, and you no longer have to get down on your hands and knees so much, except for a little bit of “spot weeding”.

            I really like the idea of having a $250 wheel hoe for FREE (homemade from a scrap bike).

            And here is a video with a more versatile DOUBLE WHEEL HOE. (you really need to watch a bunch of videos of both the single wheel and double wheel types and attachments to get a good understanding of why the double wheel is more useful, but even a single wheel-especially when you can MAKE it for FREE- is a great things for all of us gardeners.)


          • That’s the most ‘severe-radical’ crisis map I’ve ever seen. I’m familiar with the more common ‘crisis-map’ that shows what is supposed to be the “earth changes” as “seen” by technical remote viewers, “gifted people”, and quite a lot of others. The one that shows most of California gone into the ocean, and parts of the Pacific, coming inland, as much so that part of Nebraska gets a little bit of beach front property.
            The Great Lakes tectonic plate is slowly tilting at this moment (the last couple decades?), back toward emptying out thru the Chicago river on its way to the Mississippi, and will flood vast regions of the nations interior, but will practically dry up the Niagara Falls, etc.

            On the East Coast, Virginia Beach is supposed to be a “super safe zone”, while some coastal areas of Georgia & Florida go under water.
            On THAT map, MY little safe zone I keep talking about, stays well above water and is not flooded, but the coastline that is now about 50 miles south of me, is expected to get closer to me, and the new coast line, will put the beaches, at about 20-25 miles south of me (instead of today’s 50 mile distance.)
            The map I’m talking about, has also been discussed on Coast to Coast, Art Bell, and going all the way back to the 1920’s-40’s “Edgar Cayce readings” (the gifted “seer” who was given the nickname of “The Sleeping Prophet”.) He’s a very interesting character who died about 1945, at the age of 65? A Baptist sunday school teacher on the side, but a photographer was his ‘profession’ and started back when flash powder-gun powder was used as the illumination for shots that needed more light.
            He was a avid bible reader, having read the complete bible all the way thru, for each year of his life. (65 times).
            Thru the information of his “gift” of knowledge, etc, he gave a little more than 14,000 “readings” that were all taken down, and catalogued and saved, at the archives located at the charity that came out of this, located at Virginia Beach. Many thousands of people were given instructions how to heal their conditions, and rather than “laying on hands” for healing, his helpful-heavenly instructions are still being used today to heal people from all over the world who apply the many natural techniques. Edgar Cayce said it was his childhood prayer, to be able to help people, even after his death. If he had been given the gift of “healing by hands”, then the gift would have died with him, but his gift manifested itself as a big library from all the people who sought help, and received explanations of the causes and methods to treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

            Among those “readings”, from about the 1920’s & 1930’s, was spoken of how the earth had previously gone thru many “pole shifts” and “axis flips” in ancient history (he said that one was recorded in the bible, is where Joshua commanded the sun to remain high in the sky and not begin to move again until he released the sun).

            These pole shifts and axis flips, were scientifically verified about the early 1980’s when geologists/scientists, figured out that by studying the orientation of microscopic iron crystals (like little directional compasses) in ancient lava flows around the planet, they were able to determine at what era, the poles were located in different areas from today, such as one period, the north pole was located in southern Africa.

            The age of lava-flows, are often dated by carbon 14 (and also much better, newer techniques, of ancient trees that were buried and not completely burned. Cayce said we’ll be experiencing more shifting of the poles and axis, beginning slowly about 1960?, and getting faster as the century advances. We actually have seen the north pole shifting faster and further in the time frame predicted during his lifetime. (you will know them by their fruits, and the fruits of Edgar Cayce have always been helpful for medical things, as well as spiritual uplifting things, and physical things in the earth, politics, world events, etc.)

