MIKE MALONEY The Next Economic Crash Is Going To Be A Horrific on August 21, 2017


from X22 Report, via Alex Bennett:


  1. @randy, Yes, I noticed that it’s an X22 report… so I tracked it down, and I’m listening to it AGAIN (from X22’s channel).
    Even though it’s 2 months old, Mike is always worth hearing. I’m going thru it, just in case I need to hear something over again.
    With the recent “flash crash” (to the downside- big surprise eh?), I wonder if we’re getting closer ‘to the edge’ of something big?

    You see how I keep posting “Garden Updates” with good & bad news, is because if we end up like Venezuela, such information might possibly be of useful help to future gardeners have better success and not starve to death.

    I get the feeling that life-saving, life protecting information is more important than financial crash warnings. When the SHTF, we’re gonna need to eat and to be safe from harm.

    Always be ready, and if nothing bad happens? It just means we had insurance that didn’t get used, but if something bad really does come, our “insurance-preps” will be our most precious resource.

  2. What a scam, SGT?This is an old interview clearly done by Dave from the X22 report. Who is Alex Bennett??
    Total click bait title too!
    Mike talking about largest shorts in Silver….long gone smash over and commercials going long.
    Stolen and outdated!

  3. OK, I just finished listening to this (2 month old) interview again, and it was worthy of hearing again.
    I often need to be reminded of the crap going on, and reminded that I must not let my guard down, and have to keep prepping, fix what needs fixing, plant the food that needs planting, but not lose sight of enjoying life that is here now.

    Bible logic, (the type that preaches – build up your treasures in heaven for the “after life”), would suggest we need to build up our treasures for the “after crash”, so that we will have a heavenly life after the crisis has worked its way thru the system.

    Stack dem silvers, Grow dem gardens, shoot dem zombies. (and keep score)

  4. Mike Maloney never said that the next economic crash is going to happen on August 21, 2017 as the title of this “stolen” video implies. Also Mike Maloney calls the general equity market the S&P 5000. No such thing. It is either the S&P 500 or the Wilshire 5000. Any one who is knowledgeable about the financial markets would never make such a mistake.

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