Jeff Zucker Should Stand Trial for Conspiring Against the United States For Corporate Profits – Enough is Enough!


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
Project Veritas, which CNN and others try bad mouthing, has caught CNN’s Supervising Producer admitting (1) they are on a witch-hunt against Trump, and (2) they constantly bash Trump with Russia putting the entire world at risk of war simply to make money. They treat their viewer as idiots who lack enough intelligence to distinguish the truth from propaganda. CNN has become the source for misrepresenting implicitly that Trump won only with Putin’s help.

The CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker, is a very dangerous man who is violating federal law pursuing money and to hell with ethics, God, or the country. Trump has made CNN because he has been their number one story – relentlessly. Zucker has lost all credibility but he loves it and Time Warner is becoming a really dangerous propaganda corporation since Zucker is the true face of just how unethical Time Warner has become.

The New York Times wrote how Trump has made CNN and Jeff Zucker has the audacity to boast about their fake news bias: “We actually have a personality now that people either hate or love, whereas we used to be a little more milquetoast in their minds.” Zucker does not care about honor, dignity or ethics – just money. Forget the bankers, this is the guy who will kill your children to create a war all for ratings. Zucker is openly committing conspiracy against the country, the people, and brainwashing the viewers as the latest polls show from Gallup. Zucker is perhaps the most dangerous man in media for he will start World War III just to make a profit no different the Pulitzer and Hearst who started the Spanish American War with fake news.

Jeffrey Zucker is the CEO of CNN who has destroyed CNN as a credible news reporter to the American version of Pravada pouring out dangerous fake news and bias that is not just really disgusting, but threatens world stability. Low and behold, Zucker’s son, Andrew Zucker, at the age of just 15, served on the advisory board of Democratic politician Cory Booker’s startup tech firm. He was just 15 years old! All of the main news organizations, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, are all linked at the very top to the Democrats. They are guaranteed to subject Americans and the world to political propaganda to further their own elite world to keep the money flowing as usual. But Project Veritas has exposed it is not necessarily a political agenda with Zucker, it is just GREED that tops the most dangerous corporate agenda and banks.

Of course, the CEO/Chairman of Time Warner Jeff Bewkes is well experienced in the filed. There is no question that is has personally approved of how CNN is bring run by Zucker and that clearly makes him a co-conspirator under federal law. Both men are recklessly putting the nation if not the entire world all to make a quick buck. Their conduct is unbelievable and what they are doing to society is illustrated by Gallup Polls.

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