Massive Physical Gold Buying Won’t Shock the World


from Smaul gld:


  1. This article is not wrong. Andrew Maguire is a good guy but his claims have failed miserably.His most recent explanation why 5 July was a dud totally sucked.

  2. Human Nature explains why the world won’t be shocked by massive gold purchases.
    But the world WILL be shocked when the shelves are empty!!! Just like the grocery stores when a hurricane or snow storm is about to arrive.

    People rush out and purchase everything in sight, and the stores are emptied in just a few hours, and then everybody is shocked and surprised.

    That’s how it’s gonna be with the PM’s, and that’s why all the smart people already have their private stash of PM’s and food at home, long before the storms even have a chance to form on the horizon.

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