REALIST NEWS – Goldman Sees Bitcoin Soaring As High As $3,915 During Next Breakout


from jsnip4:


  1. Goldman Sacks has been looking into Bitcoin since Bitcoin was at $10 at least from what I know. I know that Goldman put at least 50 million into a company called Circle early so they are holding a lot of Bitcoin at very low prices. Bitcoin was created by the NSA and Banking cartels. Cryptocurrency is the new system emerging. Crypto wont be anonymous. Your crypto wallet will be most likely be issues to you by a bank or a government as part of you identification. This is Obvious if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Banks are loading up on crypto not fighting it.
    Bitcoin – Global Bankers scheme to ditch the Dollar

    • Excellent video and dead accurate. Cryptos are a bankers wet dream. I hope this guy has his book, if he has one, translated into english. As he was saying no one knows who controls these damn things nor from where so your money is gone and there is no one to complain to to get it back. The bankers steal everything with bitcoin and unlike credit card accountability there is no one to complain to so the bankers now can commit the perfect and untraceable crime.

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