PESKOV: Those Who say Trump is Stupid are Talking “Delusional Trash”


by Adam Garrie, The Duran:
Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has commented on Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Donald Trump after a lengthy debriefing from the Russian President.

Peskov echoed statements from Vladimir Putin who said on Saturday that,

“Mr Trump’s television image is very different from the real person; he is a very down to earth and direct person, and he has an absolutely adequate attitude towards the person he is talking with; he analyses things pretty fast and answers the questions he is asked or new ones that arise in the course of the discussion. So I think that if we build our relations in the vein of our yesterday’s meeting, there are good reasons to believe that we will be able to revive, at least partially, the level of interaction that we need”.

Putin’s Presidential spokesman today added,

“Accusations that Trump is somewhat incompetent or that he is a novice, can be classified as delusional trash. Trump is not some simpleton. He has expert knowledge, he is a very determined negotiator and skillful at using his knowledge to put his position across”.

Peskov’s statement confirms what has been clear to many Trump supporters from early on, that the US President is a clear and independent thinker. Whereas Barack Obama was rarely seen speaking without a script, throughout the campaign, almost all of Donald Trump’s speeches were delivered in an impromptu style, something which is generally a clear indication of intelligence and cognitive lucidity.

Peskov called the mainstream media’s disparaging portrayals of Trump’s intelligence “hysterical” before rejecting the notion that there was a ‘winner and loser’ in the Putin/Trump meeting as “absurd”

Peskov said,

“We can now confidently declare that this was a win-win encounter”.

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