Mainstream Media Now Advocating “All Citizens” Spend Time In Prison As “Service” To Country


by Claire Bernish, Activist Post:
Corporate media achieved a new level of absurdity last week, when Jesse Ball, writing for the Los Angeles Times, suggested every American be required to spend a stint behind bars every ten years as a veritable guarantee to improve conditions of incarceration in the United States.

In the piece titled, “Everyone should go to jail, say, once every ten years,” Ball writes,

A notable demand that is made upon the citizens of the United States of America is that of jury duty. Although many despise, hate and avoid it, there is a general sense that the task is necessary. We believe a society is only just if everyone shares in the apportionment of guilt.

To this demand of jury duty, I would like to add another, and in the same spirit. I propose that all citizens of the United States of America should serve a brief sentence of incarceration in our maximum-security penitentiaries. This service, which would occur for each person once in a decade, would help ensure that the quality of life within our prisons is sufficient for the keeping of human beings.

Without foreknowledge on length of stay and other details, citizens would languish behind the same bars as convicted criminals under Ball’s proposal — albeit in a section separated from offenders, assumedly not to confuse jailers and inmates, or endanger anyone serving ‘incarceration duty.’

But Ball misses the point — feeding the elephant in the room of overcriminalization of daily life, excessive laws, and, worst by far of all, the normalization of incarceration as conditional to the American way of life — lecturing all of us to walk a mile in the shoes of the convicted rather than declaring the brazen failures of the Injustice System evidence enough, itself, for dismantling the whole dysfunctional mess.

After all, according to the Prison Policy Institute, the United States now cages some 2.3 million of its roughly 326.5 million total people — the largest per capita incarcerated persons of any nation on the entire planet.

An interplanetary traveler would logically conclude it a prison nation — or, at least, one astonishingly rife with thugs, murderers, thieves, and worse.

Even the more law-and-order, authoritarian among us could see the flaws evident in a system claiming freedom, while locking away proportionally more than even the dictatorial fascist regimes our troops putatively combat.

While undoubtedly posited from a place of compassion as a plea for ethics in imprisonment, Ball’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek proposal unfortunately evinces the frequency with which Band-aids are applied as a fix for gaping structural flaws which should otherwise condemn the system to demolishment.

But, worst of all, this proposition capriciously normalizes the American Incarceration State.

Consider how those 2.3 million souls wound up stuffed into the cramped confines of the nation’s myriad federal, state, and local facilities; or, worse — judging by a voluminous body of anecdotal accounts — one of the altogether notorious prisons-for-profit, managed by private corporations intent only on thrift in housing its human commodities to save the State some pennies.

Most of the convicted behind bars have committed nonviolent crime — but moralizing on personal vice and legislation enacted sanctimoniously against substances have exploded the nation’s prison population to alarming proportions.

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  1. Starting with THIS Congress and ALL the past politicians who have held Federal positions..and appointees to them…….excluding..only RON PAUL….imho

  2. No, there is no starting with anyone.
    Once you start with anyone, it moves to everyone to avoid the law against discrimination, and enforce equal rights.

    Besides, the only reason to want people to go to jail is to get into the social security account to pay for their time in jail.

    If you thought it was free, you didn’t consider the ‘entire’ picture.

    Illegals who do not have a soc sec number are not held,
    illegals who come here and get a social security number ‘for free’
    yes, it’s free, have an account that is used to pay for the ‘free’ services they get including being in jail.

    No news ever gives the ‘big’ picture.
    All news leave something out, and if you don’t know the big picture, you miss the ‘slant’ of the information.

    They have alternative schools for elementary school kids, they have to act like they are in jail at those places.

    They will just shut those down and have jail for elementary school kids, since someone actually said, ‘they have to start with……’.

    No…no one goes to jail as any service to this corporation.

    Find another way to create money, they have tapped out all of our accounts with theft, in my opinion, and there is so many people that can come here to work on H1-B Visas and get a social security number, and come here as refugee and get a social security number.

    Repeat offenders, they have already spent most of their social security funds on the repeat jail terms, such that they ignore some repeaters because there is no money to pay to keep them in jail.

    If we really know what’s going on, we may not comment about things the way we do.

    This is an opinion, not fact under penalty of perjury

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