            If anybody wanted to get the shortest, but most interesting A-Z about him, there is a short little paper back book out there, (written by Jess Stearn.. published in the 60’s?), called:
            “Edgar Cayce- The Sleeping Prophet”.
            I got a used one from Amazon, for about $3. I couldn’t put it down.
            There are other books, written by OTHER people who studied the “readings”, and compiled books, and titled them with subjects like=
            Earth Changes
            several about Jesus and the Holy land, etc.
            and yes, “Reincarnation” (still a very controversial topic).

            A wild prediction he made, was that communist Russia would change as in the twinkling of the eye, and re-dedicate itself to Christianity and become a nation with democratic style elections and the end of communism.
            To make such a predicting even before WW2 was done, was completely dismissed as “impossible” by everybody at that time.

            But we saw the Berlin wall come down and things moved so fast, it really was like “in the blink of an eye”.

      • @Craig
        Great video on the “hoop house” / greenhouse. That is fascinating. I was thinking while watching that it would be good to put 4-way connectors at the ridge so that two sections of hoop could plug into it and so could straight sections of PVC pipe along the ridge of the structure. That should stiffen it considerably, which would be good in windy areas.

        The tip for adding ventilation was excellent and should work very well.

  8. And what will keep your “hoop house” from being plundered by starving people? Oh, I know. You’ll just gun them down. You guys who write this ridiculous stuff about “survival” are really ignorant. You will put your family in more harm by having this stupid hoop house than by not having it. The intruders will have guns too, and you will get your family killed. Wise up.

    • I don’t even worry about all this survival stuff anymore. I mean, ya I have guns, ammo, extra food, etc. I live in the country surrounded by woods, plenty of animals thats for sure. Its good for people to be skilled, and have the knowledge so that if something happens, you can take care of your family. I just don’t worry about it anymore. I would be worried living in a city though.

    • That COULD be said of ANY kind of prep… so, are you saying that it is better not to prep?
      Yes, a hoop house is visible but then so is a garden and it’s just as likely to be seen and an attempt made to plunder it. Of course, those who know more about survival than you will not have their hoop house or garden up and running during the early stages of a SHTF scenario. No, they will live on their stored preps until after the “die off” and will then garden to replace the stored food they have eaten when gardening would attract predators. Even if one does not do anything to attract these scavengers, they will still seek out others upon whom to prey. So, yes, they must be made to understand that doing that is a BAD idea. Shooting some of them full of holes could well do that. The good news comes in the form of living in a small community that is a ways from any city and having friends upon whom we can depend. Most criminals are lousy shots because they are seldom trained to use their weapons correctly and almost never practice with their weapons. There is no perfect answer in the questions posed in an imperfect world. All we can do is the best we can… and some of us are a LOT better at these things than others. Is that a guarantee of survival? Nope. There are NO guarantees in this life, save that it ends. But we can bend the odds of surviving in our favor and anyone who likes living should do that if they can.

      • E_B….I never said it wasn’t a good idea to prep. Don’t put words into my mouth. What I said was it needs to be done discretely. These pepper articles are getting moronic. If you have a visible producing garden or hoop house when the SHTF, you are as good as dead. Buy canned goods and dry storable foods and keep your vegetable seeds for the aftermath. You might be able to use them, after the initial population die off.By the way, you might be surprised what I know about prepping.

  9. GREENHOUSE trick!!! Check out this very clever, INEXPENSIVE, FAST way to attach plastic (or bug fabric, or sun reduction fabric) to your greenhouse frames.
    This guy was looking at the standard systems (wiggle strip) that would have cost him about $50 for his small green house, but he made a BETTER system for just about $10.

    PVC pipes modified into “snap-in”, and puts EVEN pressure on the covering, so that the cover won’t rip apart, and so far, he’s had NO “pull outs” even at 35MPH winds.

  10. Oh for heaven’s sake,,, I copied and pasted, but I guess my “Clip board” still had the WRONG LINK… let me pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to triple check this crap!!!
    OK,, I TRIPLE checked it, and yes,, THIS is the EXACT correct link!! (I do apologize for the multiple screw-ups.)

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