Millennials: You Will NEVER Own a Home! Here’s Why.


from The Money GPS:


  1. Why would anybody need to “own” a house, when there are millions of empty homes you can just SQUAT in them for free?
    I’ve seen it with my own eyes in Detroit, just a few years ago, they officially announced that there were over 70,000 empty homes that needed to be demolished. If 70k was the official number, then you can be sure the real number of empty homes was a lot larger.

    I imagine there are similar situations in many areas. Just pick a few homes, research the ownership a bit, move in, fix just enough to be cozy, and when some agency kicks you out, just pick another one and do it again.

    No property taxes to pay. Just set up some utility service (not so hard to do), and move in openly with a big U-haul truck, etc, if the neighbors ask, say you’re renting, or bought it from a city auction. If the home has been owned by a bank or the tax department, the neighbors are not likely to dig deep enough to know it.

    Not having a house note or property taxes & insurance, would make life a LOT easier for everybody.
    There are a lot of freeloaders, who move in a rental home or apartment, but don’t pay any rent, and get 3-6 months of free living while the eviction system slowly happens.

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