Maxine Waters Wants to Explore “Exiling” Trump


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
It is almost sad yet thoroughly laughable to witness the mental meltdown of Maxine Waters in real time. She has become increasingly unhinged ever since the election, and has each attack against Trump has been discredited, her grip on reality is slowly slipping away. Already she has been called out by even leftist news outlets for contradicting her own public statements. But as her Twitter account shows, her mental state may have degraded even further.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at Waters’ recent Twitter statuses, where she calls for the exile of Donald Trump. Let that sink in for a moment, she is actually calling for a sitting president to be exiled, forgetting that we are not living in the Roman Empire. What is even sadder is that such a deluded woman is still able to hold office.

How do Maxine’s constituents feel about her desperate and deluded behavior? Perhaps you should have asked them when they were holding their “Impeach Maxine Waters” Protest Outside Her Home!

Eagle Rising Writes:

Maxine Waters fell out of the idiot tree and bounced off every branch on the way down. The woman is bananas!

She has claimed that Trump WILL be impeached, over and over again. She has called Trump and every one of his supporters every colorful name in the book. It is quite interesting though because as she rants and raves over how “racist” and horrible our president is, we are all watching her self-destruction. Sort of like how we are watching Nancy Pelosi’s self-destruction as well.

As Trump said, perhaps they are our best weapons when it comes to elections. They continue to go off the deep end and more people vote Republican!

Maxine has hit a new frontier now. Instead of just demanding Trump be impeached, she now screams for EXILE! Let’s all laugh along.

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  1. why would ANYONE want to listen to or report on this completely insane politician…iF anyone needs to be removed from should start with her, and those that agree with her..or repeat her ranting’s….imho

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