New Jersey Governor Issues A State Of Emergency Executive Order


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
In an attempt to shield those living in the Garden state from the problems their government created, the governor, Chris Christie, has now signed an executive order issuing a “state of emergency.” As speculation grows that New Jersey will soon follow in Illinois’ footsteps, the government is proving forecasters correct by their inability to pass a constitutionally mandated budget.

Not only did New Jersy’s inability to pass a budget shut down the government (but not really. Don’t worry, you’ll still be taxed and welfare checks will still go out) but it scared Christie enough to sign a state of emergency executive order.

New Jersey’s economic stability is in a dire state, and they appear to be continuing to make the same mistakes as Illinois. But according to, the conflict in the legislature and subsequent budget standstill is about the finances of not-for-profit Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the state’s largest health insurer. The state Senate passed a bill that allows the state government to control how much Horizon keeps in its surplus fund before it must contribute to a public health fund.

The government doesn’t seem to want to tackle to problems they created, they only seek to tighten the economic hold they have on companies and individuals through taxation and regulations. And the government never tries taxing less and spending less, they only want more power, which is funded by more theft, and control through entitlement programs.

Moody’s is even warning that it’s the high taxation and political promises that are sinking states.

“Tax rate increases, such as the ‘millionaires’ tax’ implemented in prior administrations, could bridge some of the gap, but may be politically challenging in this already high-tax state. Closing the entire $3.6 billion gap with revenue-side solutions alone appears unlikely,” analysts said. Gubernatorial candidates seeking to replace Gov. Chris Christie have proposed bringing back variations of the millionaire’s tax. But the size of the future deficit is so large, Moody’s said, “it unlikely that a sufficient tax increase would be politically feasible.” Finding enough cuts, too, would be “highly challenging,” the agency said, adding even slashing employee health benefits would fall short in the long term. –

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  1. Did Christie issue his statement while sunbathing his fat-ass from the very beach he closed to the public? This guy is dumber than a box of rocks. Rivaled only by those who voted for this Tub-O-Lard!

    • he always reminds of those people that are stuck in their chairs and are fatter than shit in the movie WALL-E…

  2. The REALLY dumb people out there are the ones who INSIST that anyone, any group, or any nation can continuously spend more than they create without any financial repercussions at all. I KNOW that I cannot do this. Neither can my city, county, or state. Somehow, some people assume that the national government is immune to the simple laws of economics that bind the rest of us to more sensible financial policies.
    The nanny state is not sustainable and it WILL come to an end. The only real question is will it end by being cut back until it fits within our current income or will it simply bankrupt the nation and collapse the economy, the currency, the debt markets, and the government itself?

    We have been in a time of hard decisions for at least 20 years now. But the wussies in congress and the white house refuse to acknowledge the simple financial truth that we cannot continue to spend more than we earn and then print and borrow the difference. When one has too much debt, taking on ever more debt is NOT the solution. This is like putting a band aids on multiple cut arteries. It… simply… will… not… work. And yet, hope springs eternal in the minds of those who have no concept of how economics works.

    We will know that someone in the highest levels of government finally understands the problem we all face when they implement both a budget freeze and a hiring freeze. Until then, they are merely paying lip service to our debt problems.

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